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JustBooks Connect - January 2011                                                                                          ...
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JustBooks Connect - January 2011                                                                                          ...
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JustBooks Connect - January 2011 newsletter


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JustBooks Connect - January 2011 newsletter

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Just Books clc is a new generation community library chain that provides a unique reading experience to book lovers with a wide range of books for every type of reader. Whether a toddler or teen, dabbler or bookworm, we offer a modern, vibrant ambiance for borrowing books leveraging technology. At Just Books, there is a book for everyone in the family...come and check it out!

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JustBooks Connect - January 2011 newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 1 Issue 11www.justbooksclc.comblog.justbooksclc.com CONNECT January 2011 For limited circulation A Justbooks PublicationJustBooks Picks of 2010 Fiction Pg 7T he Glass Room by Simon Mawer: A 2010 Booker favourite. Though you wish Quiz haunting tale set in 1930s youd been spared the hype around the Czechoslovakia. book, allowing you to savour it withoutSpanning several decades, knowing snatches of the story. A beauti-the book looks at individ- ful story of courage and parental love.ual lives shattered by (RC)larger historical shifts. It 6 Pg 11takes a little while to get 1 Hours by Lee Child:into but after a hundred This is the next bookpages, its hard to put in the outstandingdown. It is a story of love series of Jack Reacher Justand mysteries, coincidence and ends andbeginnings. It carried me along. (AS) tales. The book, as all Child books do, moves at Kids a breathless pace rightS erious Men by upto a stunning climax, Manu Joseph: This deliberately kept open- book takes into a ended. This is probably not in the samecarefully constructed league as One Shot and Bad Luck Andworld, where men Trouble. But it is a great read and not to Pg 12pursue the truth, i.e. be missed. (YA)the fictional Institute Mof Theory and useum of Innocence by OrhanResearch. Ayyan Mani, Pamuk: A book as Authora Dalit secretary who much about lostworks for Arvind love as about Istanbul. ProfileAcharya, the director of the institute, is Kemal meets Fusun andoutraged every single day by how power gets hopelessly tangled inis still distributed on the basis of caste. a web of lust, love andJoseph is able to probe the lives of charac- obsession. For nine years, best poems writtenters through desire, science and the he visits the now married over three decades.everydayness of things, still packing in Fusun and her family hop- Simple, direct andmonumental happenings, which are ing to eventually win her spare to the point ofabout to change their lives and everyone back, becoming in the process, a collector being minimalistic,elses around them. (DA) of all things associated with not just DSouzas poems talk Fusun but also his time with her. AR about her Goan- oom by Emma detailed, slow and languid read, much Catholic upbringing, Donoghue: Jacks like a stroll through a much beloved city. religion and marriage, voice, which tells (RC) repression and anger. Many of thesethis story, is one of the A poems are intimate with hard-hittingmost brilliant creations of Necklace of Skulls by Eunice lines that resonated and remained withthe year and when you DSouza: A slim volume for some- me. (AS)read this book, its easy to ones collected works but it bringssee why Room was the together some of Eunice DSouzas contd on pg 2...
  2. 2. 2 JustBooks Connect - January 2011From the Editor’s Desk contd from pg 1... T he Help by Kathryn roulette of chancy events? Stockett: Different How do we choose the read for Indian roads to cross or thoseW readers because of the which we dont? Who ishing you all a very happy premise it is based in. The fixed the road map from 2011. It’s that time of the Help is set in Jackson, which we chose? Sheena year when everyone tends Mississippi, circa 1962 and Iyengars insights areto rate and rank books they read last tells the story of two black intriguing- for our dailyyear maids and a white woman lives and game changing situations like We at JustBooks have been toying who decides to write down their untold education, jobs, marriage and death. (DR,with the idea of associating stories. Its a society divided along racial MS)RentalRank with books and using lines, as the Black help deal with restric- Cthe same to arrange books on the tions that can be suffocating and the risis Economics by Nouriel Roubinishelves at various branches. boundaries they arent meant to cross. (RC) and Stephen Mihm: Roubini is not There are readers who like to read just another economist who foresees Twhat others are reading and there are he Dead Camel and Other Stories of a crisis after the event.readers who like to read only those Love by Parvati Dubbed a doomsayer, he isbooks that others may not take to Sharma: This is more like a seismologistvery easily. Parvati Sharmas first book. tracking the pressures We think, arranging books on the Her stories are touching building along the fault-basis of RentalRank in all our libraries and insightful, full of ten- lines of the financial world,may make it easy for people to know derness and humour. predicting potential earth-what others are reading and make Sharmas prose style is ele- quakes. In a simple lan-their decision on either going with the gant and quirky, full of guage, this book will help us appreciate thepopular rentals or sticking to the hid- unexpected turns that took me to unusual underlying causes and why the recoveryden gems. places. These stories are not afraid of ambi- this time will be slow. We get a view of the Watch this space, as we work on the guity or darkness and this is refreshing. road and the pitfalls ahead. (DR)details and implement this on an (AS, DA) Mexperimental basis in few branches to y name is Gauhar Jaan: The life