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Stirling Regional Centre Introduction - DOT


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Presented in the Modelling Stream of the AITPM National Conference 2016

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Stirling Regional Centre Introduction - DOT

  1. 1. Stirling Regional Centre-The History
  2. 2. Location
  3. 3. Existing Development
  4. 4. Background Planning commenced in 2007 Alliance between State and Local Governments set up in 2010 for overall planning of the centre Main Roads represented transport 19,500 residents and 27,000 jobs at build out GLA-0.7m sqm existing to 2m sqm at build out
  5. 5. Proposed Development
  6. 6. Proposed Road Network
  7. 7. Living Stream next to 40,000 vpd Road + LRT
  8. 8. Living Stream next to 40,000 vpd Road
  9. 9. Key Historical Points $15m spent on development of the structure plan Alliance concluded in 2013 Integrated Transport Strategy 2013 Structure Plan agreed in 2014, subject to further transport analysis
  10. 10. DoT Involvement DoT started to get involved in 2013 Formal involvement started in 2014 Peer review of work to date instigated in first half of 2014 Full transport modelling commitment and funding given in mid 2014 The past is the past and a new approach was adopted Two years of transport planning almost finished and agreed
  11. 11. Still Ahead Third iteration of Structure Plan being written Final comments being accommodated to finalise modelling report Governance and actions chart being developed for the future years Development of 2031 public transport requirements Development of improved pedestrian access from the train station to the City Centre