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This free Social Media Strategy Course will show you in 12 parts how to create an engaging and effective Social Media Strategy to grow your company's influence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Learn step by step how to develop an effective strategy, how to attract Fans and Followers, create compelling content and prepare for your company to become a Social Enterprise.

If you follow along with our course, you will have a viable Social Media Strategy that you can implement and that will help you get more fans and followers, achieve more engagement, shares and like, generate leads and ultimately, grow your business.

Please share and invite your friends, business partners and employees to follow along with this free Social Media Strategy course.

Let us know, if you have additional questions or comments. We'd love to hear from you and will do our best to answer your questions and respond to your comments.

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Free Social Media Strategy Course

  1. 1. jupit Maria Haase Free Social Media Strategy Course 12 Steps to succes Let me tell you a quick story about what I’ve learned about Social Media in the past couple of years… When I talk to business owners and Marketing Managers, they all agree with me that they need to be on Social Media and most of them already have a company prof ile f or their business, just like you. Some of them are happy with their impact on Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media platf orms. Some of them tell me that Social Media is a waste of time. But when I ask, what their Social Media Strategy is, I usually get a blank stare f ollowed by an uncomf ortable silence. And here is the problem: Having a Social Media Strategy is essential to making your Social Media ef f orts worthwhile. I honestly believe that if you don’t have a strategy in place, don’t waste your time with Social Media. If you think about it: Would you go on a hike without a map? Would you build a new f actory without f low charts, f inancial projections, goal plans, and, most importantly a budget allocated to this project? Wouldn’t you agree that you probably do more harm than good if you were to undertake a business venture like that without proper planing? The biggest misconception about Social Media is, that most people think it is a free form of advertisement. Social Media is one of the most ef f ective Marketing methods and can give you a lot of exposure, brand awareness and buzz f or a comparatively low budget. However, you still need to invest in a person that knows or can learn how to use Social Media ef f ectively and also spend money on content development, so you have images, texts and videos to share. And then, as I said bef ore, you need to have a strategy. If you want to take your company’s Social Media ef f orts to the next level, you need to start thinking about how to come up with a Social Media Strategy. But where do you begin? Right here! We have developed a free 12 step Social Media Strategy Course that you can f ollow along to create your custom Social Media Strategy, tailored f or your business and industry. In this Free Social Media Strategy Course, we will give you a detailed road map how to create a Social Media Marketing Strategy that will engage your customers, extend your brand awareness and reach, provide stellar customer service and amplif y your ef f orts in almost all departments of your business. So the best thing f or you to do is to sign up right now and join our mailing list, so you don’t miss any part of this Social Media Strategy Course. Oh, did we mention that this course is absolutely free f or you? Just sign up below and receive an email every time we publish a new part of the course. Here is what is waiting for you in our Free Social Media Strategy Course:
  2. 2. Free Social Media Strategy Course Part 1: Status Quo and Setting Goals Free Social Media Strategy Course Part 2: Where is my Target Market? Free Social Media Strategy Course Part 3: Social Media Editorial Calender Free Social Media Strategy Course Part 4: Blog Editorial Calender Free Social Media Strategy Course Part 5: How to build a solid f ollower base Free Social Media Strategy Course Part 6: Consistency and Coherency Free Social Media Strategy Course Part 7: How to Engage your Audience Free Social Media Strategy Course Part 8: Customer Service through Social Media Free Social Media Strategy Course Part 9: Social Media Crisis Management Free Social Media Strategy Course Part 10: Measuring and Monitoring Social Media Free Social Media Strategy Course Part 11: Testing and evaluating your Social Media Strategy Free Social Media Strategy Course Part 12: Adjust your Social Media Strategy Image Source: Teegardin & Senior Living You may also like: Characteristics of a Good Business Blogger | Jupiter Labs... Social Media Campaigns - Jupiter Labs - SMM - San Antonio... Best Keyword Tool and Optimization Tips f or Blogs Social Media Services | Jupiter Labs | Social Media Strat...