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My dream


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Trabalho do aba

Published in: Design, Technology, Spiritual
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My dream

  1. 1. Student: Francisco SátiroTeacher: Helenilma
  2. 2.  I travel to a new planet and i found a new wayto trasportation,i found the “jetpacks”.
  3. 3.  Three months in this planet and i don’t knowyour name. The people who live here are verystrange, They have three eyes and don’t speakenglish or portuguese..
  4. 4.  After four months in this planet i found onenew way of transportation, and this new waycan fly and moves to great velocity, i put yournames “Jetpacks”.
  5. 5.  In one year, i open one store of just Jetpacks, ihad a lot of money and i had some fans in theworld.
  6. 6.  After every events i wake up and i discover itwas all just a crazy dream.
  7. 7.  Thanks everybody!