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JustBooks Connect - April 2011 newsletter

About JustBooks:

Rental at your doorstep! We’ve made it easier for you to rent, read and return books with JustBooksclc. Website:http://www.justbooksclc.com/ Ph. No: +91 080 6001 5285

Just Books clc is a new generation community library chain that provides a unique reading experience to book lovers with a wide range of books for every type of reader. Whether a toddler or teen, dabbler or bookworm, we offer a modern, vibrant ambiance for borrowing books leveraging technology. At Just Books, there is a book for everyone in the family...come and check it out!

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JustBooks Connect - April 2011 newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 2 Issue 2www.justbooksclc.comblog.justbooksclc.com CONNECT April 2011 For limited circulation A JustBooks Publication Our Story, Our People Pg 7 Ravi Kumar QuizJ ustBooksclc is a brand name of Strata Retail Technology Services Private Limited. The concept behind Justbooks Pg 11is to provide a platform that connectsbooks with readers, on a communitywide basis. Infact, the clc in the brand name stands Justfor Community Library Chain. The goalof JustBooksclc to connect readers is Kidsencapsulated in our mission statementwhich states "Enabling every reader to findhis or her book and every book to find a read-er." JustBooks was started in 2009 inBangalore by professionals with a back- the book inventory of JustBooks is reach-ground in software technology and retail ing the 300,000 mark.experience. The concept found favourwith the N.S Raghavan Center for In this article, we are pleased to intro- duce Lavanya to you, dear reader, who Pg 12Enterpreneurship Learning (NSRCEL) runs our Kalyan Nagar franchise inbased out of IIM-Bangalore and Strata Bangalore. AuthorRetail was chosen as an incubatee. The Kalyan Nagar has just completed one Profileassociation with NSRCEL allowed the year of its operations and services thebrand to migrate from a start-up to a reading requirements of more than thou-small business, diversify its reach and sand members. Lavanya is a B.Com grad,improve its membership and service level having worked with Motorola in theirofferings. HR dept. for two yrs. Shes also lived in Over the past two years, JustBooks has In the Franchise Fair in Bangalore in the Germany for 10 years and on movinggrown into a library network using the year 2009. back to India in April 2008, decided tofranchisee model of expansion. venture out on her own. JustBooks wasCurrently, we cover four cities What made you take the plunge with a right up her street! Apart from books &Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Pune. JustBooks franchise? reading, Lavanya loves to travel theIn all there are 30 libraries servicing world, conjure up some sizzling dishesJustBooks growing membership. Seemed like a good, clean investment and watch movies. In fact, she nurtures a The USP of JustBooks is that it has opportunity. Besides, we always wanted fond hope to direct one herself!leveraged RFID (Radio Frequency to build a library. We decided to shoot her some ques-Identification Device) technology to issue tions on how, when and why on runningand return books from a kiosk by mem- Describe the initial feeling of starting a JustBooks Franchise.bers without assistance from front office your own business.staff. Once signed up, readers automati- When and how did you come across thecally become members of other branches We were quite positive about it. Luckily concept of JustBooks?and can transact anywhere. Currently, contd on pg 2...
  2. 2. 2 JustBooks Connect - April 2011 contd from pg 1... From the Editor’s How much time do Desk you spend at the JustBooks outlet per- T o franchise or not, was the philo- sonally? How reward- sophical question we struggled ing is the experience with in the early days of of interacting with JustBooks. We liked the fact that in our your members? interpretation of JustBooks as a plat- form that connects books and readers, Initially, we were there there was a lot of scope for shared own- almost every day. ership. We reasoned that, a platform Now we try to be there that is not owned in its entirety by any regularly, but perhaps one entity but is owned in parts by mul- not every day. It is tiple participants tends to get stronger good to be personally and more stable with time. Today it present because it adds gives us great satisfaction that, in a new dimension to Bangalore, all our branches are owned interactions with the and operated by our entrepreneurial we found a suitable place to rent with- customers. franchise owners. out looking too hard. It was also good So, what does it take for someone to to have an architect, Ujwal, who had What kind of books do you read per- become a business owner or more done other branches, so we did not sonally? Who are your favourite specifically a JustBooks franchise have to make too many decisions. authors? owner? Love for books? Business acu- men? Entrepreneurial background? How has been the customer response Self-help books, Novels, Economics, Money? Well, a little bit of all the above to JustBooks as a concept & your Current Affairs. Malcolm Gladwell, does not hurt! But, more than anything library, in particular? Amitabh Ghosh, Bill Bryson, John else, it often turns out to be a very per- Grisham and many more. sonal connection with the concept for For people who read, this is a very reasons that cannot be or need not be attractive option to keep reading new We then talked to a couple of explained to anyone. Many of our cur- books. Most book lovers have compli- JustBooks members from Kalyan rent franchise owners have been mented us saying, "this is what was Nagar and this is what they have to JustBooks members and having liked missing in our neighbourhood". For peo- say: the experience chose to setup something ple who read books only occasionally, "I have been a member of the Kalyan on their own. If you want to know more regular subscription is perhaps not Nagar centre since its inception and about what it means to