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Scarlet Digital Company Profile


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Published in: Marketing, Business
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Scarlet Digital Company Profile

  1. 1. Creative Digital Branding & Marketing
  2. 2. We know that creating a winning brand begins with finding the unique truths about you, we take time to delve into in that story and find the best possible way to vividly and honestly relate it first to ourselves, and then to your audience, our story grows around believability. Once we’ve created the brand in its entirety, all facets of your brand will grow organically from within it, creating a seamless and consistent brand experience. We are not just a branding strategy agency, we are an experiential brand agency based in Kenya but playing on the global platform. We build brands, create positioning and communication strategies and develop systems through which your brand and its message will be ab- sorbed into the market. We go beyond creating pretty pictures and create a strategy for your brand that will see it grow from one stage to another in a manner created specifi- cally for you by you. UNIQUEmakes the world go round.
  3. 3. In a world where everyone has everything to say about you and your brand, we have learnt that reputation management is an art learnt through experience and time.We have mastered that art. We create strategies that are memorable, sticky and have the power to catch attention and stay around for a while. PASSIONmakes the world go round. The internet is our playground. We have the time, the expertise and the passion. WHO WE ARE
  4. 4. WHAT WE DO Digital Brand Strategy What voice does your brand have online? Is it as vibrant as you would like it to be? Does it attract the target market you are seeking online? Does it rise above the competition? Is it great to look at, engaging, with a clearly defined plan created around the brand identity? Here we draw a brand strategy that will not only use your vision and mission, but engage creative campaigns that will push your brands visibility above your competition. We have learned that consumer interaction is what keeps brands alive and visible.Avoiding complacency among those interacting with your brand is key to any strategy.We will continually assess the effectiveness of your brand and adapt and create as necessary to ensure the supply of fresh content to your audience. App Development Does your brand talk to the I-phone carrying, Twitter savvy, Facebook loving generation? We create apps that speak to your audience, in the way they would like to.This is a futuristic generation, and we know how to engage. Public & Media Relations It is our experience that visibility is becoming more and more important than ability.You have a winning brand, but just how many people are talking about it? We know how to get your brand out there.We know people. Website Development We start right at the beginning, create interactive websites that allow your web visitors to engage with you in a personal and professional manner. We create social media handles for your brand and ensure they are visible on your website, we train your in-house team on social media marketing and engagement. Graphic Design Creating Brand communication that stands out first means understanding and merging with the brand on the deepest emotional levels.At Scarlet Digital, we believe that good pictures do not translate to meaningful conversations.Today’s consumer engages with brands at a deeper level than just visibility.We build brands communication that is consistent, creative, unique, yet true to the original value of your brand. Social Media Marketing Facebook, twitter, Instagram, you-tube among others are platforms that have allowed brands to come right into the faces of our audiences. We have mastered the art of social media conversations and create campaigns that cover the areas where your audience is. Consistent Online Conversation
  5. 5. OUR ESTEEMED CLIENTS visiting angels A n g e l i c N u r s i n g Safari Africa Tours and Travel
  6. 6. Hendred Avenue| Mbaazi Lane |Valley Arcade P.0 Box 4361-00200 CELL: +254 714596586 +254 0720051202 Email: Website: digital scarlet