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Review - Cooking with rice husk-ETHOS 2011


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By Marc Pare.
Marc is working with Enerteam in Vietnam on rice husk gasifier for both domestic and medium scale.

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Review - Cooking with rice husk-ETHOS 2011

  1. 1. Cooking with Rice Hulls: APrimer on Current Technology, Projects, and Challenges Marc Pare, 2011
  2. 2. What about usability?
  3. 3. Rice Hull as FuelLow energy densityHigh ash content (20% volume left over) <5% for woodSmall particle size
  4. 4. Lò Trấu(direct combustion)BelonioGasifier(gasification)
  5. 5. Lò Trấu: Breakdown● Available since at least the 1950s● Common around Vietnam● Features: ● Hands off operation ● Continuous ● Inexpensive
  6. 6. Drawbacks● Still smokey, even with chimney (unless you tend constantly)● Start up is slow● Pot size choices limited
  7. 7. Portable Variation● Mayon Turbo, Quasi-gasifier, …● Same principle of direct combustion
  8. 8. Requires constant, skilled tending
  9. 9. Belonio Gasifier
  10. 10. Belonio Gasifier: Breakdown● By Dr. Alexis Belonio in the Phillipines● TLUD with Fan● Blue flame (sexy)● Emissions like a gas stove● Great thermal performance● Lights up almost instantly● Nice turn-down with fan● Wonderful handbook. “Rice husk gas stove handbook”
  11. 11. Brother Kent Good in Cambodia
  12. 12. Belonio Gasifier: Drawbacks● Loading and unloading is inconvenient● Wind puts flame out easily● Disastrous failure mode if left on● RESULT: 10% adoption rate (Vietnam National University, 200 stove study)
  13. 13. Remote Burner● One possible solution: downdraft operation, burn gas in separate burner ● Allows continuous operation
  14. 14. Remote Burner● BUT ● Lighting now not as easy ● Persnickety burners ● Tar collection in pipes (cooking gasifiers are run largely in the pyrolysis mode, not gasification. 90 SGR* vs. 140 SGR for gasification) *SGR: Specific Gasification Rate [kg / hr-m^2]
  15. 15. Rice husk cook stoves: Manydesigns are technically possible,but no product exists thatbalances technical feasibility withuser needs at a large scale.