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How to get AWS student credit


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Let's find out how to get AWS student credit from Github pack.

Published in: Technology
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How to get AWS student credit

  1. 1. How to get AWS credits University of Stavanger Jungwon Seo
  2. 2. Important notices • Please use your student email for both GitHub and AWS. • Before you start to use AWS, please read the pricing policy.
  3. 3. Create AWS account with your “student email”
  4. 4. Create a new AWS account
  5. 5. keep going!
  6. 6. Select “Personal” radio button and keep going!
  7. 7. Don’t worry, they will not charge if you use it properly.
  8. 8. After this, they will call you.
  9. 9. Enter the number on the screen(yours!!!! not this) on your phone.
  10. 10. Good
  11. 11. Choose free one!
  12. 12. Sign in
  13. 13. Let’s check your AWS ID.
  14. 14. Okay here, stop. Remember this numeric account ID.
  15. 15. Go to the GitHub education website.
  16. 16. Use your GitHub to login.
  17. 17. Yes!!!
  18. 18. If you can’t choose your student email, you need to add it. If you can, then skip two slides.
  19. 19. Add your student email.
  20. 20. Verify it.
  21. 21. Now choose your student email.
  22. 22. You are welcome.
  23. 23. Check your pack(scroll down)
  24. 24. Request your unique link.
  25. 25. Get access using your unique link.
  26. 26. Student!
  27. 27. Fill in!
  28. 28. Okay, now we can fill in your AWS ID here.
  29. 29. Couple days later, you will get this email.
  30. 30. Go to credit page and fill in the promo code.
  31. 31. If your code works, you will see like below.