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Get free leads using Adwords without Paying A Penny to Google


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Learn a little known technique that allows you to use Adwords to generate free leads without ever paying Google for the clicks. This is not black-hat. It is all above board and Google actually allows it if you know how to implement it.

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Get free leads using Adwords without Paying A Penny to Google

  1. 1. 1 By June Collier SuccessfulReps.comThis report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  2. 2. Congratulations! FREE! You Now Own Giveaway Rights To This Report Greetings! By owning giveaway rights, you may freely distribute this report to 2 anyone you wish, or use it as incentive to build your mailing list. The choice is yours. The only restriction is that you cannot modify this document in any way without permission from the author. Enjoy!Hot Tip: If you would like to learn how to make this report your 24/7“Digital Viral Machine” then be sure to read page 14 for full details. This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  3. 3. About June Collier I know what it’s like living paycheck to paycheck. I served in the US Navy 3for ten years and there were several of times when I had to float a check andpray that it didn’t hit the bank until AFTER I got paid. I also understand what it’s like to earn a six figure income. Myknowledge, expertise and persistence allowed me to command a six figureincome in only four years after leaving the military in 1998.I am a motivational speaker and Personal Branding Coach. I enjoy guerillamarketing and love to share my newly discovered techniques with others. Mydesire is that you will become a better marketer and top income earner inyour business because of something I have taught you.I live in Lawrenceville, Georgia with my wife. Between the two of us, we havefour wonderful children. When not marketing, I enjoy bowling, going to themovies and reading.My goal is to help as many people as I can to become self sufficient bycreating their own economy using the Internet as their vehicle to financialindependence. Marketing and list building are my two areas of primary focusfor achieving this feat. This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  4. 4. Table of ContentsChapter 1: < give-away rights > Page 02Chapter 2: < about > Page 03Chapter 3: < introduction > Page 05Chapter 4: < go-giver > Page 06Chapter 5: < going beyond > Page 07Chapter 6: < the strategy > Page 08Chapter 7: < going viral > Page 14 4Chapter 8: < it gets better > Page 16Chapter 9: < make money > Page 19Conclusion: < the end > Page 23Resources: < links > Page 24 This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  5. 5. Introduction < values and core commitment > Hello, my name is June Collier and I am excited that you are holding thisshort report in your hands. As you may have read in my bio, I love marketingand list building. You will learn why as you read a little further in this report. Before we get into the strategy that I want to teach you, I want you tolearn a little bit about me when it comes to helping people through training. I am a big believer in a statement the late Zig Ziglar once said. He said, 5 “You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help other people get what they want.” I love that statement because it reflects what I have been taught all mylife. You see, Zig Ziglar was a Christian and he wasn’t ashamed to let peopleknow. So are I; and I live by the same principles that he often spoke of in hismessages. I am telling you this because I want you to know that whatever I do, I putmy best effort in making sure I deliver the best product that I can… even if it’sa free product like the report that you are holding in your hands right now.I will NEVER deliver garbage to you. It is my desire that even with the things Igive away; you would have gladly paid for them because they were just thatgood.If I cannot deliver true value to you, I will not deliver anything at all.Now that you understand my values, let’s talk about how you will gain fromthe instruction that I will provide, as well as benefit from passing this reportto others with whom you are connected to. This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  6. 6. Go-Giver < giving more than expected > I live by a code where I believe every person should give more than theytake. If we all shared this belief we would live in a world of abundance.Unfortunately, we live in a world that operates opposite to that belief. Even with that being said, I choose to give more than I receive andbecause I do, I experience abundance in my life. If you have never read thebook, The Go-Giver, I recommend you pick it up. Oddly enough, this book was given to me as a gift by another marketer. Ithas become one of my most prized books in my enormous book collection. The 6principles of giving more than you take is made clear as you read variousexamples of the benefits of this philosophy throughout the book. It is my goal in this report to provide you with value as you are educatedon a marketing strategy that can help you build and grow your list. However, I desire to do more than just provide you with training. My goal is to over deliver! You will find the information and training in this report to be of highvalue and you will also enjoy the fact that I have also created a way whichallows you to share and give this report away to others while at the same timebeing personally rewarded for sharing. As owner of the give-away rights to this report, you can share this withwhomever you like. I recommend using it as an incentive to build your list.Create a squeeze page, allow people to opt in and as a gift… give them thisreport as your way of saying thank you for subscribing to your list. This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  7. 