Jcollect member feedback. If you immy The Terrorist by Omair Ahmed: and times of aalready have an opinion on this, Omair Ahmed tells us musician byplease feel free to write to us. about a father and son Vikram Sampath: This On a transactional note, we are in a small fictional town work traces the interest-amazed by the number of inter called Mozzamabad. At ing life of Gauhar Jaan, abranch activities that we see at once political, but deeply highly talented singer ofJustBooks. The number of books that personal in the way the north Indian classicalwe move across branches and the world affects and shapes (Hindustani) music ofnumber of members accessing multi- his characters, this book is the early twentieth cen-ple branches, lead us to believe that an honest look into the life tury. Also a composer,the platform we set out to build con- of these people, who the author knows dancer and a bold and good lookingnecting books and readers is truly well. (DA) woman, she was apparently the first Indianemerging. whose vocal renditions were recorded, T The accessibility to books created he Girl Who Kicked The Hornets each piece ending with the words in theby JustBooks coupled with the flexi- Nest by Stieg Larsson: The third and title. This book is a must for lovers ofbility in reader friendly plans seems final book in the Indian music and its cultural history as itto be effectively addressing a gap that bestselling Millennium captures an important slice of it that haswas not very visible when we started Trilogy was published perhaps never been brought out in a bookoff. after Larssons death and earlier. (PA) As we strengthen our delivery net- appeared in our book- Swork and sort out teething troubles, shops early 2010. Its a imply Fly: A Deccanwe expect to be able to serve more sequel to The Girl Who Odyssey by Captrequests in lesser time. Played With Fire and fol- G.R. Gopinath: I As the New Year starts, we would lows Lisbeth Salander as would highly recommendlike to take the opportunity to thank she recovers in the hospi- this autobiography. Capt.all our members for standing by us as tal after being shot by her father and half- Gopinath shows his sever-we went through the pain of growing brother Niederman. Action, new romances al avatars in one life: anfrom a four branch single city opera- and alliances, this book is as enthralling as army man, farmer, broker,tion to a 25 branch operation span- its predecessors, even if a bit too elaborate hotelier, two-wheelerning across 4 cities. and detailed sometimes. (RC) dealer, politician, and last The journey would not have been but not the least, a pioneer in bringing airpossible without your support,patience and continuous inputs. Look Non - Fiction travel down to earth. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. A good,forward to your continued support as T authentic, heart-warming and well writtenwe brace ourselves for a more ambi- he Art of Choosing by Sheena Iyengar: success story, that is worth a weekend oftious and more fulfilling journey Our life- is it destiny or a path chosen reading. (DR)ahead. by others? Is it a mere Russian Happy Reading.  contd on pg 4...
  3. 3. JustBooks Connect - January 2011 3A Life Less Ordinary Angelas AshesBaby Halder Frank McCourtTranslation: Prabodh Kumar (Hindi), Urvashi Butalia (English) Harper PerennialZubaanPushpa Achanta Anindita Sengupta A domestic worker, Baby Halder traces When Frank McCourts memoir Angelas her unique journey in A Life Less Ashes was published in 1996, it won a slew of Ordinary. awards, boomeranged onto bestseller lists The first ever book in India by anyone in this and created a stir in McCourts hometown profession, it created quite a sensation and gen- Limerick. Despite the unrelenting gloom of erated a lot of attention on the author and her the story, McCourt infuses humour into many mentor. Adopting a non-linear narrative that situations. moves between the first and third person, Baby One wishes McCourt allowed more presents her story in a simple yet captivating insights into Franks thoughts becausemanner. Babys mentor, Prabodh Kumar translated her original through large parts of the book, the authorBengali work Aalo-Andhari into Hindi. Urvashi Butalia, the seems so determined to avoid sentimentality, that he alsowell known Indian writer and feminist rendered it from Hindi avoids reflection. It is still an engaging read for a picture of theinto English with Zubaan publishing it in 2006.  times and a coming of age story told well If You Dont Know Me By Now: A Memoir of The Return of Khokababu: The Best of TagoreLove, Secrets and Lies in Wolverhampton Translated by Sipra BhattacharyaSathnam Sanghera HarperCollinsPenguinGeetanjali Singh Chanda Dr. Rajeshwari Ghose T At the age of 23 Sathnam Sanghera stumbles his is a collection of twenty five short sto- upon a family secret that his father and older ries, chosen out of nearly a hundred writ- sister suffer from schizophrenia. Then silence. ten in Bengali by Rabindranath Tagore. It takes him another decade or so to come to Most of the stories are taken from the Bengali terms with this and to then confront his family anthology Galpo Guccho (Bouquet of Stories). and write about them and him. This tragi- Five stories in this collection deal with the comic memoir, which won the Mind Book of supernatural, while several others address the the Year Award in 2009, recounts Sangheras subtle and fragile nature of human relation-journey of childhood and adolescence in an immigrant Sikh ships. The focus is on that particularly intricate bond between afamily in the small town of Wolverhampton in the England of man and a woman, woven either by love or by the complex insti-the 1980s. His education eventually takes him to university in tution of marriage, with all its socio-cultural ramifications. A fewCambridge and then to London. The distance between his two stories in this collection defy being slotted into any neat genre.Inexistences threatens to tear him apart and he decides to write a all these stories there is an undercurrent of melancholy, a feelingletter to his mother to reconcile his two lives.  