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Just Add Ice Orchids is "getting to know" our phalaenopsis orchid customers by recently collecting data from over 2,000 participants in a consumer survey. A few notable data points - 78% of respondents answered that their Just Add Ice Orchid was their first experience owning an orchid - and 80% of respondents rated their own personal orchid care knowledge at a "Beginner" level. Just Add Ice Orchids not only strives to produce the highest-quality phalaenopsis orchids on the market, we are dedicated to helping our consumers care for their orchids through our website, blog, email watering reminders, newsletters and a robust presence in social media.

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Just Add Ice Orchids - Consumer Report

  1. 1. Orchid Industry Consumer Report January 2011JustAddIceOrchids.com
  2. 2. IntrOductIOn Just Add Ice phalaenopsis orchids are grown and supplied by Green Circle Growers, one of the largest greenhouse operations in the Midwest. The Just Add Ice Orchids brand is committed to introducing fresh new ideas to the market place while utilizing production methods that are efficient and environmentally conscious. www.justaddiceorchids.com www.facebook.com/justaddiceorchids www.twitter.com/justaddiceJustAddIceOrchids.com1
  3. 3. In a January 2011 survey of over 2200 respondents, our customers wereasked to evaluate their overall experience with Just Add Ice Orchids. As a growerwho provides orchids exclusively to retailers, we are committed to providing ourretailers with the tools, resources and market intelligence they need to make ourpartnership as successful and beneficial as possible. This report details thefindings of our most recent consumer survey and provides insight to whatthis valuable data means to the consumer-oriented orchid industry.JustAddIceOrchids.com 2
  4. 4. GEndEr & AGEThe Just Add Ice Orchids buyer’s profile is typically a 50-65 year old married woman with a high school diploma.The average number of people in the household is 2 and the majority of our customers own their place of residence. 88% Gender Female 88% Male 12% Age Group 12% 18-25 3% 26-35 7% 36-49 16% 50-65 47% 74% of our customers 66+ 27% are 55 years of age or older and rated “Gardening” as the top hobby they enjoy.JustAddIceOrchids.com3
  5. 5. HOuSEHOLd & EducAtIOnAs a middle-aged woman, our typical customer has a more nurturing personality and enjoys offering herstories, photos, poems and general orchid enthusiasm. She is not particularly technology-savvy but tends tobe a very loyal participant in our online communities, particularly Facebook. Rent or Own Home Married Own 87% Yes 70% Rent 13% No 30% Education Level Number in Household High School Diploma 43% 1 6% Associates Degree 20% 2 58% Bachelors Degree 23% 3 13% Masters Degree 10% 4 8% Doctorate Degree 2% 5 4% Medical Degree 1% 6 12% Juris Doctorate Degree <1% 7 <1%JustAddIceOrchids.com 4
  6. 6. BuYEr PrEFErEncES55% of Just Add Ice Orchids customers prefer a traditional or modern/contemporary design aesthetic.With 94% of our customers matching their orchid pot colors to their current house décor, we provide innovativeceramic and eco-friendly decorative pot options that follow the latest in fashionable home decor trends. Choosing Orchid Pot Color I prefer both 50% Match to current décor 44% Match season/ holiday 6% Preferred Design Aesthetic Traditional 35% Modern/ Contemporary 20% Country 15% Earthy/organic 14% Antiques Our Orchid Care videos have had 8% over 45,000 views on YouTube.JustAddIceOrchids.com5
  7. 7. BuYEr PrEFErEncES cont. Where do you Hobbies You Enjoy (select all that apply) display your orchid? Gardening 70% Living Room 40% Cooking 54% Dining Room 15% Crafts 44% Study 3% Music 42% Bedroom 4% Traveling 39% Kitchen 24% Shopping 32% Bath/Sunroom 6% Interior Decorating 27% Other 8% Entertaining 25% Collecting 20% Other 18% Athletics 14%JustAddIceOrchids.com 6
