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Five event fundraising trends to watch


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Discover the event fundraising trends we're seeing in the market and on JustGiving.

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Five event fundraising trends to watch

  1. 1. What are the five event fundraising trends to watch?
  3. 3. “We offer special experiences, for example we invite people to a tour of our labs, which not only makes them feel valued, but also gives us the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with them and help pave the way for future support” Jade Brent, Senior Events Manager
  4. 4. Passionate, personal voices raise more money. What are you doing anything to make your most valuable event participants (and their loved ones) feel and share like this?
  6. 6. Forced to Flee from Will this replace the gala dinner? Save the Children’s 'Forced to Flee’ event was designed to share the stories of real children who are affected by conflict and violence. 69879674
  7. 7. Immersive experiences trigger a strong emotional reaction – connection, understanding, humility. How can you make your event participants feel like this? • Corporate partnerships – could they fund something like this? • How could you achieve this digitally? Explore video, facebook 360, VR technology
  9. 9. People want to do things on their own terms – virtual events tap into the rise in DIY/community led fundraising we’re seeing on JustGiving. And new tech like STRAVA is becoming more popular and enabling charities to be more creative.
  10. 10. 4. REWARD
  11. 11. “Taking some inspiration from the tour de france yellow jersey, we’ve also introduced a ‘green vest’ incentive, where our top 5 fundraisers get our running vest in reverse colours to wear on the day, to help them show off how awesome they are. This has worked brilliantly, with lots of our runners checking in with us in the lead up to the marathon asking where they’re ranking, and really pushing their fundraising to help them win.” Jade Brent, Senior Events Manager at Anthony Nolan
  12. 12. 5. COMMUNITY
  13. 13. We’re seeing an increasing number of charities building communities for their key events to create a sense of belonging and to help their participants feel part of something bigger. Here, Spinal Research have created a Campaign Page on JustGiving to create an online fundraising community for London marathon
  14. 14. Thanks Want more fundraising insights? Visit the JustGiving blog