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Top 5 foods that keep you full


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Healthy eating helps in maintaining healthy weight, keeping diseases away, maintain good mental health, increased concentration etc. If you are one of those big eaters these foods which keep you full for long will help. Generally high fiber foods help in keeping full for long. As high fiber and high protein foods taken long time to digest than simple carbs. Learn more about these foods to include them in your daily diet.

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Top 5 foods that keep you full

  1. 1. Top 5 Foods To Keep YouFull
  2. 2. Oat meal is knownOat Meal to be one of the best filling breakfast food. It is packed with fibers which keep you full for longer time. It also helps to reduce cholesterol and lose weight and keep you energetic whole day.
  3. 3. Eggs  Eggs are best way when it comes to fight hunger. They are high in proteins, low in calorie.  Though you may avoid eggs because of its high cholesterol content, they really have high satiety.  You can consume egg whites to avoid cholesterol in it.  Having eggs in breakfast daily will keep you full, energetic for whole day.
  4. 4. Soup is an excellentSoups source of fiber, vitamins, and nutrients. It also contains more of water and low in calorie. When you eat soup before your meal, it gives you feeling of fullness and you consume fewer calories in your main course.
  5. 5. Nuts As nuts like almonds, walnuts, groundnuts are high in fiber, fat and protein, they boost your energy level. They also contains appetite suppressing hormone which gives you satiety and also healthy for you.
  6. 6. Fruits and Veggies All fresh fruits and veggies are fully loaded with fiber, antioxidants and low in calories which helps to decrease appetite by promoting sense of fullness.
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