of uncertainty and conflict. The Big Short Small Wonder - The Making Of The NanoMichael Lewis Philip Chacko, Christabelle Noronha & Sujata AgrawalAllen Lane Westland ltdDr. Rajagopalan Manjula Sundharam A This book is a welcome addition to others on s urbanization gathers pace, personal the global financial crisis. Lewis, a master story transportation has become a big issue teller, gives flesh and blood to the misunder- especially in India, where mass trans- stood shorts- those who bet prices will fall. port is of poor quality. A father driving a two Even as spin doctors paint a rosy picture, the wheeler, the elder child in front and the wife shorts keep their wits about. Unlike armchair behind holding a baby is a common sight in scaremongers, shorts are willing to risk their Indian roads. While sharing the road with money where their mouth is. such two wheelers, Ratan Tata, the head of They dug out the secrets behind the supposedly secure AAA Tata group of companies, too felt anxious about the safety ofrated securities, spun by Wall Streets modern day such families. He wanted to build a safe and affordable car forRumpelstiltskins out of sub-prime mortgage loans. They them. To beat the boredom of board meetings, he got into theexploited that knowledge to make money. Who lost ultimately? habit of doodling during these meetings. One such doodle was The book reads like an Arthur Hailey classic, with an amazing a car around scooter. That was the first rough sketch of Nano,cast of characters.  Tatas dream economical car.  For detailed reviews check out justbooksclc.com
  4. 4. 4 JustBooks Connect - January 2011contd from pg 2 Non-FictionT he Truth About Me - A Hijra Life Link a Delhi-based story of the Nano Story by A. Revathi, translated by V. environmental NGO that entered the mar- Geetha: If one can has compiled its 15 ket with a price tagappreciate those people years worth of action that is roughlywho live at the margins and experience into an equivalent to theof Indian society and easy-to-read graphic price of a DVD play-still come out on top, book. Following the er in a luxury carthis book is for her or everyday lives of the from the west. Thehim. It is a simple and Sachdeva family and authors give anlucid rendition in their acquaintances, insight on theEnglish of a self portrait the book not only convincingly points out administrative, man-penned in Tamil initially. The first by a the folly of our upscale, unthoughtful agerial and engineering strategies adopt-hijra (a transsexual woman) in India, the lives and the adverse effect that this has ed at Tata motors to change the quality ofautobiography lays bare a story of on our environment, surroundings and life for millions of Indians by building ancourage and success in the face of trauma the innocent bystanders, but also suggests affordable and safe personal transport.and extreme harassment. (PA) ways to minimize this effect through (MS) changes in our attitude and lifestyles. (AJ)Y L ou are not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier: inchpin by Seth Godin: It is challeng- T Lanier, a pio- he Big Short by Michael Lewis: How ing to stand out in neer in virtual do Wall Streets Rumpelstiltskins the overcrowdedreality, passionately conjure up highly secure assets market place but Sethappeals for restoring from junk loans? Godin says in Linchpinthe primacy of the Why do others buy that becoming indis-individual and warns it? Who tries to call pensible will help toof the dangers of a their bluff? Why sell. Passion, commit-lock-in to demeaning didnt they inform ment and creativity cre-Web 2.0 technolo- the regulators ates unique and indis-gies. He asks pointed instead of trying on pensable experiences.questions on the open culture: Why are their own? How This book is a motivational read for peo-important innovations like Apples iPod can you make ple who wish to follow their heart andand Googles PageRank proprietary? money if you think make a difference. (MS)Why are the real paying customers of the price of some-social networks, its advertisers, not its thing is about to fall? Go ahead and read By JustBooks Literary Team :members? In a way, Lanier argues why it, if you want to understand the players Anindita Sengupta (AS), Reshmithe wisdom of the crowd is a mere tool in the financial markets. (DR) Chakraborty (RC), Deepika Arwind (DA), Y.and not a superman. (DR) S Ananthanarayanan (YA), Pushpa mall Wonder - The Making Of TheO Achanta (PA), Aradhana Janga(AJ), Dr. ur Toxic World - A guide to haz- Nano by Philip Chacko, Christabelle Rajagopalan (DR), Manjula Sundharam ardous substances in our every- Noronha & Sujata Agrawal: It is excit- day lives by Toxics Link: Toxics ing to read the production and success (MS) 
  5. 5. JustBooks Connect - January 2011 5Book ReviewThe functional dysfunction of familyThis Is Where I Leave You who spends his life making deals worth billions of dollars on his cell phone and not really noticing hisJonathon Tropper wife and kids. She has a romanticOrion Books past with Horry, their neighbour Lindas son (whose mental state is not what it used to be), and whom she visits during the shiva daysReshmi Chakraborty when the present gets too over- powering. Linda, a woman who isL Judds mothers best friend has ife cant get any lower for Judd some secrets of her own. Foxman in Jonathon Troppers Judd whos trying to get back to funny yet insightful book. His wife a normal life after his marriagehas left him for another man who hap- debacle hitches up with Penny, apens to be Foxmans boss. He has quit his friend with whom he has had anjob, left home and is living in a base- on and off thing in his youngerment. days. A To add to the already complicated situ- s the Foxman familys nervesation, his father dies and his widowed are strained with the enforcedmother announces that it was the not-so- proximity and endless visits fromreligious dying mans wish to see his neighbours and friends withfamily sit shiva, a Jewish mourning ritu- mountains of food, Jen, hisal. estranged wife, lands up. Shes T This forms the basis of the story, told o make matters worse Judds wife Jen pregnant. And insists the baby isfrom Foxmans point of view, since this has left him for his boss, a radio show his. While all these make for racy ingredi-involves the entire family, including sis- host whom