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Healthy Heart Guide


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heart health can be enhanced with few easy lifestyle modification. Prevent is the key. Always medicine is not the key. Eating healthy food, regular activity will help in prevention of many diseases. This Healthy Heart guide will help in achieving healthy heart and prevention of the disease.

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Healthy Heart Guide

  1. 1. HealthyHeart Guide
  2. 2. Introduction:Heart diseases are increasing worldwide being leading cause of death.Also know as cardiovascular disorder involves problems like stroke,heart attack, hypertension, peripheral arterial disease etc. WHOsuggests cardiovascular diseases are leading cause of deathworldwide. Data suggests 17.3 million people died due tocardiovascular diseases in 2008. While by 2-3- almost 23.6 millionpeople will die due to heart diseases. It will mainly include heartattack and stroke.Experts suggest unhealthy eating patter and lifestyle is the majorcause of non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes andcardiovascular disease. Young adults need to adopt healthy lifestyleand lead disease free life. Lifestyle modification helps in reducing therisk for diseases such as heart diseases and delays the onset of thecondition.This “Heart Health Quick Guide” will give you insight to the causes ofcardiovascular diseases; which all control measures can be applied indaily life to prevent the condition and dietary requirements. Ayurvedais our ancient science reveals secrets for healthy heart. Get more toknow about keeping your heart Healthy and Happy! v v v
  3. 3. FACTORS CAUSING HEART DISEASEThere are several factors that cause heart disease. Few of them aremodifiable or controllable and few are non-modifiable oruncontrollable. Non modifiable factors cannot be changed. We need tolead our life with the fact, but modifiable factors can be controlled tolead healthy heart!Non-Modifiable causes:1. Age: More than 83% of people dying from heart disease are 65 or older.2. Sex: Men have a greater risk of heart attack than women. Though the risk of heart disease in women increases after menopause.3. Family history: History of parents or close relatives having heart diseases increases the risk.4. Race: The risk is higher among African Americans, Mexican Americans, and American Indians etc.Modifiable Causes: These factors are more important. Pay attention to them and adopt them in your lifestyle modification routine.1. Smoking: Smoking is the major risk factor for heart disease. Carbon monoxide (from the smoke) and nicotine both put a strain on the heart by making it work faster. They also increase the risk of blood clot. Other chemicals in cigarette smoke damage the lining of your coronary arteries leading to furring of arteries. Smoking increases the risk of heart disease by 24%2. Cholesterol: Cholesterol is the fat made by the liver from the saturated fat that we eat. Cholesterol is essential for healthy cells but if there is too much in the blood it can lead to coronary heart disease. Cholesterol is carried in the blood stream by lipoproteins.
  4. 4. Lipoproteins are mainly of 2 types: a. LDL-Low Density Lipoproteins a. HDL- High Density LipoproteinsLDL is termed as “bad cholesterol”. It tends to build up on arterial wallsincreasing the risk of heart disease.HDL is termed as “good cholesterol”. It carries cholesterol away fromheart.3. High Blood Pressure: (Hypertension) IT strains the heart leading to coronary heart disease. It leads your heart to thicken and become stiffer. It increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and congestive heart failure. When high blood pressure exists along with other risk factors the chances of stroke increases with many folds.4. Physical Inactivity: Sedentary lifestyle increases the risk for any heart disease. It is a vicious cycle, if you are not active you will gain wait. Increased weight will put more pressure on your heart, which asks heart to work more. So getting active throughout the day is very important.5. Obesity: People having excess body fat especially if it is around the waist have higher risk of coronary heart disease. A person is considered obese when his or her weight is 20% or more above normal weight. The most common measure of obesity is BMI(Body Mass Index)6. Diabetes: About 3 quarter people with diabetes die from some form of heart or blood vessel disease.7. High CRP: (C-reactive protein): The body produces CRP during the process of inflammation. It is correlated with heart disease. Inflammation of arteries has been linked with increase risk of heart disease. CRP is the marker of inflammation, meaning its presence indicates an increase inflammation in the body.8. Uncontrolled stress: Stress in normal part of life, but if left unattended can lead to emotional, psychological and even physical problems including coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and chest pain etc. v v v
  5. 5. CONTROL MEASURES FOR HEART DISEASESYou can prevent as well as control coronary heart disease with simplelifestyle changes and proper medications. Lifestyle changes eg dietmodification, exercise, stress management, smoking andmedications for controlling blood sugar, blood pressure andcholesterol levels are used. If sever plaque is developed thentreatment may involve catheter based interventions.Lifestyle changes can be as listed below;DIET:ü a heart healthy diet is good for the heart patient as well as Following the whole family.ü to be nutritionally balanced, rich in fiber, low in fat and Diet has moderate low in salt.ü of vegetables , choose lean meat. Have a lotülow fat or fat free dairy products. Chooseü Avoid foods that are been processed with sodium.ü Enjoy some fresh fruit everyday.ü advice of your doctor or dietitian. Follow theALCOHOL:ü Avoid alcohol as much as possible.ü If you choose to drink then have only 1 drink for women and 2 drinks for men per day.ü means 12 ounce beer, 4 ounce wine. Each drinkühas a lot of calories so they tend to increase the triglyceride Alcohol levels.EXERCISE:ü your physical activity is the best way to reduce the risk as Increasing well as control coronary heart disease.ü will help you reduce weight and prevent Type2 diabetes. Exerciseü 30-60 minutes of exercise daily you should aim at.