become a fran- such a good option. have been extremely happy with the chise owner, write to us at experience. The range of books is exten- manager@justbooksclc.com. Have their expectations been met sive and the library has been main- As the vacation season sets in, there through our offerings? tained very well. We have been partic- are many holiday service providers ularly happy with the response to beginning to get in touch with us want- Mostly. But since we have set great requests made for books that were ing to distribute their packages through expectations (e.g. any book you request unavailable. It has always been our outlets. Holidays, with the associat- will be given) sometimes it is difficult prompt. Kudos to you all! Keep it up!" ed planning, booking and execution to meet those. May be we should set ---Sujaya seems an experience that most families lower expectations and exceed them. now attach a lot of importance to. We Justbooks, Kalyan nagar is one of are evaluating options around partner- What do you think will be a great the better libraries to belong to in the ing with the holiday service providers addition in terms of value to your city. Its a well-lit, well maintained to offer community validated exclusive existing members? library & all sections & shelves are packages to our members. Watch this neatly marked & stacked. My daugh- space for more news in the future. Dont know about new additions. We ters, who are 10 & 8 years old, are As we scale, we realize that we have should keep our current promises bet- always excited about their trip to the lot of work yet to be done on revamping ter. library and happy to borrow from a our website to make it more friendly wide selection of books. They are truly and complete and also work more on Whats your take on Justbooks as a spoilt for choice. our classification and shelving concept from the conventional The staff is helpful and Lavanya approaches. The good news is that we library? always ensures that any book that is are as committed to growing the read- not available with her is brought in as ing experience through our libraries, as Well, in a sense it is a conventional soon as possible. The librarys location we were at the start of this venture and library. But what sets it apart is the col- is great, being on the way from the chil- with continued support from you-the lection of recent books, the ability to drens school. It would be great to see readers-we are confident of making provide latest books to readers and the this Kalyan Nagar branch becoming JustBooks the default means to access ambience in the branches. Many also the most sought after library in the books. like the RFID technology which allows area. I wish Lavanya and her team all As always happy reading!  even small children to check-in and the best for the second year." check-out books. ---- Minal Rajan 
  3. 3. JustBooks Connect - April 2011 3Why We Dont Talk Women & The Weight Loss TamashaShinie Anthony Rujuta DiwekarRupa WestlandGeetanjali Singh Chanda Aradhana Janga T A his collection of short stories takes its title crash diet can only do so much and from the final story by Shinie Anthony. At then actually not much. A diet is first glance, though, the unifying theme of something that you should be able to the collection is not clear. The foreword by stay with for your life, not a month or two, Shashi Deshpande also does not shed any light insists Diwekar. And women, especially on the stories themselves but is a wonderful Indian women with everything and more that expose on the short story genre. She raises sever- goes on in their daily lives need to get a better al issues about why the short story is thus handle on their diets and lifestyles, from teens labeled - is the shortness of the tale a mere dis- to marriage to menopause and after. Overallmissive diminutive implying its low importance? Is this form the book turns out to be a much needed guideparticularly appealing to women writers and if so why? The for the Indian woman to start feeling a little bit better about herone common feature in all the stories though is their style. Each own self. So read the book, understand what your body is allone is a gem of beautiful writing and an unusual plot - particu- about, stop feeling guilty about enjoying some pleasures. Butlarly the twist at the end.  mostly use your common sense. Mahabalipuram Strengths Finder 2.0R. Nagaswamy Tom RathOxford India Gallup pressDr. Rajeshwari Ghose Manjula Sundharam T W he Oxford India Paperbacks is publish- e are made to believe that with hard ing a monograph on each of the twenty work we can be anything we want to three UNESCO World Heritage cultural be. Can we actually be anything we sites in India. want to be, just by trying hard enough? Well known scholars in the field of Indology Strengths Finder 2.0 talks about discovering have been invited to write short, easy to read inherent strengths and using those strengths to monographs outlining the important facets of excel. history, archaeology and Art that have partic- With the backing of Gallops research data,ular relevance to the site under study. Published under the author Tom Rath challenges this common belief and says "youname Monumental Legacy series, it has already published ten cannot be anything you want to be-but you can be a lot more of whobooklets. This booklet has a few good photographs, which you already are". The book would get readers to pay attention tohints at the supreme elegance of the Pallava structures and the their strengths as well as the strengths of people they live anddelicate and restrained aesthetics of its bas reliefs. Despite its work with. It is a refreshing read for those working on teamsize it is a dense work and is a "must read" for a serious student building. of history. One Day What I Talk About When I Talk AboutDavid Nicholls RunningHodder, UK Haruki Murakami Translated by Philip Gabriel VintageReshmi Chakraborty Pushpa Achanta O O ne Day by David Nicholls is essentially ne of the two works of non-fiction by a love story, told over a time span of well known Japanese short story twenty years. What makes this