Jupiter Eclipse Training Jet


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Jupiter Eclipse Training Jet

  1. 1. JET (Jupiter Eclipse Training) C rp ra Tra o o te ining Te mBuild , a ing & Eve Ma g m nt So nt na e e lutions To be and to be recognized as the Best Corporate Training & Team Building solution in the Middle East
  2. 2. W W Are ho e Our Purpose To provide corporations, communities and individuals with the highest value of service in training, team building and effective, engaging & empowering solutions to enable companies/partners to achieve their objectives Our Values Respect - Teamwork - Innovation - Leadership Unity – Community - Integrity - Trust - Passion Our Promise We strongly believe in supporting our community and haveJET Corporate Training, Team corporate social responsibility. a strong sense of building & Event Management Solutions
  3. 3. Our Value Added Services Sum ary m W offer three m Categories of Services: e ain 1. Trainings 3. Team Building Activities 5. Corporate Event Management JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions
  4. 4. 1- Trainings • Executive & Corporate Coaching • Team Diagnostic Assessment • Bringing company’s values to life • Putting the Beats into Business - Corporate Drumming • Rhythm based training activities • Communication Skills • Leadership Trainings • Improved communications workshops • Enhanced Creativity & Logical Thinking • Effective Brainstorming • Safety Trainings (First Aid, Safe Driving & Home/workplace Safety) • International Best Sellers trainings (7 Habits, who moved my cheese…etc) • FMCG related training – geared towards marketing & sales • Other Trainings Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions JET Corporate according to Company’s needs
  5. 5. 1- Trainings Example BRINGING COMPANY’S VALUES TO LIFE A day of rhythmic, creative, group fun and amazing teamwork activities using cutting edge organizational relationship systems work, corporate coaching, group process dynamics, rhythm work, group drumming and experiential learning. Especially designed to enhance:  Team togetherness  Team spirit  Increase communication skills  Encourage creative thinking  Promote cooperation versus competition  Build JET Corporate Training, unified communication around the behaviors and Team building & Event Management Solutions
  6. 6. 2- Team Building W Team Building ? hy “A boat doesn’t go forward if each is rowing in different directions”
  7. 7. 2- Team Building Activities • Both in-door and outdoor range of activities to deliver key messages and also address certain opportunity areas such as: – Collaboration & Teamwork – Team Communication – Managing Change – Harmony and Team Rhythm – Ice Breakers • Teambuilding Activities range from 1 hour sessions to a full day activity. Sometimes, two full days. • We are committed to delivering the objectives or messages through a variety of specialized and effective games JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions
  8. 8. 2- Team Building Activities • Team Drumming (in-door/outdoor) • Corporate Olympics Competition (outdoor competition) • Creating a Play (one day event for creating all elements and executing & filming a play) • Treasure hunts (many themes to chose from) • Ice Breakers & energizers • The Big Picture (Creative Art) • Games Show (Team Quizzes and Puzzles) • Movie of the year or Toscars (Team Oscar Performances) • Building a Tower • Tailor-made programs according to clients’ needs JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions
  9. 9. Co rpo rate Drumming Benefits Of Group Drumming  Energize your staff  Bond your team with fun and laughter  Inspire your team to innovate and rise to a new challenge  Improve your team's spirit and performance  Release stress Benefits of drumming to your business           StrongerTeam Bonds  Improved Communication and Trust  Greater Morale  Increased workplace satisfaction JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions
  10. 10. Corporate Drum ing m There’s nothing quite like a group drumming experience to unify teams, energize groups and bring people together. It’s a dynamic, powerful and unique experience that has been around since the dawn of time — it worked then and it works now! The great thing is that group drumming transcends all boundaries. Suddenly it doesn't matter anymore who you are, where you come from, or what you do for a living - everyone communicates through the language of rhythm. Anyone can take part, everyone becomes equal and it quickly becomes apparent that what you can achieve together is far greater than what you can do alone. It is an interactive, magical, musical, group experience that people never forget, and talk about for months to come! JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions
  11. 11. Corporate Drum ing m • Rhythmic team-work • Morale booster • Collaboration & Teamwork (through experiential learning) • Motivational • Best to elevate energy level after Lunch
  12. 12. Treasure Hunt • One of the following subjects as the “treasure”: – Solving a crime – Company’s Values or Strategies hunt – Puzzles and IQ Quizzes Challenge – Break the code (espionage) – Scavenger Hunt filming challenge • Promotes communication, collaboration & Team-Work • Challenging yet FUN JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions
  13. 13. Treasure hunt: Solving a Crime • During the early morning briefing your guests will be introduced to our character, a tycoon. Our tycoon will then brief over his recently received death threats to all the participants. • As your group are getting ready for departure, our tycoon dramatically re-enters the room and then suddenly collapses and dies right in front of everyone! Enter your host for the evening – Secret Agent – Basil BOND. Basil BOND and his secret agents are going to need the help of your guests to solve this cold blooded murder! • Basil Bond and party will then hand out the clues for your guests to solve the murder mystery. Clues will lead participants to various destinations.Eventorder to get the next JET Corporate Training, Team building & In Management Solutions
  14. 14. Treasure hunt: Values and Strategies Hunt • Needs 2 weeks preparation • After JET getting a brief on the company’s values and/or strategies • Questions, riddles and challenges will be prepared for different teams to reach to the “treasure”, which will be the company’s yearly vision or target • Leverages on communication, collaboration and teamwork JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions
