Health awareness and assistance for senior citizens


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Just For Hears offers services for the elderly to assist them with their health issues. This can make their survival in this age easy and sustainable without any physical or emotional stress.

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Health awareness and assistance for senior citizens

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  2. 2. Health, Heart, Lifestyle and More…
  3. 3. Aim: To provide the best possible healthawareness and support system to the targetsector – the senior citizen forum .
  4. 4. Implementing agency:Just For Hearts HealthcarePrivate Limited
  5. 5.  Provide ethical medical advice by qualified health care staff Regular awareness activities like workshops, seminars of various specialty consultants on regular basis To form a psychosocial support group under supervision of qualified MSW Build up a level of confidence in the forum participants
  6. 6.  Element of fun and recreational activities, to reduce stress factor in this age group through cultural programs or small vacations Make available health counseling and treatment reviews at home on appointment basis Provide paramedic assistance for old disabled persons Guidance for medical emergency requirements
  7. 7.  Facilitate smooth hospitalization and value for money services in needy individuals Provide regular health awareness content (either print, sms, email, etc) Arrange for Comprehensive Health Risk insurance cover of min Rs 1,00,000 to all, irrespective of pre-existing illness To facilitate home delivery of medicines, with max possible concession 20-30 %
  8. 8.  Facilitate home blood collection for various diagnostic tests / ECG. In exceptional cases, X Rays . Maintain online record of treatment and communicate with relatives via email, especially for those whose children are outside India . To arrange telephonic guidance for health queries. To add any other requirement after discussion
  9. 9.
  10. 10. o Registration of groups (at least 10,000 participants with registration fee, which will be finalized later.)o Collection of old record or brief historyo Assistance from other support group and central agency of senior citizen forumo Arrangement for small eventso Rights to arrange sponsors for small events , which will reduce cost burdeno Minimum 3 year working agreemento Discussion and finalization about fees for doctor / dietician / physiotherapist / yoga services at homeo We will offer one home visit by doctor and paramedic staff every quarter, complementary with registration.
  11. 11. For more details & further discussion:Dr Ravindra L KulkarniCardiologist , Director – Just For HeartsNote: We are open to share the generated revenue withother support care organizations as we believe this isteam work.Disclaimer: Services are not an alternative to theirregular family physician or consultant , but will worksynergistically to improve their quality of life.
  12. 12. Website: www.justforhearts.orgEmail: , drravindrakulkarni@gmail.comDirect: +91 20 27610671 , +91 20 67306537Mobile: +91 94223 00251Blog: justforhearts.wordpress.comTwitter: In:
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