most wives seem to hate, ents, what lifts the book from becomingter, brothers, their spouses and offspring except his, as Judd quips to a shiva visi- another banal bestseller is the witty writ-to live in close proximity for seven days, tor. ing. Wisecracks drip off Troppers pen asleading to tragic-comic, downright funny The sitting shiva ritual forms the spine easily as his many shaded characters.and sometimes racy situations. of the narrative, creating situations that He even has the ability to make youT his Is Where I Leave You by Jonathon Tropper is the ideal vaca-tion read. Its incredibly funny and bris- are wicked, hilarious and even sad. Mama Foxman is a bestselling author on believe in absolutely ludicrous situations and wring enough humour off them to child psychology and a shrink who keep you laughing out loud. As the ritualtling with quips and doesnt require you believes in being honest with her children comes to an end, it turns out that eachto stress your mental faculties much. about everything, including their person has reviewed or at least softenedWhat lifts it from being the vacation book impaired sex lives. Judds older brother their opinion of the other after seven daysyou forget all too soon is its brilliant writ- Paul holds him responsible for an acci- of closeness and they are probably oning. dent in his youth that changed the course their way to being a family once again. Central character Judd Foxmans facul- of his life. Phillip, their other brother is Predictable but touching nevertheless.ties are certainly stretched to extreme somewhat of a vagabond with a taste for As for Judd, he finally comes out of hislimits as he is forced to sit shiva (a Jewish the good things in life, like his life coach gloomy existence to realise that life is fullmourning ritual) after the death of his cum girlfriends Porsche. of options, even if it means leaving orfather with the rest of his non-religious Their sister Wendy is mother to three being left behind. and highly dysfunctional family. raucous kids and married to Barry, a man
  6. 6. 6 JustBooks Connect - January 2011 Reader’s Reader’s Contribution Voice Chicken Soup for the Girls Soul lead others in the bargain will lend a hand in them becoming commendable By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor humans too.Young book lover Raghav Srivaths Hansen, Patty Hansen Cultivating virtues such as forgiveness,shares his thoughts on JustBooks, Indira compassion, honesty, etc. can actually HCINagar Branch. serve the purpose of making them down-I to-earth individuals. A conscious effort discovered JustBooks when I heard has been made to introduce the girls to about it from my father this summer. Dimple M. Tahilramani the sorrow associated with situations When I went inside, it was full of concerning divorce, death of a loved one,books, just books. Thats why, I think they suicide, etc. However, this has been done Tnamed the library JustBooks. in a subtle man- I like JustBooks because there are so his book is ner so as to notmany books. Often, I am very confused definitely a traumatize thebecause there are so many books I like and must read readers mind.I dont know which one to select. I like to and maybe a One other thinguse the library computer to search for my should buy for worth mention-books. I usually pick books from Magic preteen and teen ing is that thereTree House, Rainbow Fairies, Secret girls. A must are toll free num-Seven, Boxcar Children, Cam Jansen read because it bers (applicableseries for myself. informs them only in the US) My brother, who just turned five also about the vari- as well websitespicks books for himself like I Spy and ous phases that (which can be ofDoctor Dolittle. Its so simple to borrow they will go course accessedand return a book. The uncles and aunties through or have by one and all)at JustBooks are very nice to me and my already started which providebrother. That is why, JustBooks is my going through in more informa-favourite library. detail. tion or help on A must buy various subjects Raghav Srivaths, mainly due to be it smoking, Age 7 years, the fact that a girl bullying, eating Grade 2, NPS School can keep going disorders, death IndiraNagar back to it when- and grief, and ever the need suicide. This arises! book is truly The preteen here to help girls and teen years is the time when girls all over the globe. (and maybe even boys) are very unsure Mommies can also go ahead and read of whats going on, what they should do, this because it will assist them in compre- etc. They sometimes find it difficult to hending as to what could be possibly differentiate between right and wrong. going on your lil girls mind. This in turn Hence, this book can surely direct them will aid in understanding your preteen, as to how they could muddle through teen better and in providing handy solu- things in a better way. tions in a tactful manner as and when For instance it lays emphasis on how needed. they must learn to accept their bodies And this understanding will transform and realize that no one is perfect. That us into our lil girls best pal, one into mental and physical development is a whom she can confide and discuss any- prominent feature of this stage but it will thing she has doubts about. So all you not occur at the same pace in one and all, gals out there- daughters, sisters, mom- is a fact accentuated in this book. mies, girlfriends, aunts, grandmas, etc. Nowadays, when everything is so get up and get your copy of this remark- advanced and children have much more able handbook and have a great time exposure to media, it highlights the truth reading these true stories all sent in by that, there is a time for everything and "The Girls".  lets not go speeding way too fast. The realization that they dont need to worry about what others think of them Dimple is a mother of a beautiful 10 but just keep the focus on and perform year old daughter. She is softskills and that embarrassment are a part and and language trainer and loves read- parcel of everyones life not just their life ing books and interacting with people can also do wonders to their personality. and believes that each of us is special The conviction to stand for the right and in his or her way.
