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How to Get Mobile Users on Your Email Marketing List


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Find out how to get mobile users signed up for your email marketing campaign or get guaranteed sign-ups directly by going to . This presentation was created by Jurevicious Studios.

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How to Get Mobile Users on Your Email Marketing List

  1. 1. How toGet Mobile UsersOn YourEmail Marketing List This PreZine was created by Jurevicious Studios, a content creation company specializing in the unique and intriguing.
  2. 2. The ProblemMany mobile-friendly sitelayouts hide thesidebars, which is where yournewsletter sign-up link hasmost likely been placed. Even if the page has been adapted to fit the narrow viewing screen of a smartphone, most visitors still only see your main Get more mobile users to your site by content because investing in a they zoom in to targeted traffic package from make the text readable.
  3. 3. Even if they loveyour site andappreciate yourcontent, don’texpect them tospend much timetrying to find a linkto subscribe.Most mobile usersare multi-taskingand not totallyfocused on yourcompany’s offers.Furthermore, allthis fingertip Make sure moretechnology has people notice yourconsiderably site by getting more traffic fromshortened their getwebsitetraffic.orgattention spans.
  4. 4. The Put the link right at theSolution bottom of your text, and then devote an entire page just to that sign- up. When visitors get to, they should be convinced as to why it is such a great idea to subscribe to your content. The page then becomes a call to action that is easy to see and Send thousands of impossible to ignore. visitors to your subscribe page with traffic from
  5. 5. Next, make sure to put that same subscribe linkon every page of your site, with all of themcentered and at the top, middle, or bottom of yourcontent. That way, no matter where you impressyour visitors, there is a call to action to take themto your subscribe pageto get themsigned up.This fixwill onlytake acouple ofminutesto add toyour site, Get guaranteed sign-but it will bring you an increase ups for your emailin sign-ups for your email marketing campaign from getwebsitetraffic.orgcampaign right away.You’ll be pleasantly surprised how muchadditional traffic and increased revenue addingmobile users can bring.
  6. 6. Still Need More Sign-Ups? This PreZine was created byTo get even more mobile Jurevicious Studios,users signed up for your a contentemail marketing campaign or creation companyto get more traffic to your specializing insubscribe page, check out the unique and intriguing.