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Poster Doc Gac3


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Poster Doc Gac3

  1. 1. I’M DOING THE GREAT ADVENTURE CHALLENGE? I WOULD LOVE YOU HELP ME SUPPORT THIS CAUSE! BY DONATING TO; 23RD OCTOBER 2010 Teams of eight will navigate their way through unique race course at Lake Macquarie, NSW Central Coast. From sunrise to sunset, they will experience 6 – 9 hours of a course which will comprise a range of disciplines: Mountain Biking – 35km approx off road. Trail running - 15km approx Kayaking - 10km approx Coasteering - 2km approx Mystery Tasks - Teams will meet mystery tasks at different points of the course, testing both the brain and body. Navigation - Adventurers will need to hone their navigation skills to help them collect all the checkpoints in the minimum time possible. Vital fundraising – Time bonuses will be awarded for achieving certain pre set fundraising targets.