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Our Range of Trampolines
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Why Choose a
Springless Trampoline?

that this is more durable and more weatherresistant compare to the traditional spring...
Replacement Parts to
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When you have a trampoline or if you already
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Maintenance and
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If you have acquired a backyard trampoline, you
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Trampoline Maintenance and Safety Precautions


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Essential tips you need to know before buying trampolines. Enjoy them by learning how to maintain your equipment well and implement these precautions for safety.

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Trampoline Maintenance and Safety Precautions

  1. 1. 164 Victoria Street, North Geelong Call Us at: 03 52785200 or 1 300 985 008 Our Range of Trampolines Jumpfit Trampolines has a wide variety of both spring and springless trampolines which are ideal for all families and for various back yard sizes. Our springless trampolines, in particular, would make a great alternative to those which have high price tags. On a daily basis, we speak to parents who are looking to replace their trampoline parts. Unfortunately, they purchase their trampolines from stores which do not offer replacement parts in the event that something goes wrong with the device. To avoid the same predicament for our customers, we tried to make most trampoline replacement parts available for them from safety nets, trampoline pads, and trampoline mats. If you need parts for your trampoline, we are here for you. Have fun and happy jumping!
  2. 2. Why Choose a Springless Trampoline? that this is more durable and more weatherresistant compare to the traditional spring trampolines. They are less like to break and can withstand the temperature even if you place it outside. Trampolines may have caught your eye and you are already thinking of getting one soon. But with so many designs, styles, and sizes available for you to choose from, it can be difficult to weigh which one to purchase. One thing to think about it to pick between springless trampolines or the classic one that uses metal springs for a higher jump. Ease of Mat Installation/Replacement Since it doesn’t use any springs, you will find it easier to install or replace the trampoline mat. No more individual removal of springs and installing them again one by one. You can just easily slip a new mat and you will be on your merry way again. If you are considering whether to get a springless trampoline or not, here are some things to think about to help you decide. Price Well, you will find that springless trampolines are a little bit more expensive compare to the traditional one but you can guarantee that you can save more when it comes to the shipping cost. In contrast to spring trampoline that uses metal coils, springless uses elastic bands, which make it a lighter package. It is exciting to look forward to the things that you can do with a backyard springless trampoline. It would definitely be fun to spend the day with the children or your whole family while doing this outdoor activity. Adults would be more motivated to work out as well because of this equipment. It is safer Traditional trampoline uses metal springs. It connects the mat to the outer frame. If you take a look at it, you will notice that these metal springs are exposed and can be hazardous to the jumpers, especially young children. They can hurt themselves if they lose their balance, slip, and get caught on the springs. The beauty of a springless trampoline is that they do not use any springs. Instead, it is made of elastic bonds or flexible fiberglass rods to give you the same bounce that you need. The end of the mat is flexible, soft, and comfortable. Durable Because it is made of elastic material and not metal, it does not rust or corrode. You will find But before all of these, you got to ensure safety first. The trampoline can indeed be fun and amazing but of course, we got to observe proper safety to make sure that no one gets hurt or no accidents will happen while we are enjoying.
  3. 3. Trampoline Replacement Parts to Have on Hand When you have a trampoline or if you already have one, it is a smart move to buy some replacement parts as well. This will come in handy in the event that they are needed. This kind of equipment tends to be used by children who like to jump and bounce all day. And because it is used a lot, it is more prone to tearing and wearing. That is why it is important to have these replacement parts on hand so you can replace it immediately if you need to. These parts include frames, pads, jumping mat, and extra springs. You need to take a look at the frame of the trampoline every now and then. You need to understand as well that they have weight limits. Kids grow up and some even wants to jump on the equipment together with their friends. It can only support the weight for a period of time but if it is abused a lot, it will give in. For safety precautions as well, only let one person to jump on it. When it comes to the springs, well, they will stretch with continued use. It will be worth it as long as it makes your children happy. When you notice that they are no longer giving the same bounce as before, check the springs if they need replacements. But don’t wait until you are having a backyard party or the children have some friends over to do this. Their excitement could decline if they know they can’t continue the fun of jumping on the trampoline. For the mat and padding, they wore off over the years. If you see that the colors are starting to fade or if there are cracks and torn portions, you need to buy the replacement part already. The mistake that some people make when they go a buy a trampoline for their family is that they don’t think about the spare parts that they need to have. They are so excited of using the equipment that they never realize that this equipment doesn’t come with extra parts and how important it is to have a spare. There will be enough parts to put it all together but what happens when you need to move it and you lose some of the springs? How about when the jumping mat or padding got torn? The fun of the party and the enjoyment of your kids could be halted because there are no spare parts available to replace the broken or missing pieces. You don’t need to buy a new trampoline when your old one needs replacement. If you bought a sturdy one, you just have to find a good replacement part. You can find this in your local sporting goods store. If you can’t find any of the same model or at least any compatible parts, try looking online. You will surely find one that will suit your need and with a cheaper price too.
  4. 4. Trampoline Maintenance and Safety Precautions If you have acquired a backyard trampoline, you will know that these are a kid’s favorite. They would spend hours every day jumping on this device. You will be glad that you have bought it because they are finally getting the physical activity that their body needs. But this is not just all about fun and excitement because it comes with responsibilities too. After all the enjoyment, you need to do what you can in order to make the trampoline last longer. It needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure the continued fun of the children and so that it won’t rust quickly. Plus, it won’t take a lot of your time to give your device a good cleaning. and you allow the children to use the equipment without checking, it can cause some serious injuries or accidents. So you can clean the trampoline on a regular basis and at the same time, inspect for any broken or torn part of the structure. Look out for any worn or torn parts. Check the springs if they are already rusty or if there are any missing ones. Cleaning. When you decide to clean the device, start by removing the extra accessories you have installed first to make it easier. These extra parts include pads, net enclosures, basketball hoops, ladders, etc. Once you have removed these accessories, you can start by soaking the mat with water using a garden hose. Then you can do the same with the rest of the equipment. You can mix a little soap with the water but make sure that you wash it down thoroughly. Scrub any parts where dirt, mud, any debris have accumulated using a sponge, brush, or mop. Always work from top to bottom so the dirty water will just drip to the ground. Now while you are drying up your equipment, you got to make sure that you place it away from any dirt or any materials that will make the trampoline dirty again. Replacement. If you are done cleaning the equipment and you found some parts that need to be replaced, do not delay. Change these parts immediately in order to avoid any mishap. Inspection. Set a time every two weeks or once a month to check all the parts are still good and in working condition. The kids have been jumping on it for months so it might be possible that some of the accessories and parts are already worn, torn, or damaged. If that happens Always take note that you should do periodic maintenance checks. Place the trampoline in a clear area with no debris or structure around it. Lastly, set rules when using the trampoline such as not allowing more than one children to use the equipment at a time and making sure that there is always adult supervision.