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Blogging for business is still one of the most effective Social Media methods. It can be seen as a foundation for all the other Social Media Networks, channels and platforms. If your company has a business blog, you have several benefits:

Fresh content (Google loves websites that are updated frequently)
Content, Content, Content (create your own content and use it for cross promotion on other Social Media Networks)
Customer Service (Show your customers new and useful applications of your product, answer FAQs, provide case studies and white papers)
Establish yourself as an expert (provide the most insights, clever analysis and useful tips and you’ll establish yourself as an expert in no time)
Traffic, Traffic, Traffic (blogs are so useful for Search Engine Optimization purposes and will give your Website better chances to rank well on Search Engines)

Are you looking for more information on the benefits of Blogging for business and a detailed Step by Step action plan how to set up a business blog?

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  • Detailed Presentation on why your company should have a business blog and how to manage your business blog successfully. If you are thinking about starting to blog for your business, you will learn the fundamentals about Blogging for Business as well as helpful tips and tricks that will make your business blog a success.

    Blogging for Business 101 Agenda:

    - Why should your company have a business blog?
    - Content Curation: What should you blog about?
    - Keywords are important! How to do Keyword Research
    - Back Links
    - Promotion and Marketing
    - Engage Customers and Fans
    - Dos & Don’ts
    - Company Blog Action Plan
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Blogging forbusiness 101

  1. 1. Blogging for Business 101 Why blogging is a must for business and how to set up a business blog that rocks! by Maria Haase, MBA Senior Social Media Strategist at Jupiter Labs
  2. 2. Agenda - Why should your company have a business blog? - Content Curation: What should you blog about? - Keywords are important! How to do Keyword Research - Back Links - Promotion and Marketing - Engage Customers and Fans - Dos & Don’ts - Company Blog Action Plan
  3. 3. Why your company should have a business blog! - 67% more leads/month for companies that blog regularly - More visibility for your company - Creates a trust relationship with audience - Essential for Social Media Network cross-promotion - Creates a community and encourages audience to connect with your company - Adds new content to your website (SEO)
  4. 4. What should your company blog about? - Industry information - Company news & FAQs - Good Causes, Social Action & Involvement - Relevant Information for your customers - New products/services - Awards/achievements - Tutorials/Whitepapers - Promotions/Contests - How To Articles
  5. 5. Keywords - Learn how to optimize your blog posts for keywords! (Here is a Keyword Tutorial) - Use “long-tail keyword phrases” not just one word (for example: “cheap shopping in London” rather than “London”) - Use keyword tools such as Google Keyword Tool for Keyword suggestions - Don't overstuff your text with keywords. Remember, you are writing for people first, then Search Engines!
  6. 6. Links and Back Links - Interlink related blog posts - Link to outside sources (but let it open in a new window!) - Provide great content to generate back links - Write guest blog posts on related blogs - Write articles for article submission - Ping other blogs, when you link to them
  7. 7. Blog Promotion & Marketing - Use Social Media Sites to promote your blog - Write guest blog posts - Mention your company blog in newsletters - Include the url in your email signature, website, traditional Marketing material - Write a press release about your new company blog
  8. 8. Engage Your Audience - Create compelling content that engages readers to leave comments - Ask for it! Don’t be too shy to ask for feedback and include a call of action to invite readers to engage - When you reach critical mass, create contests to make your readers contribute to your platform - Respond to comments - Controversial content can create a buzz, but could also hurt your reputation!
  9. 9. Engage your Audience - Write with your Target Market in mind - What problems do they have and how can your product/service help them? - Showcase others, for example make a case study with one of your clients (ask permission) - Don't include everything in your article and let your readers fill in the blanks “Content is King, but Engagement is Queen and she rules the house!” Mari Smith
  10. 10. Dos and Don'ts Dos in Business Blogging - Provide relevant information - Be recognizable - Produce quality content - Be interesting - Segment and target your audience - Be responsive and accept feedback - Use a self-hosted blog Don'ts in Business Blogging - Pushy selling - Over promoting - Censoring (it's ok to set up general rules for commenting) - Go for scale not quality - Spamming - Be dishonest
  11. 11. Business Blog Action Plan - Buy Domain name or integrate it on your website - Choose template that corresponds with your website design (does not have to be the same, but should match) - Set up the company blog - Create compelling content - Put the blog live as soon as possible, so search engines can index it - Publish an excessive amount of posts daily until you reach about 30 posts
  12. 12. Business Blog Action Plan - Promote your business blog through other Social Media tools, like a Facebook page, Google+ or Twitter! - Link building to drive traffic to website - Engage supporters (contests, applications, promotions) - Update content regularly and stick to a schedule - Respond to questions and feedback - Read more onHow to create a Business blog Step by Step
  13. 13. Any Questions? If you have any questions about blogging for business, feel free to contact us through any of these channels: Facebook Google+ We'd love to hear Twitter Pinterest from you! Mail LinkedIn Oh an of course, please refer to our blog for more Social Media Tips and Tricks! If you like our presentation, please share it with your network and friends on Facebook or Twitter!