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Foods affecting oral health


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do you think you are taking care of your oral health properly? This area of health is often neglected by all of us. So let's have an idea about foods to avoid to maintain healthy oral care

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Foods affecting oral health

  1. 1. Top 5 Foods affecting Oral Health
  2. 2. Common Dental Problems Bad Breath Plaque formation Tooth Decay Tooth Sensitivity Tooth Erosion Gum swelling Caries Oral Cancer
  3. 3. Foods to avoid to have Health Oral Care Sugar: It has been named as the main causative factor in the formation of caries. Also avoid sweets, chocolates, cake, biscuits, pastries, pudding, jam, honey, ice creams etc
  4. 4. Soft drinks and Diet soda Acids in soft drinks and diet soda lowers the ph level of the oral activity that causes caries. Drinking cola through out the day rises the risk of dental cavities tremendously.
  5. 5. Coffee Coffee contain acid which causes dental caries and cavities. If one drink large amount of coffee daily, the tannic acid can start the to cause low levels of tooth decay from dental erosion
  6. 6. Chewing Gums Chewing gum assists oral irrigation between and around the teeth, cleaning and removing particle but for poor condition teeth, it may damage or remove loose fillings as well.
  7. 7. Fruit Juices Sugars from fruit and fruit juices such as fructose, maltose and glucose can also causes dental caries. Fruit juices are acidic in nature. These acids are the main causes for dental caries. Most common fruit juices are fresh apple and orange juice.
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