7. Going Beyond < giving until it hurts so good > I do not believe you should give everything away for free. In fact, Ibelieve you should charge for most of the things you deliver. However, youshould bend over backwards in giving value no matter what you deliver... evenif it is FREE! I call this concept, giving until it “hurts so good”. If you want to setyourself apart and have raving fans who will buy your product just because ithas your name on it, you MUST give until it “hurts so good”. This is the art of having so much value that the price of your 7 product is seen as a steal of a deal. It’s important to constantly think about your customer and what“something extra” you can provide them with that will seal the deal. It’s theextra effort that causes them to beg you to take their money. Yes, as a Go-Giver, you can position yourself where people are beggingyou to take their money. In fact, they will pre-order before you have evenstarted to build your next product… just so they can get the first copy. So, what is my give until it “hurts so good” in this report? Not only am I going to provide you with training… not only am I givingyou give-away rights, but I am also making this report rebrandable.There are certain links throughout this report which you can rebrand with yourown links. Those links could be links back to your own website or maybe evenan affiliate program.A report like this has the nature to go viral. I am more than happy to see youbenefit by giving you a piece of ownership with this report through the gestureof allowing you to embed your own links throughout the report. This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  8. 8. The Strategy < the meat of the matter > I have come to realize the top priority every Internet marketer needs tofocus on is his/her list building activities. I have studied very successfulInternet marketers and the one thing they have in common is they took thetime early in their careers to build and manage their list. Because there’s not one successful marketer I know who doesn’t have abig list, I am always thinking about list building and how to drive traffic to mysqueeze pages. 8 Just the other day, I was reading a blog post where the author wastalking about how to use Adwords to market on YouTube. He explained how toset up campaigns and how to get your ads posted on other people’s videos. I am sure you have seen them. When the video starts, there’s a bannerad that appears at the bottom of the video. Just like the one you see below. This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  9. 9. If you would like to see the short video above, it can be found onYouTube by visiting: As I skimmed over the blog post, the author talked about how to dokeyword research and how to target the right videos. He went on to explainhow to get the cheapest cost per click by defining a narrow niche. He then mentioned in one sentence, a way you could get an Adwordsbanner on your own videos for FREE! Wait… What?!!! My eyes stopped skimming and I read that sentence again… 9 Google will allow you to put Adwords banners on your own YouTube videos for FREE. I learned Google has been allowing this practice for quite some time.This isn’t a black-hat trick. It’s perfectly legal and legit and Google / YouTubeencourage it. Unfortunately this blogger did not see a need to expound on the FREEaspect of placing Adwords on your own videos. He seemed to gloss over the subject and continued on with the PAIDaspect of Adwords. So I started digging and went to YouTube to figure out exactly what Ineeded to do in order to place FREE Adwords banners on my videos. Within 5 minutes I had figured it out and in another 5 minutes, I had iton one of my videos (the one you see pictured on the page above). What surprised me was that this wasn’t even a BIG SECRET Google was This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  10. 