  7. 7. JustBooks Connect - January 2011 7 1. "Must You Go" is memoir of 4. The famous quote "Nothing can come of nothing" is from: this writers wife: King Lear Harold Pinter War and Peace Sidney Sheldon Way to Go Kurt Vonnegut 5. In 1984 which famous writer returned his Padma Bhusan award in protest against the storming of the Golden Temple by the Indian army ? Girish Karnad2. Name the author of "The Keys to the Kingdom" series: Khushwant SinghPhilip Pullman Arundhati RoyRick RiordanGarth Nix3. Its called the town of books:Hay-on-WyePudducherryTranquebar 1.Harold Pintez 2.Garth Nix 3. Hay-on-Wye 4.King Lear 5. Khushwant Singh JUSTBOOKS Begone, you bugs! TOP 5 I f there is one issue that bugs us booklovers, verily, its them. Bugs, I mean. Havent we all dropped a book in a hurry when weve seen them crawl out suddenly from inside the pages or the spine of a dear & cherished book? Just in case you think these N EW A RRIVALS creatures are a 20th century phenomenon, rest assured they are not. 1. The Sunset Club by In this article [http://www.hindu.com/lr/2010/12/05/sto- Khushwant Singh ries/2010120550260600.htm] penned by the venerable K.K.S 2. Parrot and Olivier In Murthy, Proprietor of Select Bookshop, Bangalore, he states: America by Peter Carey "Aristotle in his Historia Animalium complained that he had found tail- 3. Jimmy The Terrorist by Omair less scorpion and other arachnids between the leaves of his books. C.M.E Ahmad Townes Autobiography of Master Bookworm also mentions that a worm 4. Beautiful Thing by Sonia Falerio was born on the first page of Samuel Johnsons monumental Dictionary of 5. The F-Word By Mita Kapur English Language." In the recently concluded Bangalore Book Fair, we bumped into Mr. Murthy in his stall. Cordial as always, he posed happily for our R ECOMMENDED roving camera. 1. The Curious Incident Of The One of these days, we will interview him for our blog here. Stay Dog In The Night-Time by Mark tuned...  Haddon 2. Serious Men by Manu Joseph 3. The Romantics by Pankaj Mishra 4. Women Of The Tagore Household by Chitra Deb 5. Falling Off The Map by Pico Iyer R ENTALS 1. And Thereby Hangs A Tale by Jeffery Archer 2. The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles) by Rick Riordan 3. 2 States: The Story Of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat 4. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown 5. The Confession: A Novel by John Grisham From JustBooks blog - http://blog.justbooksclc.com
  8. 8. 8 JustBooks Connect - January 2011Connecting the dots Tracing the story behind Karnataka Rajyotsava and turned out to be a defining point. It ation of Andhra Pradesh but not was inaugurated by Sardar Patel and in Karnataka. This was the last straw and ASubhash Bhushan his speech, Sardar Patel declared that the J Dodmeti, a senior Congress leader and interests of all linguistic groups would be the member of the Bombay assembly, high on the list of priorities for the new immediately resigned from his seat andI n this last part of our series, we will government of independent India. This launched a hunger strike at Jakkali in look into how Karnataka came into Dharwad. This found widespread sup- existence. port and the situation took a violent During the period of British rule, turn.areas that today comprise Karnatakawere under as many as 20 differentadministrative units with the princely I n the Hubli-Dharwad by elections that followed, the Congress suffered a thumping defeat, while thestate of Mysore, Nizams Hyderabad, Karnataka Ekikarana Pakshas candi-the Bombay Presidency, the Madras date won by a landslide. BucklingPresidency and the territory of under pressure, Prime Minister NehruKodagu being the most important constituted the States Reorganisationones. Committee or the Fazal Ali commis- What this meant for the Kannadigas sion.in these regions was that in spite of The States Reorganisation Commissiontheir large numbers they did not enjoy eventually recommended the reorgani-an administrative patronage. It was sation of the states based on linguisticagainst this backdrop that the move- demographics and it got ratified inment that first started as a protest parliament . This brought unboundedagainst linguistic oppression, soon mor- assuaged the apprehensions of the move- joy to the entire Kannadiga populationphed into one that began demanding a ment leaders and the common people. that now was merged under the state ofseparate state be created consolidating all India soon gained independence in 1947. Mysore. Along with all the joy, came theKannada-speaking regions. This was The joy of independence soon gave way acute disappointment at the non inclu-essentially a movement that was spear- to disappointment as the new govern- sion of certain parts in the Mysore state.headed by the poets, journalists and writ- ment started dragging its feet on The biggest disappointment lay in theers and was called the Ekikarana or Karnataka Ekikarana movement. non inclusion of Kasargod in the newlyUnification movement. Kannada speaking areas now got formed state. The irony also lay in the fact R H Deshpande established the grouped under five administrative units that Kasargod was one of the bastionsKarnataka Vidyavardhaka Sangha in of the Bombay and Madras provinces, from which the Ekikarana movement hadDharwad, with the objective of working Kodagu, and the princely states of launched its agitation.for the resurgence of Kannada language. Mysore and Hyderabad. The Akhila On 1 November 1973, Mysore state wasThe influence and success of the Karnataka Ekikarana Parishat met in renamed as Karnataka since it was feltVidyavardhaka Sangha soon paved the Kasargod and reiterated the demand for a that Karnataka was more inclusive of allway to setting up other organisations like separate state for Kannadigas. the other regions of Karnataka than theKannada Sahitya Parishat(Bangalore) in1915, the Karnataka Sangha (Shimoga) in1916 and the Karnataka Samithi in I n the same year, the government appointed the Dhar commission to look into the demands of the Ekikarana move- name Mysore. Its on this day every year, the birthday of our state is celebrated, popularly called as Karnataka Rajyotsava.Kasargod. ment. The Dhar commission in its report  The movement took a dramatic turn opposed any reorganisation of the stateswith the arrival of Aluru Venkata Rao on and recieved severe flak .The government (Source