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Exercises to control stress


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Regular exercise does not need lot of investment of money and time. Simply you need to get started. If you are stressed with work, physically stressed, then get in to regular activity. Here are few Exercises which will help you in releasing stress.

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Exercises to control stress

  1. 1. Home Exercises To ControlStress
  2. 2. Exercise and Stress• Stress Physical stress Mental stress Association of exercise with physical fitness anddisease fighting is very well known butit is also vital in improving your mental fitness Exercise releases “Feel Good Hormones” whichacts as natural Stress relievers and stabilizes mood,decreases tensions, induces sleep and reduces anxietylevels.
  3. 3. How exercise aids in stress Management1. Releases Feel Good Hormone2. Reduces tensions, frustrations and increases Positive Energy3. Spice up your Mood and Self- confidence4. Improving anxiety and stress related disorders5. Gets you in Perfect shape6. Assists in fighting off diseases/illnesses
  4. 4. Remember Consultbefore you with your start Doctor Set Choose Grade up Gradually SMART suitable Goals exercise Modify your Lifestyle
  5. 5. Types of Home Exercises Yoga & Suryanamaskar Breathing Exercises Brisk Walk Stretching Exercises Dance Meditation
  6. 6. Yoga AsanasYoga - ancient and traditional form of exercisepracticed since years.•Many people think yoga as just body twisting orstretching exercise.•But it balances your mind, breathing andbody and thus a perfect stress reliever.•Releases Tensed muscle areas of the bodydue to stress.•The most popular form of exercisepracticed at every household
  7. 7. Suryanamaska r• It is consider as the Perfect Warm up exercise.• Easiest exercise to perform at Home•Package of 12 postures which increases agilityof the body with each one.•Strengthens your muscles as well as yourmind•Increases Flexibility & versatility soIdeal for all level of fitness
  8. 8. Benefits of Suryanamaskar Manage stress and eradicate depression Gets Fresh flow of Oxygen Improves Breathing • Perfect Body Supports Blood toning Circulation • Improves flexibility of Spine • Gets rid of sleepless nights
  9. 9. Breathing Exercises• Deep breathing is Easiest yet Powerfulrelaxation technique to relieve Stress.• Can be perform anywhere, easy to learn andquickly gives out results.• Deep breaths taken fro abdomen inhalesmaximum Oxygen as possible• More oxygen – releases tensed muscles andreduces anxious feeling.
  10. 10. Comfortable sittingProcess position for  Keep one hand on Deep abdomen and one onBreathing Chest  Take deep breath – Hand on Abdomen should go up Exhale air through mouth – Abdomen should fall Repeat the same procedure and Count while on exhale
  11. 11. Stretching exercises• Good warm up and cool down form of exercise.• Excellent way to reduce physical stress of bodyat home.• Increase Flexibility & improve your dailyactivities.• Improves body balance and reduces risk offalls.• Muscular blood circulation gets better.• Maintains good Body Posture
  12. 12. Side and forward bend Types ofBack Stretch Stretching ExercisesThigh Stretches Hamstring Stretch
  13. 13. Dance“ Wear your Dancing shoes and lets kick some Moves to let-go your stress”
  14. 14. Health benefits of Dancing•Reducing physical as well asmental stress, it improvesyour Energy and Strength.•Muscle tone and coordinationperks up.•By managing weight reduces riskfor Lifestyle Diseases• Bone strength increases•Recreational activity which reduces mentalstress and builds up sense of wellbeing.
  15. 15. Meditation•Most commonly use, traditionalrelaxation technique.• Key is Mind and Body Harmonizing• Keeps your mind calm and thus releases stress•Reduces negative emotions and increase selfawareness.• Aids in the treatment of anxiety disorders,Depression, Cancer etc
  16. 16. Types of Meditations1. Mantra Meditation: In this, one selects a soothing word or phrase and repeat it with breathing technique.2. Guided medication: It is imaginary visualization. It include Thinking of imaginary places/ situation where one feel relaxing.3. Attentive meditation: It assures stress relief by focusing on whatever happening in the body.4. Yoga: Controls your breathing and releases tensions amongst muscles and keeps your body and mind calm
  17. 17. Requisites for Meditation Focus attention Relaxed breathing Quite sitting Comfortable position