Leveraging Open Data - an Underutilized Corporate Asset


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Leveraging Open Data - an Underutilized Corporate Asset

  1. 1. Jury Konga, PrincipaleGovFutures GroupMay 7, 2013. Hamilton, Ontario.Leveraging Open Data- an Underutilized Corporate Asset‘13
  2. 2. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMOverview• Open Data – defined with context• Current State – Open Data• Municipal Government Data - Underutilized• Future Directions – Context & Opportunities• Concluding thoughts2
  3. 3. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMDefining Open DataJury KongaOpen by Design TM“A piece of content or data is open to anyone is free to use,reuse, and redistribute it — subject only, at most, to therequirement to attribute and/or share-alike.”opendefinition.org/3Open Data is a foundational component for OpenGovernment and focuses on freely making public dataavailable in a usable format for all to re-use and add valuefor the benefit of citizens.
  4. 4. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMOpen Data- an updated “new reality”• No longer early inthe “new era” ofopen data• Momentumcontinues & manyhave 2014 plans• Collaborationbuilding – join in4
  5. 5. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMCurrent State Context- Part of Open GovJury KongaOpen by Design TM• Core components– Open Data isfoundational• “Open Hub”: C3• SupportingInfrastructure5CitizenEngagementCitizenEngagementCitizenEngagementCitizenEngagementCitizenEngagementCitizenEngagementCommunityEngagementOpen Hub: C3• Commons• Communication• CollaborationOpenInnovationOpenDataOpenKnowledgeOpenDecisionsOpenEconomicsSupporting Infrastructure• Data• Financial &Human Resources• Policy &Standards• TechnologyLeadership & GovernanceVersion 2 of 2010 Open Government Framework
  6. 6. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMCurrent State- A Global View … it’s pervasiveJury KongaOpen by Design TMOver 60 participating countriesOver 238 Open Data portals6
  7. 7. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMCurrent State- Participants at National LevelJury KongaOpen by Design TM 7
  8. 8. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMCurrent State- at the Provincial LevelJury KongaOpen by Design TM 8
  9. 9. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMCurrent State- the Ontario Municipal scene9
  10. 10. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMSome public facing views of Open Data10Hackathons/Codefests …. Building appsCitizen & Community Engagement – Unconferences, Govcamps, Changecamp,Citycamps … defining the issues, identifying opportunities to improveOpen Data portal & data catalogue
  11. 11. Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 11Open Data- the Apps Conte$t$In the beginning - DCGlobal in natureThemedCurrent contest underway …
  12. 12. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMMunicipal Data- Underutilized• We don’t even know we you have -> optimizethis HUGE corporate asset!• Silos still rule - myopic business systems focus;not enterprise view• Up the ante on accessibility – to staff & public• Data ROI – add/maintain value, use and re-use!12
  13. 13. Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 13“Issues of ecological destruction, personalhealth, inequitable distribution of wealth,the power of transnational corporations,and the effects of the global economy arenot independent problems.They are inextricably linked.”Dr. David SuzukiSource: Health and Wellbeing UKFuture Directions- Local to Global context
  14. 14. Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 14Future Directions- Our “Connected Planet”Source: Don Tapscott - 2013 talk, the Tapscott Group
  15. 15. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMFuture Directions- Corporate & GIS Opportunities• Corporate IM - Information & KnowledgeManagement• Business intelligence via GIS technologies andgeospatial data• Open Data for corporate and communitystakeholder benefits15
  16. 16. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMCorporate & GIS Opportunities- Corporate Info & Knowledge Management16KnowledgeInformationDataMunicipal Data Reference ModelVersion 1.0
  17. 17. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMCorporate & GIS Opportunities- Enhancing Business Intelligence17• Creating data relationships based on location• Leveraging external data – other levels of gov;adjoining municipalities; other data based onnatural boundaries (e.g. watersheds)• Applying GIS technologies to every businessunit operational needs
  18. 18. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMCorporate & GIS Opportunities- Open Data benefits Everyone18Academia,Non-Profits,CommunityGroupsOpenStreetMapCommunityUpdatesExternalDataLinkages(e.g. WorldBank)OpenData.CAProvincialMunicipalFederalPublic ServiceEvolved from Spatial DataInfrastructure model circa1994; URISA OC NewslExternal StakeholdersIntranetDeptADeptBDeptCDeptDInternal Stakeholders
  19. 19. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMCorporate & GIS Opportunities- Open Data benefits Everyone19Internal Stakeholders• Reduced efforts to addressdata requests• Enhanced access to internaldata• Enhanced communityengagement• Increased collaborationExternal Stakeholders• Enhanced access to data &information• Economic developmentopportunities• Enhanced service deliveryvia new apps• Increased transparency &accountabilityexamples
  20. 20. Jury KongaOpen by Design TM Open Data Matters October 30, 2012. 20Corporate & GIS Opportunities- Open Data Maturity Model1 Startup2 DataCatalog3 OpenDataPortal4EnterpriseOpen Data5 GlobalIntegrationFive Phases of Open DataEvolutionary withinInfo Management Best Practices
  21. 21. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMCorporate & GIS Opportunities- Cloud World21Data, Data, DataSaaS, IaaS, PaaS
  22. 22. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMCorporate & GIS Opportunities- Mobile World22www.govtech.com/What-is-the-Internet-of-Everything.html
  23. 23. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMConcluding thoughts …23• Champion data access & corporate information management• Plan for Open Data now – implement in near future• Be strategic & GISize the enterprise• Collaborate Now – optimize collective resources• Crowdsource & Co-create – with peers & community• Open Government & Intelligent Communities – the next wave
  24. 24. Urban & Regional Information Systems Association - OntarioMay 7, 2013. HamiltonExecutive Program“Leveraging Open Data- Underutilized Corporate Asset”May 11, 2013. KitchenerGO Open Data ConferenceOpen Data Futures Panel“Beyond Open Data”June 4, 2013. Torontoi-Canada ICF Summit“Open Data andm-Government”Municipal Information SystemsAssociation - OntarioJune 3, 2013. WaterlooMISA Annual Conference"Open Data & Open Government 2.0 –A new approach to MunicipalService Delivery"Upcoming Open Data Activities
  25. 25. Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 25Open Data … blah, blah, blahJury Konga, PrincipaleGovFutures GroupMay 11, 2013.University of WaterlooPharmacy BuildingBEYOND Open Data
  26. 26. Thank YouJury Konga, PrincipaleGovFutures Groupjkonga@sympatico.caTwitter @jkongaSkype jury.kongawww.slideshare.net/jurykonga