romance writer, novelist and translator, Haruki different is that the protagonists actually dont Murakami, What I Talk About When I Talk get together, despite being the best of friends About Running is a recollection of his experi- and meeting each other on and off for twenty ences while preparing for and participating in long years. marathons and triathlons. Created in his char- Cool and confidant Dexter Mayhew and arty acteristic straightforward and enjoyable style, girl Emma Morley meet for the first time on 15th the memoir reveals a side of the writer that many might not beJuly 1988, the night of their graduation before going their ways. aware of. You may plan to try the critically acclaimed and The rest of the book is the story of their lives on this same day award winning writings of Haruki Murakami or running, bicy-for the next twenty years. The book is a wonderfully funny and cling or swimming. Or maybe all of them! Either way, this bookmoving read.  is worth a read, certainly.  For detailed reviews check out justbooksclc.com
  4. 4. 4 JustBooks Connect - April 2011Book Review The Many Faces of Home After that, it was all down-The Brief Wondrous Life of hill. He became dorky andOscar Wao shy, used big words and developed a love for Genres or genre fiction. He becameJunot Diaz a ghetto nerd. School wasFaber & Faber tortuous, college not much better. The most important thing is that Oscar yearns to love; no girl will let him getAnindita Sengupta near them. And the occa- sional muchacha who does, eventually defeats him with the friendship line.T T wo quotations introduce Junot he book spirals back- Diazs Pulitzer Prize-winning ward in time. novel. One is a line from the Interspersed with OscarsFantastic Four: "Of what import are brief, story is his sister Lolas, andnameless lives…to Galactus?". The other is before that, their mothera poem by Derek Walcott which ends Belis tragic years in Santawith "and either Im nobody or Im a Domingo during the infa-nation." Brief, nameless nobodies and the mous dictator Rafaelnation-at this point of intersection Trujillos reign over thebetween the grand and the little lies The Dominican Republic. WereBrief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. drawn into the perils ofSpanning four decades and three genera- those times. An orphanedtions of a Dominican family, the book has childhood, a teenage spentthe sweep of the epic and the intimacy of much about finding a place to belong as it trying to fit and a dangerous, doomedthe personal story. At its heart is the fat, is about sex. For Beli whose childhood is love affair with a thug called "Thenerdy, sci-fi obsessed Oscar, a Dominican marked by orphanhood, by being shunt- Gangster"-Belis life in Santa Domingowho is not Dominican enough, a boy who ed out of places, and by abuse, is also was uncheery extremes. The fact that theaint macho enough, a die-hard romantic looking for a place to roost, a safe har- Gangster is married (and I wont say towho cant find anyone to love. His tale is bour. This search for a safe harbour at the whom) is disaster itself. As Belis storybeing told by Yunior who in many ways personal level also leads to the hunt for it unravels, the nature of fuku becomesis the antithesis--tough-talking, many- at a larger level when Beli has to flee clearer, terrifyingly so. Her encountermasked and proficient at finding girls to Santa Domingo for the bright, white with Trujillos minions is one of the mostlove, then not knowing what to do with lights of Nueva York. harrowing passages Ive read in recentthem. Yunior is Oscars roommate in col- times. By now, Oscars nerdery and gen-lege and sort of in love with his elder sis- eral unwantedness looks like the good B ut Diaz writes the big issues in a fresh way. The book is grounded in history from the word go. The language is whim-ter, the uberfiery Lola. The story starts life. But wait, in the next section, there iswith a fuku, "the Curse or the Doom of the sical and puckish at times, outright funny Belis father and with earnest, scholarlyNew World", a Dominican belief that was at others. (The title is a play on Oscar Abelard, Diaz takes it to a whole otherborn with Columbuss coming to the Wilde and Hemingways short story The level of fuku-ness. This deliberate hikingislands. Dominicans believe that the fuku Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber.) of intensity is something he does soplagues certain families forever. Oscars This is one of the things that keeps the expertly that you cant escape it, you dontfamily is one of those. Why this is so is book from flattening under the weight of want to escape it. The heat of the narra-something that will be revealed over the its lofty concerns. The other is its plot, tive is engulfing and addictive.next 300 pages or so. Wait for it. which is deceptively simple. I say that This novel is all those big things: the Oscar represents average teenage angst, because what starts off being a ghetto diasporic novel, the political novel etc.and then some, because his outsiderness nerds coming of age has so much else to Like Belis headlong descent into a loveexists at such multiple levels. There is the it, so many stories in there, that the books that is maddening and disastrous but is asfact that he is Dominican in New York. pace is speedy and gripping. This is not aThere is also the fact that he is not slow explication of moments. This is aDominican enough. He belongs “This is a careening through careening through entire lives andnowhere. The white kids exclude him entire lives and zooming into the zooming into the most interesting, thefor his afro and dark skin. "The kids of most important, the most gut-wrench-color, upon hearing him speak and seeing most interesting, the most impor- ing bits in those lives. The things thathim move his body, shook their heads. tant, the most gut-wrenching bits matter.Youre not Dominican." The last time he in those lives. The things that This is one of those rare books that canmanaged to be a "normal" Dominican be read in one go, and read multipleboy was back when he was seven. matter” times. Applause is due. 