10. trying to keep! The information is easily found on YouTube. So, why hasn’t anyone talked about this or did a training on it? I thought about that for a moment and then it hit me!!! The reason this feature is not widely talked about, is because… No one has come up with a strategy in which this feature could be used to help Internet marketers. As an Internet marketer, I immediately saw value how this could be used. Most Internet marketers use video to market correct? If a picture is 10 worth a thousand words, then video must be worth at least a million words right?!! Yes and yes! As a result, marketers see the power behind creating video to marketand they create an awful lot of video content. Go to YouTube and check it out for yourself. Type in the name of any network marketing company or make moneyonline program and you will find hundreds of people who have created dozensof videos around the topic. My next thought was this... Question: How have marketers been taught to drive traffic from theirvideos to their landing pages? Answer: The lesson ingrained into every marketers head is to put aclickable link in the video description box. This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  11. 11. 11 This is a good strategy because most people know to go to the videodescription box if they want to find the link to the website that wasreferenced in the video. Any good marketer will include at least one link in the video descriptionbox to guide users to their website or affiliate link. That’s great that YouTube allows you to embed links into your videodescription box. However, I then came with another thought… What if your video is posted on a blog or a Facebook timeline? How many times have we all watched YouTube videos on Facebook? How many times have we all watched a YouTube video embedded onsomeone’s blog? Was there a video description box in either scenario? This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  12. 12. 12 Your video description box is NOT shown when your video is embedded!This means no one sees the link to the site you want them to go to. Sure, your video may go viral, but what benefit do you receive from allof the Facebook shares and blog embeds if the link in your video’s descriptionbox is NEVER shown? You simply miss out on potential traffic! However, YouTube allows you to post Adwords on your own videos andyou are not charged for any clicks that ad receives. So why wouldn’t you placethem on your videos?!!! There are only two responses to that question: 1. No one has ever shown you how to place Adwords on your own videos 2. You’re LAZY This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  13. 13. I am going to assume your reason is response #1. Just like me, you didn’t know about this strategy and no one has evershared it with you. That’s all about to change today. You can go directly to YouTube ( and search forthe steps and sort through the instructions for yourself. I think a better option is to allow me to share with you the step by stepprocess of placing free Adwords ads on your YouTube videos. You can watch two short training videos I have put together. Thesetraining videos allow you to look over my shoulder and see exactly how youcan start implementing this technique with your current videos. 13 How To Get FREE LEADS Using Adwords without Paying A Penny to Google Visit my training video page at: This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  14. 14. How To Make This Report Your 24/7 “Digital Viral Machine!” I hope you enjoyed this free report and watched the video training,How To Get FREE LEADS Using Adwords Without Paying A Penny To Google. Before you rush off to share this report with your Facebook friends andTwitter followers, let me ask you a question... Would you like to build a list of subscribers from the people you sharethis report with? Would you like to drive traffic to your affiliate links whensomeone who reads this report clicks on the link found at the bottom of everypage? 14 If so, all you have to do is rebrand this special report with your own linksbefore sharing it with others. Once your links are embedded, you simply postit to your blog, share it on Facebook and Twitter, or use it to build your list. And heres the best part... Your readers also receive “giveaway rights” to this report. Which means,if they give this report away without rebranding it, and many will, your linkswill pass on to ALL of the people they share this report with as well.Example: Lets say “Stephanie” downloads your report, but does not rebrandit with her own links. She then shares YOUR branded version with Bill. Billsees your link on the bottom of each page and decides to click on it. Let’s say,your link goes to an affiliate offer and Bill makes a purchase. Guess what? YOU just got paid... Cha-ching! Simply from sharing this value added report. You should be excited! With this report, you are about to unleash yourown “viral marketing tool” that can drive long term traffic to any page youdesire. This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  15. 15. Heres what to do next... Step 1: Go to Step 2: Fill out the opt in box then click submit. Step 3: Follow the instructions that are emailed to you. Step 4: Click on the link sent to your email and fill out the short rebrander form. Step 5: Instantly receive a link to your rebranded report. Step 6: Start sharing your new report with YOUR links. 15 This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  16. 