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Don't Just Post It ; Stream Your Video with Social Media


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Posting you video isn't enough anymore. With easy-to-use social media tools, now you can stream your videos live and get more fans and traffic in the process.

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Don't Just Post It ; Stream Your Video with Social Media

  1. 1. This PreZine is brought to you by Jurevicious Studios, a Don’t Just Post It content creation companyStream Your Video with Social Media specializing in the unique and intriguing.
  2. 2. Video Sharing PopularityLet’s face it; everybodyand their grandmotherwatches, Likes, Shares,and even posts videos.This is the reason forYouTube’s popularity, andwhy other social mediasites are getting on boardwith their own videotools.So far though, not Get your videomany are streaming more views, shares,their videos live yet. and likes at MyFBFans.comThose who are thoughhave found it to be a greatstrategy for increasing fansand getting site traffic.
  3. 3. Professional Assembly Not RequiredMany businesses have chosen to stay away fromstreaming their videos live, because they lack aprofessional video production department andcan’t afford to hire one. This kind of set up is notreally required though. Most video streamers are using the tools they already have, like their onboard webcam and microphone. If you don’t like the quality of these videos, an HD Camcorder partnered with a few bright lights No matter the quality of your can take your webinar to the next videos, MyFBF level. can send you views so you Even better, there are plenty of can get fans. freelance producers online or in your area who can take your video from amateur to professional.
  4. 4. You’re On!Even with the right equipment,you need to be sure you havesomething to say. Otherwise,why would anyone watch it?As a business owner, you’realready an expert in yourindustry, so take advantage ofthat by being your own talent.Share your story, methods, andwhatever advice you cangive, and you should have noproblem gaining a following.If you’re camera shy, invite an Start your webexpert panel for a Q&A session series off right with a seriousor an exciting discussion about following ofindustry innovations. fans from
  5. 5. Where to StreamOnce you realize you have the expertise and equipment to stream, the next step is choosing where. Thanks to new social media technology, you don’t have to choose just one. There are many easy and popular places to stream your video. can make sure you have plenty of fans and followers no matter which social network you use.
  6. 6. YouTube FacebookAs a YouTube Partner, you can Stream video from your fanstream video live through page with apps likeHangouts on Air at Google+. Vpype, LiveStream, and Ustream.Google PlusIf you’re a Google Plus Twittermember, you can stream Even Twitter allowsvideo directly from Hangouts your followers to seeon Air or through your streaming video on your feedYouTube Partner channel. with an amazingly simple tool called TwitCam. Send thousands of targeted fans straight to your live event by talking to the experts at
  7. 7. Practice, Promote, and Start Streaming!With social media as your center for streaming, all that’s leftis practicing your presentation, promoting it to your fans, andgetting your streaming schedule started. Get more fans, more followers, mor e views, and ultimately, mor e money by investing in a fan package at