  5. 5. JustBooks Connect - April 2011 5Book Review A Looking Back ghar ka vatavaran vitiated ho gaya tha kya?" ant Dr. Mukherjee has committed suicideWay To Go One is easily taken by the tough balance and nothing seems bleaker to Jamun than that Chatterjee strikes: one between ease living in the house which Lobesh Monga,Upamanyu Chatterjee and deliberation. the builder, wants to buy out. ChatterjeeHamish Hamilton, Penguin His prose has the quality of effortless- insulates Jamun with a sort of unforgiv- ness, but every sentence is a result of ing alienation that doesnt let up in Way careful consideration and choice of To Go. Its also this bleakness and loneli- words. But what Way to Go achieves is ness with which Jamun is treated that fas-Deepika Arwind far more than just elegant prose. cinates and saddens the reader -- both at As Anjum Hasan describes in her essay once. "The Outsider" (The Caravan, June 2010) Jamun is riddled with anxiety; he wants Shyamanand back at home,T he books opens with a sad, but out of a sense of responsibility hilarious first chapter, much like and habit. Chatterjees debut English, Despite the uneasy relation-August. The police station is described ship with his father, Jamunswith a sense of futility and dejection that strange bond with him overare perhaps part of Jamuns disposition death-that "thing in the bookby now. that is everywhere-and his It is from within this chapter itself that loneliness, long for familiarity.one is able to tell that Chatterjees gift is in How can someone who cannothis "leisurely prose" as described by walk without his walking stickmany critics, and his ability to care for disappear?detail even at the cost of an unashamedslowness. Chatterjee, in this chapter, also I n a sense, Shayamanand grants himself and his two sons a sort of freedom. Thismanages a humour that is aware of itslocation in a tragedy; it allows the reader deep tragedy is never bereft ofto tread that liminal zone so rare in fic- a certain lightness and scato-tion. logical obsessions, that makes In the conversation that Jamun has with Way To Go an interestingthe police officer, there is a revelation of read, but perhaps alsoboth the absolute hopelessness of a sys- exhausting for those who havetem, and the hilarity associated with this been reading Chatterjeeshopelessness. work and come to expect Referred to as "Missing Person" in the something spectacular fromopening chapter, Shyamanands life is Way To Go.probed thoroughly by a police officer. Critics have for long appre-The brilliance of this interaction lies also ciated the fact that Chatterjee,in the fact that it understands itself as a doesnt desperately try totranslated conversation, but doesnt in Way To Go is less of "less a sequel ... than a chronicle events or a time he thinksanyway sound compromised for its rich- looking back". important; he doesnt tend to make pro-ness. "Any financial stringency in the house- I t is in the continuing obsession with the "middle-class moment" that Way To Go dwells upon, but it is mostly for the found sociological observations nor is he interested in a literary masterpiece that will allow itself into the grand folds ofhold? Did Missing Person thrash you or youhim because of violent disagreements and ten- brilliance of the character Jamun, for history. It is perhaps for this reason that asions over your or his vices or addictions? which we must read the book. Here he is, novel like Way To Go works for someWas the atmosphere of the house vitiated as a he has returned to his parents home to readers and against itself for many oth-consequence? "Vitiated" was in English - look after his paralysed father; their ten- ers. 
  6. 6. 6 JustBooks Connect - April 2011 Reader’s Reader’s Contribution Voice Dev Anand, Vyjayanthimala have lever- aged on the splendid opportunity G Venkatesh offered by publishers to pen down theirF memoirs. Of course, the moolah is diffi- or the past few years now Ive been cult to resist. Shahrukh and Amitabh I absolutely in love with books, ndian writing in English has indeed have already published theirs. book worm Im called at home. come a long way. Thirty years ago, I am still searching for Gulzars biog-Very soon I had chewed my way with few authors and fewer channels raphy by his daughter. Leela Naidusthrough all the books available at home available for publishing, promoting the biography was simply superb and hilar-and started looking for libraries to bor- books, the scenario was much different. ious most of the time when she narratesrow books from. But today the number of writers has the experiences of working in a movie I think that from all the libraries Ive swelled to a great extent. It is gratifying (Trikal, 1985) with Shyam Benegal.been to JustBooks has been the best. to note that JustBooks has a plethora of However, Kishwar Desais biography ofNone of the others ever bothered giving books by Indian authors. The remark- Nargis Duttyou bookmarks! The books there are in able ease with which some of the writ- was disap-really good condition too. ers have carved a niche for themselves pointing. In some of the other libraries, Ive even in their maiden attempts needs to Pinky Viranisbeen to the books have been dusty, yel- be commended. The advent of Internet real life accountlow and so old youre scared to turn the and mobile telephony has increased thepages for fear of damaging the book. I opportunities manifold for the buddinghave never found something as putting writers and marketing the books usingoff as trying to read a book with really the Internet has become an easier affair.small cramped print and missing pages. Well designed promotions contribute For the past one year now Ive been an to the success in marketing a book.avid reader member in the JP Nagar Some promotions do depend on cheapbranch and have absolutely exploited publicity to generate greater inter-their awesome services, right from the est in the book.home delivery system to the no fixed But, frankly, I feel content isreturn date ( this one being extremely what matters a lot to ensure sus-convenient when you want to mull over tainability of the book in the mar-a book). But the thing I like the best ket in the long run. Making theabout JustBooks is how you can request reader part of the narrative is afor a transfer of a book from another skill.branch, which is one of the most innova- Sometimes I do wonder if thetive ideas for a library. surfeit of writing talent I have always found the books that I has somewhat diluted the of a Konkani Nursewanted there. They have everything standards of Indian writ- Aruna Shanbhag infrom Agatha Christie to Calvin and ing in English. Todays her book ArunasHobbes to books on various hobbies. generation is discovering Story left a deepThanks a lot JustBooks for doing what R K Narayan, Raja Rao, impact long after I had fin-youre doing. Manohar Mulgaonkar ished the book. Pinky had put and other celebrated her heart and soul into the Janani Eshwar, Student, authors of the past much tragic story and it showed in JP Nagar  after their demise. the results. However, one has to The way Aruna spoke, her admit that some of the relationship with her cousins, works by the newcomers the Mumbai in the period from is definitely brilliant. Arundhati Roy 1966 to 1973, the gory assault on her by brought Indian writing in English the a maniacal ward boy etc. Credit goes to required visibility by winning the Pinky for bringing Aruna alive in front Booker Prize for The God of Small of us. Hope to see more of such biogra- Things. Aravind Adiga and Kiran Desai phies and autobiographies. followed. I found that presently, biographies and auto-biographies have been the G Venkatesh lives in HAL stage III flavour of the season. From law makers and works for a private firm in Indira (Fali S. Narimans Before Memory Nagar. He is a voracious reader and Fades: An Autobiography) to business an amateur writer. Essentially a men (Captain Gopinaths Simply Fly) to Mumbaikar, he has shifted to movie stars (Leela Naidus Leela: A Bangalore a year ago. Music, Patchwork Life ). Gardening and Reading are his hob- Some of the veteran movie stars like bies. 
