Reconstruction and town planning of ishinomaki


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Reconstruction and town planning of ishinomaki

  1. 1. “Participatory design Day”Tohoku UniversityDepartment of Urban ConstructionJunichi,TOYOSHIMA/Tomohiro,KARIYA/Koya,UTSUMI/Tokiko,ONUKI
  2. 2. 0. Situation of damage of Ishinomaki1. Revival situation by administration2. Reconstruction by resident3. Future flow of reconstruction4. Problem insutitution
  3. 3. Ishinomaki Sendai TokyoOsaka Nagoya
  4. 4. Population 162,822Death 3,124Missing 2,770Evacuee 5,158All buildings 128,000Completely destroyed 44,000Inundation above and under 34,000floor level
  5. 5. 0 1km 5km
  6. 6. Central area Inundation area0 1km 5km
  7. 7. 2011/4/25 (45days after)All flooded city center. Out in front of the house has beenflooded furniture.
  8. 8. 2011/6/10 (91 days after)Issued front of the house furniture was removed. Manyshops are closed, or have been demolished.
  9. 9. beforeafter(6/10)
  10. 10. Up to eight months in this area can not build over. Inundation area 0 1km 5km
  11. 11. 2011/06/22Build 3,589 housesTemporary (64 area)house1~3 room (共同通信 , community Move into random
  12. 12. Educational zone disaster prevention shelter base industrial zone Residential zone Business zone 0 1km 5km park
  13. 13. Non-inhabitable area Plan A Building for evacuation Hospital,school,shelter houses Road Road Road (banking) (banking)Sea wall Plan B Hospital,school,shelter Non-inhabitable area Building for evacuation houses Road Road Sea wall (banking)Sea wall Protect home and school on the double banks from Tsunami
  14. 14. house Group transfer hill Work place Fishing Maintain escape route port Non-inhabitable areaTransfer the houses to the hill beyond Tsunami, to ensure thesafety and security
  15. 15. composite facility (home for oldCollective house and kindergarten)Ex)Mano-Hureai house (kobe) Ex)Nishihara kindergarten (kashiwa)• Establish a voluntary disaster prevention organizations• promote to live in central area
  16. 16.  Reconstruction Central area council (machinaka-hukko council) Community café (Machi café) ※any town planning council
  17. 17.  Organization image ResidentsTown depelopment company (shop keeper)(Machizukuri Manbo) observe support Experts Administrative staff (Tohoku Uni.Tokyo Inst. Of Technology, Architects,) To draw up a reconstruction plan by residents mainly
  18. 18. the experts the experts arrange arrange1st.Workshop 2nd.workshop 3rd.workshopgather demands Determine the order correctof the future of things to do Complete andShow the future of the city submit to Mayor
  19. 19. Basic policy1. Accept the water, takeadvantage of urban development2. Enjoy town life with walking around3. Produce industry in center area with relationship
  20. 20.  Organization image Staff(Owner) (Japan Institute Architects) talk ,chat and Machi café consult anythingResidents To provide a forum for people to share information.
  21. 21. Violin concert was held at opening ceremony. About 50 people came to ceremony. (JIA HPより
  22. 22. Any Town Any Town Reconstruction Planning Planning plan Council Council (school district) Approved Consensus Town buildingEarthquake Planning occurred Council Proposal, Project start statement consistent Reconstruction Reconstruction plan(city level) plan (district level) reflect Determination of urban plans
  23. 23. How do we convey information to people other than those inshelters and temporary housing?
  24. 24. How do we promote participation in government as well ascommunity participation ?
  25. 25. How do we resolve that no reconstruction plan included(ex. Income support, the disabled, and non-regular employees)