Stress management techniques


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Stress is one of the major factor responsible for a variety of illness & lifestyle disorders. If it is really taking toll on your health then this presentation is the perfect solution for you to know the techniques to cope with stress and maintain a good health.

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Stress management techniques

  1. 1. Stress Management Tools
  2. 2. Definition of Stress  A state of mental tension caused by different situations happening unwillingly in your life.  Worry caused by continuous mental hammering from your seniors and workplace hazards.  Something that causes strong feelings of worry.  Physical force or pressure.  Continuous Feeling of dissatisfaction Call on 1-800-233-3337
  3. 3. Stress management techniques  There are many techniques to manage Stress. We can not restrict a particular technique for any particular person because of Different natural instincts and different tendencies differing from person to person.  . It is more effective to learn to “manage” stress than to simply “reduce” stress. Call on 1-800-233-3337
  4. 4. Stress management with identifying the sources of stress in your life. To identify your true sources of stress, look closely at your habits, attitude, and excuses :  Do you expect more from others?  Does any unwilling situation happen because of any of your mistakes and are you repeating that mistake?  Are you thinking too much on a topic instead of going ahead?  Do you blame your stress on other people or outside events? Call on 1-800-233-3337
  5. 5. Ways to manage stress : Unhealthy ways of coping with stress - Smoking - Drinking too much - Over eating or under eating - Using pills or drugs to relax - Sleeping too much Healthier ways to manage stress - Avoid unnecessary stress - Alter the situation - Adapt to the stressor - Accept the things you can’t change - Make time for fun and relaxation - Adopt a healthy lifestyle Call on 1-800-233- 3337 www.justforhearts.or g
  6. 6. Here are four simple techniques for managing stress: - Positive self-talk - Emergency stress stoppers - Finding pleasure - Daily relaxation Call on 1-800-233-3337
  7. 7. Positive self-talk Positive self talk is the best way to manage your stress. Mostly we talk with ourselves in our mind only, but some people talk with themselves loudly. Find out what is best for you. There are two way of self talk Positive self talk and negative self Talk. -Positive Self talk: "I'll do the best I can. , it will be ok” -Negative Self talk: “I cant do it , will it be ok” Call on 1-800-233-3337
  8. 8. Emergency stress stoppers - Don't be afraid to say "I'm sorry" if you make a mistake. - Count to 10 before you speak. - Take deep breaths. - Go for a walk. - Walk away from the stressful situation, and say you'll handle it later. - Break down big problems into smaller parts.Call on 1-800-233-3337
  9. 9. Finding pleasure - Have a cup of coffee or a meal with friends - Do one thing everyday that you enjoy, even if you do it for 15 minute. - Read your favourite book. - Take up a hobby like painting or singing. - Watch your favourite movieCall on 1-800-233-3337
  10. 10. Daily relaxation There are different forms of relaxation. - Daily Yoga and Meditation - Daily watching your favourite show on TV. - Having daily dinner with family or friends. - Sharing your problems or thoughts regularly with your friends or family. Call on 1-800-233-3337
  11. 11. Conclusion Managing stress can help reduce the stress and make you feel more healthier. We have to remember that we can not change the view of others but prepare ourselves to prove our point. No one is perfect so don not underestimate yourself. Always try to practice out for different relaxation techniques. Always think positively and keep a positive attitude. Call on 1-800-233-3337
  12. 12. Thank you More Details: Call on 1-800-233-3337 Visit