  8. 8. BuYEr PrEFErEncES cont.With international growing experience, our professional orchid growers are continuouslylooking for opportunities for plant improvement, providing our retailers with consistentgrowing standards. From seed to purchase, we stand behind the high-quality phalaenopsis orchidson the market with easy to understand instructions and a wide variety of flower colors choices. Color of Current Orchid Flower Color of orchid you would purchase next White 27% Doesn’t Matter 37% Pink 24% Purple 15% Purple 23% Bi-color 13% Bi-color 13% Salmon 10% Doesn’t Matter 8% Pink 9% Yellow 3% White 8% Salmon 2% Yellow 8%JustAddIceOrchids.com7
  9. 9. EXPErIEncE WItH JuSt Add IcE OrcHIdS80% of Just Add Ice Customers rate their own personal orchid care knowledge at a “Beginner” level and with 65%of customers responding that Care is the more important attribute of Just Add Ice Orchids that prompted their orchidpurchase. We understand that our simple watering instructions are an essential part of our orchid program. Rate the attributes that prompted your orchid purchase 1 Most Important 2 Important 3 Not Important Care 65% 31% 4% Website Support 23% 55% 22% Price 51% 45% 4% Flower Color 53% 37% 10% Packaging Color 13% 35% 52% Store Support 10% 27% 63%JustAddIceOrchids.com 8
  10. 10. EXPErIEncE WItH JuSt Add IcE OrcHIdS cont.Watering is one of the most important aspects to keeping our orchid plants flourishing and in bloom formonths. Orchid care has never been easier with Just Add Ice Orchids! For the watering of Just Add IceOrchids, our customers just need to add 3 ice cubes once a week - it’s that simple! Orchid Knowledge Level Rating Your Experience Beginner 80% Excellent! 52% Intermediate 19% Good 34% Advanced 1% No opinion 5% Not so good 7%JustAddIceOrchids.com9
  11. 11. Orchids Purchased in 12 months Was this your first orchid? 0 10% Yes 78% 1 32% No 22% 2 27% 3+ 31% Each week 90-100 people submit stories on the blog for our Orchid Giveaway Contests!JustAddIceOrchids.com 10
  12. 12. PurcHASInGJuSt Add IcE OrcHIdS cont.The most popular places our customers are purchasingJust Add Ice Orchids are grocery, home improvement andbig box stores, which meets their expectations for wherethey expect to buy their next orchid. 92% of our customerspurchase their orchid in a perfect or good condition. Where do you expect to Place of Purchase buy a Just Add Ice Orchid? Grocery Store 35% Grocery Store 30% Big Box store 25% Big Box Store 25% Home Improvement 24% Home Improvement 22% Wholesale 7% Wholesale 8% Other 6% Greenhouse 6% Greenhouse 1% Other 6% Florist <1% Florist 3% Drug Store <1% Drug Store <1% 3% 6% 6% 7% 6% 30% 35% 8% 24% 22% 25% 25%JustAddIceOrchids.com11
  13. 13. PurcHASInG JuSt Add IcE OrcHIdS cont.At 59%, more than half of our watering reminder subscribers purchase a Just Add Ice Orchid forthemselves. With 41% receiving an orchid as a gift, the most common gifting occasions for givingand receiving an orchid is for a birthday or holiday gift.Acquiring Our Orchids Occasion for Orchid Gift BirthdaysPurchased Birthday 29% 59% 29%Received as Gift 41% Holidays 23% Everyday Gift 20% Other 17% Gift to Yourself 7% House decoration 6% A GIFT PURCHASED 41% 59% Get Well 4% Congratulatory 2% Condolences 2% Wedding <1% 92% of customers purchased their orchid in good or perfect condition!JustAddIceOrchids.com 12
  14. 14. OnLInE OrcHId rESOurcESWith the majority of our customers in the 50-65 year old age range, it’s an interesting balance of expanding ouronline orchid care resources and orchid communities with having our resources available to our less than tech-saavycustomers. These responses support our experiences with Social Media – Facebook is far and wide our most popularsocial media tool for orchid care discussions, photo sharing, contest promotions, and overall community-building. Social Network Most Used Facebook 52% Online Resources Used Do Not Use 42% Watering Emails 49% YouTube 3% Website 39% None 25% LinkedIn 1% Facebook 20% Twitter <1% Forums/Blogs 9% Monthly Wallpaper 8% MySpace <1% Other 3% YouTube 2% Twitter 1% Means of Learning about Just Add Ice Orchids Store 73% Willing to participate Website 12% in a follow-up survey Other 8% Yes 1,811 (85%) Word of Mouth 4% No 314 (15%) Social Media 2% Newspaper <1%JustAddIceOrchids.com13
  15. 15. GrOWInG Our cOMMunItY • Orchid Care Resources • Expert Orchid Advice • FREE Orchid GiveawaysJustAddIceOrchids.com 14
  16. 16. 51051 US Hwy 20, Oberlin, Ohio 44074 Office: 440.775.1411JustAddIceOrchids.com