  6. 6. SMOKING:Cigarette not only affects the lungs but also affects the heart and theblood vessels increasing the risk for heart disease as well as stroke.BODY WEIGHT:l is not only a major risk for heart disease but also important Obesity for insulin resistance too.l It increases the blood pressure too.l weight will not improve your heart health as well as Reducing decrease the chances of stroke too.MEDICATIONS:BLOOD PRESSURE:Anybody having blood pressure should be treated with medications.For people having diabetes doctors usually prefer ACE inhibitors. Thesemedicines not only reduce your blood pressure but also protect yourheart and kidneys.If required it may be combination of drugs like thiazide diuretics, betablockers, calcium channel blockers etc.CHOLESTEROL LOWERING MEDICATIONS:Statins may be prescribed if LDL levels are high.If triglycerides are on the higher side then niacin or fibrate isprescribed.ASPIRIN:Low dose of Aspirin (75-162mg/day) is given to people already havingcoronary heart disease.But for those who want to prevent the heart disease aspirin doesntplay any important role.Combination of proper medication and lifestyle changes will help you
  7. 7. Ayurveda & Heart:Ayurveda is defined as science of life. Ayu – Life ( Ayu is combination offour things – mind , body , soul / spirit & sense.Veda – Science.According to Ayurveda Heart is home of “Ataman” eternal soul, “ojas”& mind. Heart is the most vital organ & the person as old as her/ hisheart according to Ayurveda. It contains 8 drops of “Ojas” which giveslife , longetivity, bliss & overall immunity.Ayurvedic healers recognized many years ago what modern sciencetoday- that eating fatty food in excess ( fatty foods do not get digestedcompletely & create “ama” or toxins in the system) & too much stressare prime factors that lead to heart damage. Chest pain, angina iscaused by “Kapha dosh”. Accumulated” kapha” blocks the flow of“prana” into the coronary artery, so that heart muscle does not receivesufficient blood & oxygen supply.According to Ayurveda perspective, while discussing heart health, twoequally important aspects that need to be taken into accountPhysical Aspects – physical aspects of organ that pumps bloodEmotional Aspect – that experience every human emotion from joy tosorrow.Ayurvedic recommendation for Healthy Heart:1. “Ahar “( Diet)- You can make your diet more heart healthy by eating lots of fresh fruits, whole grains , vegetables, dressing your veggies with fresh lime juice & using lime juice & by using heart friendly spices like black pepper, anti oxidant spice turmeric. Choose fresh & light foods over processed foods & rich foods.2. “Vihar” ( Exercise & Physical activity)- 30 min walk not only help your heart , it will prepare you for the day charging up your metabolism & circulation.
  8. 8. 1. Rest- Our bodies can only rejuvenates when we give them time to rest. We need time for ourselves, time for simply do nothing.4. Yoga & Meditation – Meditation & yoga contribute immensely in offsetting heart disease. Thus, owing to its many positive effect – direct & indirect on the cardiovascular system, yoga assumes a pivotal role in heart care.5. “Panchakrama”- Panchkarma removes all “ama” or toxins from your body. It cleanses & nourishes the body, mind, soul on physical, mental & many levels.6. Herbs – Ayurveda is famous for its safe & highly effective herbal medicines. Herbs like arjuna, tulsi, ginger, guggul, bramhi & many mores helps to prevent & heal the heart disease.Ayurveada believes in prevention & holistic approach to healing. v v v
  9. 9. Eating for Healthy Heart!Heart is an important organ of human body. Healthy heart ensures wellbeing for an individual. Recent studies by Indian government foundthat cardiovascular diseases are the first reason for deaths in India. Itnot only covers urban population but also the rural population. Theysay 18% adults die due to cardiovascular diseases. Life style andchanging eating pattern is the leading cause of heart diseases. Howyour diet can help you in delaying the onset of heart disease or preventit?Important nutrient for heart health: fats and oilsIt is well known that limited intake of fats and oils are recommendedfor heart patients. But to prevent them your selection of fats and oilsmatters a lot. There is buzz about heart healthy fat, low absorbentcooking oil etc. Which one do you select? One must go for blend of oilsthroughout the month. You can refer to following table to select yourcooking oil for different purpose:Cooking Method OilsDeep frying, Searing, browning Almond oil, avocado oil, hazel nut oil, sunflower oil, refined olive oil etc.Baking, over cooking or stirred frying Canola oil, Grape seed oil, extra virgin oil and Peanut oilSauteing, making sauces Corn oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Soybean oil,and low heat oven cooking Sesame oil and coconut oil.Dressing, dips and marinating(not suitable for high temperature cooking) Flax seed oilKnow about types of fatty acids present in your cooking oil !There are three different types of fatty acids: saturated fatty acids,monounsaturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids. Besidesthese Trans fatty acids are discussed more frequently. They areproduced during the processing of fats. Saturated fatty acids need tobe restricted in diet. They are present in meat, full fat milk and milkproducts, fish etc. Total consumption of saturated fatty acids shouldnot be more than 7% of your total fat calories.
  10. 10. Including olives, avocado, and canola in diet ensures intake ofmonounsaturated fatty acids. They are heart healthy cooking oils.Whereas omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are part of polyunsaturatedfatty acods have many health benefits. To ensure you get their benefitsinclude walnuts, flax seeds, fish, and almonds in daily diet.Relation between simple carbs and heart diseases!Simple carbohydrates coming from white rice, white bread, sugar,desserts etc needs to be restricted for diabetic and obese patients. Thisnutrient also ahs correlation between heart diseases and health. Morethe simple carbs you consume, it increases the risk for increasedtriglyceride levels, total cholesterol. These factors are closelyassociated with the heart health. So simple message comes here is“Include more of whole grains in daily diet to prevent heart disease”. Itwill help you in controlling weight and thus have positive effect on hearthealth. v v v
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