credits: Wikipedia)the scene. He made a case for integrating then formed the JVP committee, whichall Kannada regions of Madras Province had Jawaharlal Nehru, Vallabhai Pateland north Karnataka with Mysore king- and Dr Pattabhi Sitaramayya on thedom. In 1920 at Dharwad, Karnataka board. The JVP report, however,State Political Conference was presided favoured only the creation of theover by V P Madhav Rao and a unani- Andhra state while the Karnatakamous resolution was passed demanding Ekikarana movement was given thethe unification of all Kannada speaking cold shoulder. The Ekikarana move-areas. ment saw this as a betrayal of theI n 1924, the Belgaum congress was held under the aegis of the newly formedKarnataka Pradesh Congress committee Congress which had declared the cre- ation of linguistic provinces as one of its goals in its 1951 manifesto.arm of the INC. Mahatma Gandhi The movement now formed thepresided over this historic conference Karnataka Ekikarana Paksha to contestwhich was attended by Kannadigas from the 1951 polls. In January 1953, theall parts in large numbers. The tenth con- movement entered its last leg when atference of the Ekikarana movement was the Hyderabad Congress session, a reso-held on January 10 of 1946 in Bombay, lution was passed favouring just the cre-
  9. 9. JustBooks Connect - January 2011 9Book ReviewIndia Shining? Not quite yet!Everybody Loves A Good GDP on education. In many states, more than 75 percent of agricultural labour households are in debt, with Dalits and T ake the case of health in India. While we continue to build PHCs (Primary Health Centres), like over 15,000 inDrought tribals the worst off. Bihar, nobody is accountable to see that But Sainaths book is not about num- these function as well. Modern medicineP. Sainath bers and their statistical significance; it is still evades tribals who continue theirPenguin about people who live their lives being a dependency (or rather belief) in the good part of them. old magic man; as a result they have Covering issues like education, health, more deaths and the highest infant mor-Aradhana Janga land, literacy, irrigation etc, Sainaths sto- tality rates. PHC doctors, who operate ries have a matter-of-fact narration, full private practices on the side, make of frankness. Basic fundamental rights money from both-the PHC and theirT he provocative title achieves its own practice. And then there are aim; you wonder what its all the quacks who masquerade as about and skim. And then you are respectful doctors with degreeshooked. from unknown medical colleges. The first chapter "Very few specimens - Sainath points out "We have built abut a lot of bull" ensures that your health system for doctors, notcuriosity gets the better of you; in the patients."1980s the Indian government evolved a If you get the drift, from the titlescheme to benefit the poor in Orissa by of the book which happens to be acreating a new, higher breed of cattle section heading too, then yes, it isthrough artificial insemination. Rs. 2 about how there is money to beCrores and two years later, the scheme made when theres a drought,proved disastrous with hardly any cross- mostly from the drought relief.bred calves and the local Khariar bullrendered almost extinct. This is just one B ut just when you start to despair that maybe nothing seems to go right in India, you getamong the many tales which might passoff as anecdote in social gatherings, but to the section "With their Ownis ironically depressing. Weapons" that documents the Everybody Loves A Good fights that some of these sameDrought is a collection of real oppressed people have won despitelife stories documented by all the odds piled against them.Sainath during his travels as Sainaths unadulterated reportingpart of a journalism fellowship has always been impressive and itconferred by The Times of is no different here. These storiesIndia in the 1990s. from his 80,000 km long travel As Sainath explains in the across seven states demolishesintroduction "Too often, poverty are merely ones idea of development; develop-and deprivation get covered as written ment is always at some cost, most oftenevents. That is, when some disas- word for than not, borne by the poor.ter strikes, when people die. Yet, the poor, There are just too many forces at play;poverty is about much more than like promis- the poor and gullible, the powerfulstarvation deaths or near famine conditions. es at election time, never to be imple- politicians, the corrupt officials andIt is the sum total of a multiplicity of fac- mented while loopholes are for the many times the well-meaning govern-tors." Sainath is better known currently ingenious to get richer and more power- ment that ends up implementing ludi-for his candid well-researched editorials ful. crous projects that ends up lining some-in national dailies. S chool buildings taken over by herds bodys pockets instead of benefiting theA bout 312 million (40 percent of the of goats in the absence of teachers poor. population) in India live below the (and consequently students), headmas- Journey with Sainath and know Indiapoverty line. About 26 million have been ters and teachers nonchalantly collecting better, with all her faults, achievements,displaced by development - dams, their salary from the coziness of their guts and corruption. Sainath helps youcanals, mining, industries, thermal plants homes, household chores that keep chil- with the math, the justification and rea-and defence installations and 75% of dren away from school, schools with soning. Devoid of any development sec-these still havent been provided rehabil- barely any infrastructure to support tor jargon, this compendium is pureitation even after 45 years. The first five education are just some examples of unbiased reporting at its best; sometimesyear plan gave education 7.86 percent of Indias schooling strategy in the rural the government is at fault, sometimes theits total outlay; this figure was down to areas. And Sainath aptly comments "The denizen. You cannot like or dislike the3.5 percent by the seventh plan. basic reality of the education system (in the book; what hopefully you end up likingCompare this with Kenya that spends 6.7 district) is that there isnt one. Certainly not is the bravery and fortitude and dislikingor Malaysia which spends 7.8 percent of a system that works." the rampant corruption and apathy. 
