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INFOGRAPHIC: Christmas Giving 2013


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As an early Christmas present, we’ve decided to share a little gift of insight. Check out our Christmas giving infographic and find out the four things every charity should know about Christmas giving:
1) When do people give?
2) Where are your Christmas donors?
3) Why do people give at Christmas?
4) How do people give?

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INFOGRAPHIC: Christmas Giving 2013

  1. 1. WHEN DO PEOPLE GIVE? The most popular days to donate are the first weekday of the month and the last working day before Christmas. Mon Fri 3 21 Donations 25,000 20,000 15,000 10000 5,000 01 31 Average Christmas donation WHERE ARE YOUR CHRISTMAS DONORS? Last year Christmas donations came from 72 different countries, ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. 12,054 1 The most generous country for Christmas donations was Italy, with Italians donating just over £100 on average. WHY DO PEOPLE GIVE AT CHRISTMAS? Christmas Hope Happy Luck Help Great Wishing Done Merry Work Good Year Love Well Wonderful Thank Memory Family Gift Charity Cards Sending Cause Everyone Donation Instead Money Xmas HOW DO PEOPLE GIVE? Mobile and tablet traffic to JustGiving jumps up between December and January, because people are browsing the site using their new Christmas presents! *December 2012 stats