Childhood Obesity


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Childhood obesity is increasing concern for healthcare professionals and parents too. Changing lifestyle, lack of activity, high calorie food consumption etc are leading causes for childhood obesity. Kids also need to maintain healthy weight gain is the message ere. Read more to know about how to deal with Childhood Obesity.

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  • Food Vs. Obesity, give more pictures and make the blocks biggerIncreasing proportion of working parents, urbanization and influential marketing strategies have given an easy way to processed and junk foods in plates of Indians resulting in increased consumption of trans fats, sugars, saturated fat, salts, refined wheat flour and reduced consumption of whole grains, fibers, antioxidants
  • Childhood Obesity

    1. 1.
    2. 2. OURPAST
    3. 3. To OUR PRESENTLets not make it our future…..
    4. 4. Increasedconsumption ofenergy dense Unhealthyfood eating + sedentary lifestyle ENERGY BALANCE
    5. 5. Factors Contributing inChildhood Obesity Serving size of ready to eat foods has increased. Processed foods carry hidden calories High levels of sodium, preservatives, sugar etc.  Family Meal Pattern has changed over the years.
    6. 6. Hazards Caused By Trans Fats • A t h e r o s c l e r o s i s • Sudden death from They Attack Heart Diseases • Diabetes• Liver cells – Hepatocytes• Fat cells – Adipocytes• Body soldiers – WBC
    7. 7. ‘Obesity’ is the presence of excess fat in the body.’ Your Body’s Fatness is Measured By Root Cause Body Mass Index (BMI) Weight in kilogramsBMI = (Height in meters) x (Height in meters)
    8. 8. • Working • Decreased parents intake of vegetables, fruits, milk, fibers, etcUrbanization • increased intake of trans fats, sat. fats, salts, sugars, Influence of etc Improper market choices of strategies foods • Easy way to processed foods and junk food in Obesity Indian plate
    9. 9. HypertensionDiabetesHeart diseasesOsteoporosisInfertilityDepressionGall bladder diseasesCancerRenal diseasesStrokeRespiration problems
    10. 10. • Frequently eats fast food..• Munches while studying or watching TV..• Frequently drinks carbonated beverages.• Spends maximum time watching TV, playing video games, on computer, sleeping or studying sitting at one place..
    11. 11. ThenMake your child your child is at a More ActiveEat Healthy higher risk of getting obese Manage Stress
    12. 12. Facts Of Fats Carbohydrates Limit their consumption Be Wise toQuality is important – Ghee Minerals  Proteins Choose YourEat a Balanced Diet – Butter Balanced – Refined Oils diet   Oils – Vanaspati Χ (Hydrogenated Fat) Vitamins Fats
    13. 13. Learn To BalanceHealthyFood = Increased PhysicalIntake activity Avoid Excessive Weight Gain
    14. 14. ••Make breakfast the priority. Limit portions to the size of your fist.• • Use eat , if not hungry -let Do not non stick vessels to • Do chores together• Limit dining out. you. appetite guide use of edible oil, minimize the • Enroll children in after school sports or•Divide food from large packages• Sensiblepressure cooking. prefer shopping other activities. into smaller containers. handy Keep limits calorie snacks Set low on your child’s TV-watching,••• Eat slowly, at the table.• Use smaller dishes so that portions Family support.• • Leave table web surfing.meal gaming, and after your will look bigger.careful• Socializing: be
    15. 15.