  10. 10. 10 JustBooks Connect - January 2011Book Review The Other Face of FearThe Drivers Seat psychedelic clothes. On the plane, she absurd statement says a great deal about tries to befriend a man who is so afraid the universe Spark is describing, itsMuriel Spark of her that he changes his seat. loneliness and futility, its sense of repeti-Modern Classics Her other co-passenger, Bill, comes on tion and error. to her and insists he is "her type". One is Fear is the most important emotion in not sure where all of this will lead and the book. The man on the plane is afraid some of the details seem superfluous but of Lise and it is only later that we realise this is a whydunnit and they really why. Because we know Lise will die, weAnindita Sengupta arent. are afraid for her. Certainly, there seems Reading the book becomes an act of to be no dearth of suspicious characters faith. For much of the book, Sparks in her life. writing is sharp and engaging enough But Sparks genius is that she turns to make this easy. Lises behaviour fear on its head and makes us question seems downright fussy sometimes but our assumptions about it. At a 100 odd in retrospect, all of these details fit pages, this is a brief book that packs in a into the larger scheme of things and lot. It is ingenious in content and form. one realises what a superbly crafted Its essentially bleak subject is set off novel this is. with incisive black humour, plenty of Many aspects of modernism come wit and play. It is a delight to read once into play in this book-the single life, and worth reading twice.  airline travel, psychedelic clothes, sex- ual freedom-and each of these is pushed to its boundaries. This is a sin- ister statement on a world thats mad and clever in equal measure. Lise is representative of this hideous combi- nation. (Just how clever she actually is, one understands only towards the end when the dreadful denouement plays out exactly as she had planned all along.) But the others characters are hardly reassuring. There is the harmless but senile Mrs. Fiedke who Lise befriends. There is Bill, a macrobiotics enthusiast who natters on about Yin and Yang and insists he must have two orgasms a day, never mind with whom. And soD on. escribed as an "ethical shocker", This then is a world where normalcy The Drivers Seat is a spine- cannot exist, where cleverness has chilling tale that turns the crime replaced intelligence, new age fads havethriller upside down and inside out. replaced spirituality and grotesque fasci- Lise is a misfit, a spinster accountant nations have taken the place of socialwho lives in an unnamed city in fulfillment.Northern Europe. Taking a few days off Beneath all of this, Lises lonelinessfrom work, she goes on holiday. Early in ticks on like a portentous clock. Isolationthe book, we are told that Lise is going is a precondition to terror in the book. Itto meet a bad end, that she "will be is precisely because Lise is so alone thatfound tomorrow morning dead from she can maneuver events the way shemultiple stab wounds…." The book does.then goes on to examine how and why What transpires in the end is depend-events led to this and Spark described it ent on nobody knowing where she is,as a whydunnit. and nobody caring. At one point in the The most striking thing about Lise is book, there is this passage: "Not really aher remoteness. From the outset, we presence," Lise says. "The lack of anknow she is odd but her oddness is nei- absence, thats what it is. I know Ill findther explained nor judged. She goes it. I keep on making mistakes, though."shopping for her trip, buys outlandish, And this incongruous, seemingly
  11. 11. JustBooks Connect - January 2011 11 Just KidsAt Least A Fish July 2010. This is the first book of the Zain & Ana series. The author, Anushka Ravishankar isAnushka Ravishankar a Mathematics graduate, who turned toIllustrations: Shilo Shiv Suleman writing as a hobby. She has written over 10 books of verse, fiction and non-Age group: 8-14 yrs fiction in her literary career so far.Pages: 108 Some of her other titles are AnScholastic Elephant Never Forgets, Alphabets Are Amazing Animals and Excuse Me, Jayanthi Harsha Is This India? The illustrator, Shilo Shiv Suleman is an expert in the field of illustrations for childrens projectsA na is a daughter of rich parents, including the book Pampasutra. who own almost everything; This book is specially designed for she, herself was rarely refused young children, with the author mak-anything she asked for. She also has ing use of simple language. The storyseveral friends, including her best is not made "too simple", but is ren-friend, Zain, whose house is just round dered in a suitable way, and certainthe corner. It is with Zain, that Ana has elements, which every small childher best adventurers. However, Ana is loves to find in books like fantasy,missing something in her life - some- mystery and humor are retained.thing which her parents had denied Children will also associate well withher for so long - a pet, most preferably a er the only place to obtain the seaweed Ana and Zain and relish in seeing themdog. When she makes her first serious is a highly forbidden local lake. So the do strange (and dangerous) thingsattempt at getting a puppy into her life, duo set off for the lake while both sets of which their parents normally would notshe gets three fish instead. parents are deluded into believing that allow them to do at home. Fish are one of the most remarkably they were out to have fun with a couple The shortcomings can be said to beinert creatures of our planet; they rarely of relatively harmless twins - Beena and present in the novels short length -sleep, just eat, eat and eat, and wander Meena. more events could have been added,the aquatic territory. It is totally useless The lake soon turns out not to be only making it a much more interesting read.to teach a goldfish some tricks, as it has a sewage dumping