  7. 7. JustBooks Connect - April 2011 7 1. JustBooksclc was started by: 4. JustBooks has how many books across different genres? JustBooks Private Ltd. 300,000 Strata Retail and Technology 150,000 IIMB 100,000 5. What other services does JustBooksclc offer? Order book(s) and get it delivered home. Pay per book and not 2. JustBooksclc has how many main every month. branches in Bangalore? All of the above. 15 8 10 3. You will find JustBooksclc in this city too: Mangalore Chennai Hyderabad 1. Strata Retail and Technology 2. 15 3. Hyderabad 4. 300,000 5. All of the above JUSTBOOKS J u s t B o o k s E v e n t s TOP 5 Book Fair N EW A RRIVALS Everybody loves a 1. Full Dark, No Stars by Book Fair. So do we. Stephen King It is an opportunity 2. Chinaman by Shehan for us to give our Karunatilaka members, readers an 3. The Emperor Of All opportunity to pick Maladies by Siddhartha up your favorite Mukherjee books from various 4. Matters Of Discretion by I.K. genres at attractive Gujral discounts. 5. Leading Ladies:Women So hurry, you can Who Inspire India by Sudha pick up bestsellers & Menon other books at wallet friendly prices on: R ECOMMENDED Dates: Apr 21, 22 and 1. Sunlight On A Broken 23 Column by Attia Hosain Venue: HSR Club, 2. Burnt Shadows by Kamila HSR Layout, Shamsie Bangalore 3. Reading Lolita In Tehran by Azar Contact for details: 1-800-102-2665 or marketing@justbooksclc.com Nafisi 4. Churchills Secret War by Madhushree Mukherjee Quiz Competition 5. Open Source Leader: The Future Of An exciting news for our Young Readers. Your summer holidays just Organizations by Sangeeth Varghese got better! JustBooksclc in collabortion with Quiz Works is conducting a quiz R ENTALS competition for 8-13 years old. Parents and friends are welcome to 1. Only Time Will Tell by Jeffery join in as audience. And wait, theres more - great gifts to be won by Archer both participants and audience. 2. And Thereby Hangs A Tale by Interested people can register by sending an email to jbquiz@just- Jeffery Archer booksclc.com 3. 2 States: The Story Of My Date: Apr 28 Marriage by Chetan Bhagat. Venue: VIBGYOR High School, HSR Layout, Bangalore 4. Theodore Boone: Young Laywer by John Grisham Contact for details: jbquiz@justbooksclc.com  5. The Confession: A Novel by John Grisham
  8. 8. 8 JustBooks Connect - April 2011Musings Fear of failure tion of beginning of the end. tle, and play around with variables likeSubhash Bhushan Here are some points, I believe, can help pressure, environment, stress etc. and us conquer our fear of failure: weaknesses will start showing up. During intense times, we discover what ourN E o matter how many self-help mbrace failure: Understand that fail- weaknesses are and become more aware books we read, how many semi- ures are good. They convey what is of our own constraints and how to work nars we attend or how much we working and what is not. Sometimes, around them.discuss or whine or complain about it. things have to fall apart before they areEvery new problem will bringforth new challenges, set in a rebuilt again. Old foundations and tradi- C ompete with the best: The fear we move through when we go to the edge of ournovel situation, with a differentset of stakeholders. We will limits actually causes our lim-always struggle to read a new its to expand. As Neitzschesituation or make the right deci- said, "What doesnt kill yousion. So, its natural that all of us, makes you stronger". When webeing human, err once in a consistently move towardswhile. what we are resisting, we will We no longer have a sense of end up becoming more confi-security in this modern ever- dent and powerful in how wechanging world. We are not sure approach a problem. To testabout our jobs, our relation- our limits, we need to consis-ships, our likes, even our identi- tently compete and look uptoty! Whatever security existed people who are better than us.earlier in being a sheep in a herd, And aim to become the best atno longer exists. what we do. Indeed, trying to stay in ourcomfort zone will only put us ina highly unsafe and dangerous A dapt and innovate con- tinuously: Nothing lasts forever. Not people, notplace. The world calls upon us tobecome individuals-recognizable, distin- tional structures have to collapse, and processes, not achievements, nothing.guishable, self-sustaining and talented make way for the new better ones. Whenever variables or terrains change-individuals. Breakdowns lead to breakthroughs. and it sure will-we have to adapt. The Achieving our potential is not a path techniques that worked earlier may notpaved in concrete either. Each one of ushas our own unique way of getting to our K eep getting up: Failure is a state of mind; it is not an event. We encounter setbacks on our path, but never be relevant or applicable anymore. Change is a way to survive. Why not make it a habit?goal. We can concentrate on our goals,but we cannot control the path we take to failures. We let failures happen to us, byachieve them. We will constantly be hitby self-doubt, setbacks and obstacles. But not getting back up on our feet quickly. As the Japanese say, "Fall seven times, but get up eight times". Its all about getting up I nvest in hardwork: According to a Harvard Business Review article, for a person to become an expert at anythingmostly, we ourselves are the primary hin-drance to achieving success. again and again, as quickly as possible, worthwhile, he or she has to spend about Often, obstacles or setbacks that we no matter how many times we fall. ten thousand hours of intense effort on it.encounter are temporary. It is what our Thats radically different from the worldmind understands of these setbacks thatis troublesome. Setbacks tend to manifest R ecognize weaknesses: Failures help us spot our deficiencies. Almost any- body can appear like a superstar on an of instant gratification we have created around us. Remember that patience and perseverance are the two cornerstones ofthemselves as fears of the future withinus. And this fear of future failure gains easy turf. Change the circumstances a lit- all great achievements. strength and importance, and starts hin-dering progress. The fear of failure is the single mostimportant thing that restricts us from get-ting back up and changing the situation.It coaxes us to lie low and procrastinate,not do anything radical and get awayfrom the way of anything important. Conquering this fear of failure is tanta-mount to realizing our own potential. Wehave to actively move forward, evenwhen everything around us screams ofdanger. Becoming stagnant is the ulti-mate death trap for our ambitions. Whenwe stop struggling, its usually an indica-
