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The Importance of Being Storytellers


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Whether antiques, a favourite book or a favourite pair of shoes, people assign additional value to items with stories. This presentation gives some ideas on how to add stories to the process of web development to better explain the value that we can add.

Originally, given as a lightning talk at NWDUG (North West Drupal User Group) on 6th November 2013.

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The Importance of Being Storytellers

  1. 1. The Importance of Being Storytellers Mark Jones @JustAnotherMark
  2. 2. Items Have Stories ● Our favourite things aren’t the most practical ● New items have potential stories
  3. 3. Physical World ● Violin itself unremarkable ● Value comes from the story ● Most obviously antiques
  4. 4. Oxfam Shelflife ● QR code on donated items ● Stories ● 52% sales increase in 1st Two Weeks
  5. 5. Ebooks & Downloads ● Perceived value in content ● Discrepancy in prices people will pay ● Physical product has story potential
  6. 6. Web Development ● No ‘product’ (or ‘content’) ● Provide platform for client ● Site works or it doesn’t
  7. 7. Site Stories ● Applies to previous work or for a pitch ● Intertwine your process into client story ● Describe how your process adds value ● Build trust with context
  8. 8. Developer Stories ● Explain: ○ Why you’re different ○ How you became different ○ How this project fits your growth
  9. 9. Tl;dr ● Facts are good ● Stories are also good ● Use both
  10. 10. References ● Digital Human Series 4 Episode 4 ○ ● BBC News ○ ● Oxfam Shelflife ○