area, but a ground The story uses interesting pictures,an incredibly minuscule memory. where a strange and wholly new types which not only describe scenes in the So, Ana just has to make do with of fish seem to inhabit its waters. Before book, but plays a part in "completing thewatching the fish grow, feed them every long, Ana and Zain, beset with the bore- story", and goes a long way in puttingday and indulge in some "activities" dom of the summer holidays, make a an impression on the children. The book(more often dangerous than the "safe" plan to catch the creature and possibly is an interesting read and makes youones like playing board games and play- keep it as a pet. Will they succeed, or feel content. The author winds off theing cricket) with her best friend, Zain. will they be caught before their attempts story after giving explanations for everyStill, the fish are not to be left out from it are successful or worse still will they be strange event. It is unlike any otherall. Ana seeks to find some new food eaten up alive? book series, that dont have a "complete"sources to make the fish grow much fat- The book was written in early 2010, ending, and explanations given in theter, seaweed would hit the spot; howev- published in June 2010 and reprinted in next book of the series.  JustBooks Picks for Young Readers Leaves by Enrique Lara Samiras Awful Lunch by Bharati The Giver by Lois Lowry Jagannathan The Woodcutter Of Gura by Veena Set In Stone by Linda Newbery Seshadri The Rumbling Island by Zai Whitaker Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen The Veena Player by Anjali Raghbeer A Curly Tale by Vayu Naidu Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  12. 12. 12 JustBooks Connect - January 2011Author ProfileSOMERSET MAUGHAM Locations Whitefield 42053027, 32999406 ences with patients from JP NagarAnindita Sengupta the Lambeth slums of 42351761 London. The book achieved some publicS Bellandur omerset Maugham was acclaim and Maugham 25740710, 42118813 probably the Chetan abandoned his medical Bhagat of his day. The career. Soon after, he left Sarjapur Roadhighest paid writer in the for Italy and this pattern of 421292791930s, Maugham was rich, pro- travel and story-tellinglific and acclaimed but critics would continue for the Kalyan nagarand peers remained sniffy next sixty years. 42084394, 9986072204about him. Maugham reacted Stories about Maughamsto this with statements like "I sexuality have intrigued HSR Layouthave never pretended to be any- people. He had relation- 22587430, 7259974251thing but a story teller. It has ships with people of bothamused me to tell stories and I sexes. Frazer Townhave told a great many. It is a Most impor- 41644449misfortune for me tant amongthat the telling of a these was his Indira Nagarstory just for the sake involvement 65831547, 42044157of the story is not an with a marriedactivity that is in woman, Syrie Koramangalafavor with the intelli- Wellcome. In 40982460gentsia" (from 1915, she gaveCreatures of birth to his Jayanagar 5th BlockCircumstance, child. After her 9740894014, 420686761947). husband It is not surpris- certain divorced her, the two married JP Nagar-Dollarsing that Maugham condi- but he continued to live with Colonywas scorned because the intelli- tions. Many of his books have Gerald Haxton. 42003087gentsia of the day comprised been made into movies. In 1928 Maugham settled inVirginia Woolf and James Joyce, Born in Paris, the sixth and Cape Ferrat in France and dur- RMV II Stagecompared to whose experimen- youngest son of the solicitor to ing World War II, he moved to 23410800talism and risky prose, the British embassy. Maugham Hollywood. During the war,Maugham was conventional and learned French as his first lan- Maugham volunteered for the Malleshwaramdull. Was he aware of lack in guage. Red Cross and was stationed in 41280649himself? Quite likely. He became an orphan at 10 France. There he met the In his autobiography The and was sent to England to live American Gerald Haxton, who Vijaya Bank LayoutSumming Up (1938), he said with his uncle, a reverend. would be his long-time compan- 41645690that he stood "in the very first Educated in Canterbury, he ion. Maugham also served as arow of the second-raters". It was developed a stammer during his British espionage agent for a Vijaynagaran observation that must have school years and this humilia- year and is credited with pio- 42117539been made with some bitterness. tion found its outlet in his most neering the modern spy story The appreciation of his read- famous work Of Human with Ashenden: Or The British Nerul Mumbaiers might have made up for Bondage where Phillip, the Agent (1928), a collection of six 02227729788,some of these slights-Maugham club-footed boy suffers similar short stories set in Switzerland, 09004819059was tremendously popular and losses and embarrassments. France, Russia, and Italy. Othercontinues to be. His handling of After school, Maugham went renowned works include The Dombivliplot is fairly skilful. on to Heidelberg University and Moon And The Sixpence (1919) 02516505544 He often based stories on real then studied medicine in which was loosely based onlife, believing that the ordinary London for six years. He also artist Paul Gauguins life, The Punelife is the richest source of mate- lived in Paris for ten years as a Painted Veil (1925) and Cakes 02025896016rial for a writer. His novels are struggling author and in 1897, And Ale (1930).imbued with a tone of cynicism his first novel, Liza Of Lambeth In the 1960s, Maugham began Hyderabador world-weariness. This can be was published. to suffer from dementia. He 04030560660alienating at times, but at other The novel, written in realist died in Nice in 1965 at the age oftimes, there are real insights into mode, drew upon his experi- 91.  For franchise inquiries contact: Advertise with us, contact (080)-6001-5285 or editor@justbooksclc.com manager@just booksclc.com