16. As If It Couldn’t Get Any Better < the icing on the cake > When you truly understand the Go-Giver attitude it can literally becomeaddicting. You stop looking for what’s in it for me and start looking forincreased ways to provide MASSIVE value to those you are helping. As I was sitting here getting ready to wrap up the final touches to thisreport, I asked myself, “Is there anything more I can provide to the readers ofthis report?” The answer was a resounding YES! 16 I realized many of you probably would love to have the ability to createa viral report just like the one you are reading. This report took me less than aday to write but will generate viral visits and subscribers for years to come. The best part is that it’s all FREE traffic! I know as an Internet marketer you are ALWAYS looking for ways togenerate traffic. The reason you are reading this report is because you want togenerate traffic. So why wouldn’t I refer you to the tool that I am using thatmakes this viral report all possible? That was my final gift. It would go against the Go-Giver mentality if Ikeep my most prized strategies and tools to myself without sharing. This is oneof the tools that is helping me to become successful in my business. It’s an awesome viral marketing tool I discovered a few years ago. I havequietly been using it to build my list and drive traffic to my money pages. This web based PDF rebranding software that makes it super easy for youto allow readers to give away YOUR PDF reports with their links embedded. This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  17. 17. All the "techie" obstacles have been removed and your users rebrandedPDFs are even hosted by the software. If youre interested in having an army of people virally spreading yourPDFs across the internet, this is a MUST HAVE tool in your arsenal. Before I tell you what the tool is and how it makes this all possible forme, I would like to share the quick story that made me purchase this tool afew years ago. Title: "How To Get 440 Opt-ins Per Day - Just Like Ann!" I watched an amazing video about a woman named Ann - who gets 440subscribers on her list every day from a strategy she put in place over 2 years 17ago... My first reaction was total disbelief... Until the video started going intodetails about she did it. It starts out like a case study... and goes on to explain how she turnedthose subscribers into $1,267,200 over the course of a year. So heres what she does... 1) She gives away a free 35 page report that is jammed packed withgreat content that her niche wants. 2) She gives every reader "giveaway rights" to her report. 3) The report pre-sells her own product and when you become acustomer, you get "branding rights" to the report. 4) As a new customer (i.e. affiliate) they start sharing her report all overthe web and earn commissions when someone upgrades from their link insidethe report. Thats it! This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  18. 18. I know it sounds simple because it is! There’s a video where the designer of the software explains it muchbetter than I can. Simply click the link below to watch the video.Click here >>> <<< Click here 18 This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  19. 19. Make Money with This Report < oh it hurts so good > Okay, I thought giving you access to the software I used to make thisviral report was the grand-daddy of being a Go-Giver… but it wasn’t. As I wrote the last chapter of this report, I thought I had given as muchas I possibly could. I counted four valuable things this report has offered you. First, I subtly taught you a lesson about being a Go-Giver; and while Ididn’t go into great detail about the book, you have seen firsthand with thisreport exactly how the process works. 19Once you get the Go-Giver attitude rooted in your spirit, your life will foreverbe changed. You will live a life of abundance. If you haven’t yet, I stronglyrecommend you buy the book, The Go-Giver. Secondly, I shared with you a very unique strategy on how to use GoogleAdwords for absolutely FREE! If you are marketing using videos, you would beinsanely CRAZY not to implement this easy strategy into your marketingefforts. The third benefit I provided you with was a report with full give awayrights. This isn’t just a report but a tool. If you implement it properly, you canactually build a list using this report as the give-away incentive. Because this report is so jammed packed with value, giving it awayshould not be a hard thing for you to do. Your subscribers will love you forsharing this report with them. To sweeten the deal, I added a fourth benefit which was allowing you torebrand this report with your own links. Think of the viral effect you willreceive when your rebranded report is shared from user to user and it hasYOUR links in them. This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  20. 