  9. 9. JustBooks Connect - April 2011 9On a mathematical adventure prime numbers and how they helpHow to Guard an Art Gallery us in solving both these problemsand Other Discrete using a simple staircase in a table.Mathematical Adventures The chapter Measuring Water with a Vengeance describes how a famous Hollywood movie "DieT.S. Michael hard: With a Vengeance is basedJohns Hopkins University Press on a version of what is known as the Water Measuring Problem. One of the methods uses a funnyDr. Rajagopalan billiard table Skew Billiard Table for a visual proof. Then there are puzzles withW hat is the minimum number of stamps and Sylver coins (yes, guards required to guard a Sylver). Arguments of symmetry given art gallery? Can I com- and spin are brought into service topute the area of an orchard by counting find elegant solutions.the trees in it? How do I draw a straight- The only chapter I found a bitline on a computer monitor? This book dry is the last one on primes,uses such simple questions as gateways squares and quadratic residues. Butto take us on mathematical adventures. the trouble is worth it. For, weIt builds a genuine interest in discovery. learn the logic and usefulness ofMultiple approaches for solving a stated holes. How many guards are required the otherwise mysterious modularpuzzle goads us into complex thinking - to guarantee that all walls are in the line arithmetic.revealing hidden connections and resultswhich hold more generally. of sight of at least one guard? What if I want each guard to be in the line of sight Q uadratic residues are at the heart of designing communication protocols in a spy network or space probes or What is the maximum number of of another guard to take care of mug-pieces I can make from a pizza with 3 ging? What if the guards are substituted online bank transactions.straight cuts? N-cuts? This triggers a with security cameras? Without even Why dont we give these wonderfuljourney. Among the multiple methods, realizing it, we learn what it takes to opportunities in our formal educationalthere is one proof without words! If you write an algorithm and what computa- systems? Is it the rat race to perform orcan do that on a pizza, we can easily tional complexity is. perish? Is it the centralized and top Igeneralize it to 3-dimensional cake or a n a dramatic insight, the problem of down syllabus which stifles local initia-fruit. guarding a gallery against attacks from tives? Is it lack of capable teachers? Or, is There is a charming Pizza Envy inside is shown to be the mirror image of it the fault of mere lip-service by parentsTheorem which says that more the cuts, guarding a fortress from outside attacks. who think throwing money at a problemmore will be the difference in the sizes of A prison has to guard against attacks will solve it?various pieces. In the process, we will from both within and outside. I see a lot of ferment on how to teachlearn the recurrence method, table of dif- Then we learn that the problem of mathematics in a lively way and in aferences and visual proofs. Like Alice, drawing a line on a computer screen and realistic context. For example, is therewe are transported to a Wonderland of the problem faced by our ancestors in mathematics of symmetry? What are the4-dimensional fruits! deciding on how to place leap years in simple patterns in well-known marvels Georg Alexander Pick is the guy who our calendar are one and the same! in architecture and painting? Is a beehivegot Einstein his first job and died in a We discover the beauty of pairs of co- an example of superior coordination orNazi camp. He found a simple method simply a result of fighting for maximumof computing the area by counting space for one self while having to hangpoints. Isnt it crazy? Area is a contin- Is a beehive an example of supe- together? Why does the so-called gold-uous quantity whereas the number of en ratio deserve that name? rior coordination or simply apoints is an integer. The formula still How did the African tribes buildworks. result of fighting for maximum communities following fractal geome- This problem is related to the prob- space for one self while having to try, formally discovered only in thelem of How many ways are there for 1980s? Why is the Mobius strip such a hang together? Why does the so-changing a rupee in terms of 25 paise, curio? Still, how did it lead to better10 paise and 5 paise coins? called golden ratio deserve that industrial conveyor and baggage han- You want to design an art gallery? name? How did the African tribes dling belts?Unlike in a house, we want to maxi- Imagine what all kids can do, if tick- build communities followingmize wall space rather than floor led by such questions and mentoredspace! Therefore galleries come in very fractal geometry, formally dis- towards discovering their own solu-odd shapes- sunflowers, waves, covered only in the 1980s? tions! Why not start with our own chil-crowns, sunrise, and galleries with dren? We will also learn, with them. 
