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DSAG Tech Days 2018 - DevOps in SAP ABAP Landscapes


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DevOps has become a widespread movement in the world of IT and has shown that agility and quality are not mutually exclusive. However, the world of SAP ABAP has so far successfully resisted and DevOps is more a buzzword than actual practices which are used to deliver value to the customer.

Since July 2017 a team of DSAG* members has been working to define the meaning of DevOps for SAP ABAP system, what are the reasons why ABAP is still considered a “special snowflake” and how concepts like continuous integration and delivery could be adapted.

This presentation highlights the main topics of discussion and is explicitly marked as work in progress, but will hopefully bring others to join the discussion and prove the concepts in the real world.

*The DSAG is a group of over 3000 companies which represent a big portion of the german speaking part of SAP customers. They all work together to shape the SAP portfolio to the actual need of SAP customers, inform about new SAP technologies/services and offer a community to discuss and learn from each other.

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DSAG Tech Days 2018 - DevOps in SAP ABAP Landscapes

  1. 1. Sascha Junkert Festo AG & Co. KG Last updated: 23.07.2018 DevOps in SAP ABAP Landscapes
  2. 2. Agenda 1. DevOps? Motivation & Definition 2. Development in ABAP & NonABAP Landscapes 3. Success Factors for DevOps 4. What‘s happing @ SAP? 5. Summary ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 2
  3. 3. • Started in July 2017 by Markus Theilen (EWE) and Sascha Junkert (Festo) • What is DevOps? Why is it such a rarity in the abap community? How can we leverage the existing methods and practices? • Focus on knowledge exchange between SAP customers • Collaboration with SAP product mgmt • Seven meetings since August 2017 in Walldorf, Germany • Around 25 active members DSAG: DevOps Working Group ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 3
  4. 4. DevOps? ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 4 DevOps… “Getting rid of Operations” “Another buzzword for build and deployment automation” “A team that moderates between Dev and Ops” “Isn’t that just a new word for ‘agile’?” “It’s a mindset thing” “Does DevOps manage business or technology problems?” “Does DevOps ‘solve’ ITIL?” “Full-Stack DevOps Engineers” “Infrastructure Automation – CHEF, Puppet, Saltstack, …” “Two-Pizza Teams”
  5. 5. DevOps Motivation: Business Agility ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 5 Image Source: How can we accelerate the time to market of new features, without compromising quality?
  6. 6. DevOps Motivation: #NoSilos ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 6 #SiloThinking Development Operations Change Stability <code>
  7. 7. DevOps Motivation: Quality ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 7 Source:
  8. 8. DevOps Motivation: Quality ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 8 Source: State of DevOps Report 2017
  9. 9. The Core Values Of DevOps (CAMS Framework) ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 9 DevOps Culture Automation Infrastructure Continuous Integration & Delivery Test ManagementMeasurement Sharing Continuous Integration & Delivery Infrastructure Provisioning Test Management Source: +
  10. 10. “DevOps is a culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other information-technology professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. It aims at establishing a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software, can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.” Wikipedia DevOps Definition ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 10
  11. 11. Classic ABAP Development ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 11 DEV QAS PROD SE80 Eclipse ADT SE80 Sandbox Project DEV System Source Code Repository Build Environment Artefact Repository Runtime environment ↯ ↯ CTS CTS
  12. 12. Development in NonABAP Landscapes (e.g. SCP) ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 12 Source:
  13. 13. ABAP Development with abapGit (1) ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 13 DEV QAS PROD Source: Git Repository Push Change & Push SE80 Eclipse ADT SE80 CTS CTS master abapGit • Code versioning and backup Enabler for code reviews • Enabler for experiments und rollbacks • No replacement of CTS • Open Source Projects:
  14. 14. ABAP Development with abapGit(2) ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 14 DEV QAS PROD Source: Git Rep. Local DEV System Local DEV System Local DEV System Pull Push Pull Feature Branch 2 CTS CTS Master Local Dev Systems • Parallel development and experiments • abapGit as central source code repository • Continuous integration required (syncing) • Increased maintenance effort and costs (↯)
  15. 15. Continuous Integration ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 15 Source:
  16. 16. 5 Systems with Release & Maintenance Track 5- vs 4-System Landscapes 4 Systems with Feature Toggles ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 16 DEV1 QAS PRODDEV2 TEST DEV PRODQASTEST
  17. 17. Success Factor: Feature Toggles ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 17 Open Source: Quelle: EWE AG / BTC AG
  18. 18. Success Factor: Test Management ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 18 Testing starts with requirements Business Process Mgmt. Automated Regression testing
  19. 19. Success Factor: Change Mgmt. ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 19 #NoSilos Agile Mindset TDD / Shift Left OOP, UI5, S/4, … RED GREEN REFACTOR ABAP
  20. 20. Success Factor: Shared Responsibility Dev/Ops ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 20 Quelle: EWE AG / BTC AG
  21. 21. What’s new @ SAP? ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 21 Focused Build 2.0 Jenkins for ABAP concept Git @ SAP Cloud Platform Feature 1 Feature 2 ABAP Feature Toggles Feature 3 Feature 4
  22. 22. Summary ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 22 DevOps and targets need to be clearly defined ABAP development must evolve (CI/CD) Automated testing is a requirement for fast release cycles (Organizational) change mgmt. is the critical success factor 1 2 3 4
  23. 23. DevOps for ABAP Capability Map ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 23 IDE (Eclipse ADT, SE80) Source Code Repository (abapGIT) Continuous Integration Agile & TDD Mindset Static Code Checks (ATC, Code Inspector) Feature Toggles Development Continuous Delivery Configuration Management System Provisioning (LaMa, Container) Capacity Mgmt. Dashboards Dev / Build Environment Provisioning Infrastructure Automation Change Impact Analysis (BPCA) Performance & Load Tests Functional Acceptance Tests Regression Tests Test Automation (CBTA, …) Code Review & Discussion Quality Development KPIs Application KPIs Monitoring Infrastructure & System Monitoring (Automated) Unit Tests (abapUnit) Transport Management Business Process Documentation CultureandChangeMgmt. ABAP Objects Development Guidelines “Requirement to Test” Process Infrastructure KPIs
  24. 24. Thank you! Questions? ©DSAG / Deutschsprachige SAP® Anwendergruppe e.V. 24 Contact: @SaschaJunkert