  15. 15. Treasure hunt: Puzzles and IQ quizzes challenge • Less outdoor needed • Teams formed and split to solve questions • Very Challenging • Uses diversified skills of the team to solve the challenges • Relies on Problem solving, math, IQ and logical skills JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions
  16. 16. Treasure hunt: Break the code (espionage) • In our Break The Code teams are thrown head first into the world of espionage and covert activities! The government needs your help to recover information which has been stolen by a rival international agency. It's a race against time to crack codes, complete missions and save the World! • This is a highly interactive event where literally the action never stops. Teams must perform tasks such as meeting undercover agents, taking surveillance photographs and completing special missions against the clock (fun based missions) • Only after completing their tasks and answering questions to the clues given a Training, Team building & Event questions will be JET Corporate new set of clues with Management Solutions
  17. 17. Treasure hunt: Scavenger hunt filming • Needs cameras • List of things for the teams to do with values for each item (see sample ideas below). – The whole team singing a song while in a restaurant ( 100 points ) – Someone washing the window of a car of someone they don't know (ask first!) - 50 points • Divide the group into teams and give each team a video or a camera, tape, list, and a time to return. • Each team can use only five minutes of tape and must try to get as many different things in the time frame set as possible. • After the time limit the group must return (deduct points for each minute they are late) and hand over the videotape. JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions • Allow time to watch each tape, and tally points as you watch the
  18. 18. Movie of the year Activity Section 1: The Filming Indoors and outdoors depending on the team's choice. • During the first part of this format, teams of participants must use video cameras, props, and make up to create the box office smash of year! • The teams will have a set time period to create a 10 minute feature on a pre-decided topic. This could be a remake of a classic film or something more in tune with your team's current business objectives • Teams are the ones who must decide who will be the actors, the make up artist or the director. Section 2: The Academy Awards • Using a stage, set and a projected screen we will showcase all of the movies throughout dinner much to the hilarity of everyone involved! • Judges we will choose the best performance in the various fields; such as JET Corporate and Best Director. & Event Management Solutions Best Actor Training, Team building
  19. 19. Gam Show e • Company divided into different teams • Each group would be assigned to brainiac quizzes & puzzles • After the given time, participants will join each other on a podium. One person elected from each team to become the spokesman. • Facilitator would then start the quiz show, participants will be asked questions related to IQ, Problem solving, Math, Logic. • The teams will generate a sense of collaboration towards each other. Work as a team to achieve together. Leave them something to talk about JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions
  20. 20. Tailo r Made Ac tivitie s  Just tell us your objective and we will find a creative and fun way to deliver it leveraging on team building and experiential learning, combined with rhythm work  Customized programs – designed in partnership with your objectives in mind. JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions
  21. 21. We Will He lp Yo u  Encourage Creativity  Provide a Collective Talking Point  Communicate Key Messages  Develop Personal Presence In a Group  Enhance communication Skills  Strengthen collaboration  Build your teams  Boost Energy  Bring core values to life  Deliver an unforgettable day JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions
  22. 22. 3- Corporate Event Management We w m ill anage your event whether it is one or m of the follow ore ing: 2. Training day / Team building day 3. Launch M eetings 4. M onthly Meetings 5. Quarterly m eetings 6. Year End M eetings (w have deals in m e any resorts and 5 Star hotels) We w provide a place as per the next slides as exam ill ple We Can design a Theme We Can Produce Branding Material We Can provide transportation We Can carry out the weight of any logistics hassle to your company We Will use our deals and w add value ill JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions
  23. 23. Partner Venues we can provide JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions
  24. 24. Partner Venues we can provide “Think Tank” JET Corporate Training, Team building & Event Management Solutions
  25. 25. Our Curriculum Vitae Many forward thinking companies use JET as part of their team building and/or training programs, including:
  26. 26. TESTiMONIALS “Just wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the wonderful work you and your team performed for us” – The Braun Procter & Gamble “No one can deny how the Drums flared up the Party into lively and bubbly headed by Julie-ann from the 'Dubai Drums Team’. Every one had a chance to play which spirited the entire crowd and kept the event alive, everybody enjoyed playing, as well as the kids who danced and grooved to the beat of the drums… Excellent! Thank you!” - Hilti “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support, and your professional skills that you have contributed for the success of Oracle Annual Sales Kick Off Dinner last Wednesday June 15th 2005. Our guests have really enjoyed their time :) It was amazing!!!!”Carole Ghorayeb. Executive Assistant to the Vice President Oracle Systems Ltd. JET Team Building and Event Management
  27. 27. Contact Details Tamer Fahim Basil Khattab GM/OWNER Managing Partner JET JET Phone: 01-1836-1836 Phone: 012 7460 778 tamer@jupitereclipse.com basil@jupitereclipse.com Please visit our website for more information www.jupitereclipse.com We guarantee a memorable and entertaining event!