20. If I had stopped there, you would have been pleased and could not haveasked for more. But guess what? I knew I had to give until it “hurt so good”. You are an Internet marketer and I know you need resources and toolsyou can implement into your business that will make you a great marketer. Great marketers use LEVERAGE. I understand the power of leverage and I am always looking for ways toimplement it into my business. Leverage will multiply your efforts by factors that you could NEVER havedone by yourself. Leverage is really the premises of what network marketing isbuilt upon. So if I kept the secret of how I leverage my business that would go 20against the principle of Go-Giving. So as a fifth benefit, I openly shared with you the software tool thatmakes this particular viral marketing strategy work. Purchasing this tool will be one of the best decisions you will ever makein your business. It’s a onetime purchase, but gives you the super naturalpower of LEVERAGE. Imagine writing dozens of short reports and posting them on documentsharing sites like Scribed or DocStoc. Imagine dozens… even hundreds ofpeople sharing your reports to their lists. Duplication is often hard if not impossible in network marketing. And itcan be expensive to program a duplicated website system that allows yourdown-line to plug in their affiliate links to the same marketing tool you use.With this tool, your network will be able to easily duplicate you by simplyrebranding your reports and giving them away with their own affiliate linksembedded. I love the simplicity of creating rebrandable viral reports. This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  21. 21. Watch your down-line grow because you supplied them with an easy wayto duplicate recruiting and sales. Yes, that was the icing on the cake. I had given you the keys toduplication AND viral marketing. But the Go-Giver in me said there was one more thing I could give. Give til it hurts so good right?!!! The viral PDF software offers an affiliate commission that pays out$147.50 for every Diamond Life Time membership, which I stronglyrecommend you purchase. Now, I could have recommended this software and captured all of thepurchases for this software. I had already given you so much value I could have 21easily justified keeping the affiliate link to this software for myself. But that’s just not the Go-Giver spirit. So, not only can you rebrand thisawesome report with your links back to your own website, but if you purchasethe viral PDF software, you will also be able to brand this report with yourown affiliate link to the software as well. That means you have the potential to make multiple $147.50commissions for giving this report away with your own viral PDF softwareaffiliate link. Here’s why you should not sleep on this. You will probably start off by giving this report away to everyone youcome across. You might even post it to some free e-book websites, post it as agive-away in a joint venture site and maybe a few other document sharingsites. Eventually you will stop spreading this report and move on to somethingelse. That’s just the nature of things. I know it and so do you. But here’s thesweet part… This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  22. 22. Two years from now, some new person who is interested in becoming anInternet marketer will stumble across your branded report. They are going tolike what they have read and they are going to purchase the viral PDFsoftware. You are going to go to the mailbox the following month and have a checksitting there in the amount of $147.50 and not know where the heck it camefrom. You haven’t experienced anything until you receive a check from somework you did so long ago that you have forgotten about it. There’s a church saying, “God may not come when you want Him to butHe’s always right on time.” Well, I almost guarantee that when you get that check you were not 22expecting, it will come at a time when you really need something and you maynot have had any other way to get it. That check didn’t come when you wanted it to but it was right on time. All Internet marketers eventually experience that surprise check! When it happens to you, I want you to remember this report and sendme an email letting me know just how on time it was. I would love to hearyour story. This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  23. 23. Conclusion < that’s all folks > I am now totally satisfied with what I have delivered to you. This FREEreport is overflowing with value. As I reviewed it over, I can’t describe to youhow big my grin is from the satisfaction of over delivering. I am also mindful there were a lot of resources that were shared in thisreport. On the next page, you will find a summary of those resources so youdon’t have to go back to scroll through this report just to find the links. That’s another value add! I just can’t help but look for ways to givevalue! 23 Thanks again for reading my report from cover to cover. I hope you wereblessed from reading it as much as I have been blessed from writing it. I am always interested in hearing from those who have experienced myproducts and services. Feel free to contact me to tell me about your success!Yours Truly,June CollierCorporate Network Marketerwww.JuneCollier.comEmail: june@junecollier.comPhone: 678-837-JUNE (5863)“Success Does Not Happen OverNight, But One Night SuccessHappens!” This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.
  24. 24. Recommended Resources < links to topics discussed >• The Go-Giver Book• FREE LEADS Using Adwords - Video Training• Rebrand This Report• Viral PDF Rebranding Software 24 This report is endorsed by our VERY SPECIAL SPONSOR Click the link to visit their page.