  10. 10. 10 JustBooks Connect - April 2011 The Tinkle ArtistA bhijeet Kini is a celebrated, pro- Tinkle in 2004, I interacted with him a Khyrunnisa, who is based in Kerala. fessional artist who works on lot more. He was a nice person. After Butterfingers, I illustrated two the ongoing series of other ongoing series DefectiveButterfingers, Sea Diaries, and Where do you get inspiration to keep Detectives and Sea Diaries.Defective Detectives in the Tinkle mag- drawing for the same Butterfingersazine. comic? Dont you get bored? Is it difficult, converting a story into a The stories drive the adventures to a comic strip?JustBooks young member Ms. Nitya level. If the story isnt as interesting, the Depends. In Tinkle, a story is convertedGundu ( 13 years) of Nerul library met illustrations need to have that extra to script first, by the editors and sub edi-him at a comic workshop held in NRI push, to make the read interesting. This tors. The script is then converted to art-Complex, Nerul, Navi Mumbai and is not the case just with Butterfingers, work by artists. But for comics that Itook his interview. make, outside Tinkle, it doesnt get difficult toSince when did your interest in art and make comics out of storiesdrawing begin and how did you devel- and ideas. An illustratorop it? would always see anythingI remember drawing cartoons ever since in life as a visual. ThatsI can remember, early childhood days, I how our minds work!guess. I used to scribble on any papersurface possible. Are you planning on cre- ating a separate standIn school, they teach us to draw alone comic on the lineshumans robotically, but your illustra- of Superman andtions are so funny, where did you get Spiderman?the idea? I already am working onI owe my inspiration to comics. I have some comic ideas inde-always been a comics fan, right from my pendently. A series that Inursery days. So I guess that worked for had made (written andme. It is always fun to look at things in illustrated and ideated),an exaggerated way. called Julius and Bork, ran for two episodes in TinkleWhich was your first illustration and some years ago.where did it get published? I also have some adultMy first printed work was for a book themed comics, which arewritten by an ex-bank manager, about for a mature audience,the various types of bank managers that which are very grim andexist. This was in 1998 or so. It was my sometimes violent. The10th grade vacation time. style is very different than what I do for ButterfingersWhen did you join Tinkle as a free- but with any comic character. Also, since or any of these.lancer? these characters have a lot of supportingDec 2004. characters in the stories, and each You are an illustrator, animator, writer, episode deals with something new, it photographer and a rock guitarist.How is it like illustrating for a comic avoids any monotony from setting in. Which profession, hobby did you likewith comparison to drawing for a So, it doesnt get boring illustrating. You the most?newspaper or a general interest maga- need to imagine yourself in that situa- Well, I am happy I could convert onezine? tion as an illustrator, to get the expres- hobby of mine into a career, which isComics give you a lot of freedom to sions right, and that itself is the best part illustrating.experiment and narrate the story in of it all. Besides that I love music, so I rate play-many panels. You can go crazy doing ing guitar as my most favourite hobby,that. But in magazines, the entire story Did you draw anything for Tinkle and photography comes a close third.should be shown through a single illus- before Butterfingers? If yes, whichtration. And each magazine has style- characters did you illustrate? Since I want to publish this in myrules. Its a lot more complex. Yes, lots of stories. The first school magazine, do you have any Butterfingers story I drew was pub- advice for students who love drawingDid you meet Uncle Pai often? What lished in 2006 or so. I have been illustrat- and doodling?was he like? ing with Tinkle since late 2004. There Everything around you is a visual story,I had met Uncle Pai when I was in the were a lot of animal stories, folk tales so keep a pencil and a piece of paper10th grade. I had shown him my work, and jokes that I worked on. handy. As you see something interest-and he said that I was too young to be Butterfingers was my first ongoing ing, sketch it out! Read comics. Andon board. When I started illustrating for series for Tinkle. It is written by think comics. 
  11. 11. JustBooks Connect - April 2011 11 Just KidsThe Hunger Games tal desert, an island out at sea, a dense tenders" in the games as well - the most marsh, a forest filled with dangers or on noteworthy are the "Career tributes", the hostile landscape of a mountain. who have trained for the games theirSuzanne Collins Only one "tribute" can come out alive whole lives. Also, there are still a few each time. other tributes from the other districts,Age group: 12-17 yrs This arena is where most of the story who arent ready to give up without aPages: 374 unfolds - it all starts when 17 year old fight .Scholastic Katniss Everdeen steps in to take her sis- The Hunger Games was written and ters place when she is picked for the published in October 2008. It is succeed- games. Katniss hails from District 12, the ed by Catching Fire and Mocking Jay.Jayanthi Harsha most backward and poorest district and The author, Suzanne Collins has also whose every tribute has died. written other book series, The Underland Chronicles is the most note- worthy one, besides The Hunger GamesE arth, as we know it has been trilogy. affected by an apocalyptic disas- By far, The Hunger Games is one of ter, and has changed forever. the best examples of how true fiction is A massive country, Panem, based in supposed to be written. The first one iswhat was once the North America has the arena-the very fabric of the storyemerged. In the center of this country rotates about this feature. The sheer cru-lies the capitol, surrounded with 12 dis- elness of it all is overwhelming-of chil-tricts - there used to be 13, but one was dren being sent to fight to their deathexterminated in a brutal war. The capi- every year in harsh and brutal fashion.tol is terribly brutal, leaving no stone Also, there is a good technologicalunturned to ensure its rule stays strong. involvement, but not too much to makeNot many of the normal luxuries that it some sort of futuristic tale, wherewe are used to these days like phones, everything is utterly advanced. Here,TV shows are available. Whats more, most of the things are explained in athe districts are made to operate as timely fashion, so there are no "dead" orwater-tight containers with people from confusing points present in the story.each district having no knowledge of the The heroine gives out interesting factsothers. and keeps the reader interested. As the As a result of all this, the people games process, its various odd andrebelled, lost and paid the price in a hor- So, Katniss leaves for the capitol, sure interesting features are revealed keepingrible way - the capitol made each of the that she wont return. But, Katniss has the readers constantly interested in how12 remaining districts send a girl and a survived against all odds before. To the games were held.boy between the ages of 12 - 18 every everyones surprise, she and her fellow The author puts into force all theseyear to take part in a televised competi- tribute, Peeta Mellrak make a major features with outmost care to not overdotion, known as The Hunger games. mark in the opening ceremonies and anything, and planned everything withEvery participant is drafted into a dead- grabs everyones attention. When the care - the result is a true masterpiece,ly death match, which takes place in games begin, without intending it, one of the very few books to earn a 5-various arenas, each having different Katniss becomes a major contender. star rating. The young readers worldterrains, which can be anything - a bru- However, there are other "major con- needs more such innovative books  JustBooks Picks for Young Readers Guess How Much I Love You by Sam Birdywood Buzz: The Vulture Returns Living Next Door to Alise by Anita McBratney by Ashok Rajagopalan Nair Love You Forever by Robert Munsch Sweet And Salty by Sandhya Rao The Riddle Of The Lustr Sapphires by Roopa Pai Annual Haircut Day by Noni Eyes On The Peacocks Tail by Vayu Naidu The Golden Compass: Northern Lights by Philip Pullman
  12. 12. 12 JustBooks Connect - April 2011Author in focus AK Ramanujan Locations AECS Layout spaces" to a place of temple i 65470141Anindita Sengupta employees and sacred cows. He Now tidy your house, BellandurA sinks to the "seabed in a barrel", dust especially your living 25740710, 42118813 ttipat Krishnaswami in escape, in forgetfulness, in room Frazer Town Ramanujan wore a longing for elsewhere. This abili- and do not forget to name 41644449 dizzying array of hats. all your children. HSR LayoutHe wrote in both ii 22587430, 7259974251English and Watch your step. Indira NagarKannada, and was a Sight may strike you 65831547, 42044157poet, translator, play- blind in unexpected Jayanagar 5th Blockwright, folklorist and places. 9740894014, 42068676a scholar of five lan- JP Nagar-Dollarsguages: Tamil, The immediacy and ColonyKannada, Telugu, intimacy of the poem 42003087Sanskrit, and English. are enhanced with an JP NagarAccording to Bruce objective, almost wry, 42351761King, Ramanujan tone. Kalyan Nagarwas also along with This is a poet who 42084394, 9986072204two other transcul- knows the pitfalls Koramangalatural poets, one of of blinding sight 40982460the "Indo-Anglian har- but not a poet who Malleshwarambingers of literary mod- will gnash his teeth 41280649ernism" . about them. Rajarajeshwari Nagar Ramanujan wrote Instead, the house 9535854732in the spare, specific must be tidied, the RMV II Stagestyle of modernism children must be 23410800and his poetry named. Sahakar Nagarencompassed a mul- The ordinary 41713931titude of concerns duties of living Sarjapur Roadwithout being heavy- must be fulfilled. 42129279handed. Elsewhere, in poems like A Vijaya Bank Layout A master of the short, River, he looked at other types 41645690lyrical form, he honed of suffering and the passing of Vijaynagarin on the specific time. 42117539moment, place or per- The new poets still quoted Whitefieldson in his poems with ty to step back and forth the old poets, but no one spoke 42053027, 32999406great skill like an insect buzzing between multiple worlds, multi- in verse Mysorein on its prey and used that to ple influences and multiple cul- of the pregnant woman 9742264738illumine universal truths. The tures lends his poems a rich and drowned, with perhaps twins in Nerul Mumbaicommonplace incident or person interesting texture. her, 02227729788,is as much part of his poetry as As a translator, he worked kicking at blank walls 09004819059mystic presence or myth. intensively with Kannada even before birth. Dombivli "I have known that measly-look- vachanas of the four medieval The poor and disenfranchised 02516505544ing man, not very likeable, going to Saiva poets and the work of the often found space in Pune - Aundhthe bank" he says in Which Tamil Cankam (Sangam) poets. Ramanujans poetry. The flood- 02025896016Reminds Me and indeed, he Both traditions affected him affected, lepers, migrants. Pune-Viman Nagarhas. deeply and he carried some of Despite his diasporic existence, 7709158791 There is a throw-away quality this into his poems which he the physical and spiritual loca- Pune-Magarpattato some of his poems, as if they always wrote in English. tion of many poems remained Cityare by-the-way conversations Ramanujan spent all his life in India. In turns witty and dark, 7709158791that one might start with a rick- the US and naturally this playful and grave, his poems Hyderabadshaw-driver. But they contain informed his work. display a dazzling range of 04030560660kernels of insight that tend to In a poem like Chicago Zen, moods and emotions. They alsohaunt one. he tackled the diasporic experi- manage to be elegant and earthy For In other poems, the common- ence long before the word had at the same time. No reader ofplace becomes the mythic as in franchise achieved common currency sta- poetry can afford to miss out onSmalltown, South India where tus. the wealth contained in them.  inquiries contact:the poet returns from "wide, open manager@ justbooks Advertise with us, contact (080)-6001-5285 or editor@justbooksclc.com clc.com