SerSart Mobile Trading May 2011


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SerSart Mobile Trading May 2011

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  2. 2. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />1. About Us <br /> Core Focus<br />Mission Statement <br /> Products and Service<br />2. Mobile Trading System<br /> Features and Benefits<br /> Supported Phones<br /> Coming Soon<br />3. Web Trader <br />4. Our Clients <br />5. Opportunities <br />6. Contact US<br />2<br />2<br />2<br />3<br />4<br />5<br />7<br />10<br />11<br />13<br />14<br />15<br /><br />1<br />
  3. 3. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />>> 1. About Us<br />SerSartis a New York based company providing custom software development and IT consulting services to various types of businesses. Established in 2005 in the mid-town of the New York City, SerSart has gained strong experience in the development of custom business applications. For five years, we have successfully completed a wide range of projects on time and within budget. We know how to organize our efforts in order to complete projects to different complexity and scope with maximum results possible.<br />>>Core Focus<br />>>Mission Statement<br />Our mission is guided by independent decision-making and assisting our partners in achieving their business goals. With our cutting-edge technologies, flexible and comprehensive system, we are able to deliver complete customer satisfaction on time and on budget with the highest level of efficiency and functionality. By offering custom developed software products we increase each client's business productivity and decrease the costs of operation by helping them target and eliminate areas of inefficiency in their IT department. <br />SerSart's core focus is providing first class service to the foreign exchange market. We’ve gained a wealth of experience developing software for new platforms in emerging markets and have assembled a talented team of developers to build enjoyable, innovative and useful products for cell phones and other wireless platforms. SerSart is dedicated to establishing a long-lasting relationship with you through quality products and expert support. Our products are developed with full cooperation from both sides in order to ensure the highest level of quality for each project. We prioritize the role that you play in the development process, by offering comprehensive training for the product, and providing ongoing services and follow-up evaluations.<br /><br />2<br />
  4. 4. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />>>Products & Services<br />SerSartcustomer support team is always available online for the convenience of our clients. We use modern communication technologies such as teleconferences, live support systems, instant messaging systems and telephone lines with multiple extensions. We adjust the work schedule of our teams to maximize the communication time with European customers and also clients from other regions. This enables us to communicate with our customers in real time.<br />We offer a universal mobile trading system (SerSart MTS) that works in complement with our comprehensive web-based trading software (Web Trader), giving you the ability to conveniently trade and manage your positions either on the go, at the office, or in your home. <br />Mobile Trading System<br />Within a few seconds, you can securely log on the mobile trading system to place trades.<br />Mobile Trader<br />Thunders MTS offers the freedom and flexibility, which allows you to trade and manage your accounts.<br />Web Trader<br />Whether you are a PC or a MAC user, the web trader allows you to trade directly and conveniently online.<br /><br />3<br />
  5. 5. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />>> 2. Mobile Trading System<br />Sometimes people are on the run so much they only have time to look at a cell phone screen and quickly do some work. For people like that, Forex mobile trading software is the best solution! <br />The SerSart Mobile Trading System (SerSart MTS) is a revolutionary application suite featuring comprehensive trading, market monitoring and back-end functionality on mobile platforms compatible with the latest cellular phones. <br />SerSartMTS is also a truly universal trading system. It is configured with seventeen world spoken languages and system requirements, compatible with most recent mobile devices and internet access systems. The system can also be co-used with existing trading platforms to occupy a position in being the primary trading interface.<br />SerSart's Mobile Trading System is compatible with MetaTrader 4 . As long as you have an account with any trading house that supports the MT4 (platform), you can have access to your account right on the GO. The MetaTrader 4 terminal is a perfectly equipped trader’s workplace that allows you to trade in the forex, and financial markets (Forex, CFD).<br />It Has Been A New Era For Forex Trading!<br /><br />4<br />
  6. 6. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />>> Features & Benefits<br /><ul><li>ALERTS - To place alerts on any preferred prices, Traders can also receive price alerts while being logged out of the Mobile Trading System. The offline price alerts are currently only available for the iPhone users through push notification.
  7. 7. NEWS - Forexnews and other financial news are now available on the Mobile Trading System. Now you can trade and be updated with live Forex, and financial news on the GO
  8. 8. REAL TIME UPDATES - SerSart'smobile trading platform offers a feature-rich, easy to use interface, with updates in real-time keeping quotes. The charts allow traders to choose from chart types, intervals, and provides real time streaming charts for each instrument. SerSart's unique MTS also allows traders to place orders, access account information, and monitor positions all on the go.
  9. 9. NOTES - Now you can write down your notes on the notes section of the newly improved Mobile Trading system. Also all your notes will be synchronized with SerSart's Web-Trader, which will allow you to access your notes through all SerSart platforms.
  10. 10. MULTI-LANGUAGES -</li></ul>English Bulgarian Czech French French German<br />Hebrew Italian Japanese Korean Polish Russian Spanish Portuguese Turkish Slovenian <br />Chinese (simplified) Chinese (traditional) <br /><br />5<br />
  11. 11. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />>> Features & Benefits<br /><ul><li>DEALING RATES - Dealing Rates screen displays streaming (live) quotes produced by the dealing desk. Traders can add or remove the instruments that they want to appear on the dealing rates screen board. All trades such as market orders and entry (pending) orders can be executed from the dealing rates screen menu.
  12. 12. POSITIONS - Positions Screen displays all open positions, and allows the trader to individually view each position detail, such as gross profit/loss, commission, net profit/loss etc. Traders can also place (Stop), and or (Limit) orders to their open positions. Other features for open position are (Hedge position), and (Execute position).
  13. 13. ORDERS - Orders Screen displays all entry (pending) orders, and allows the trader to individually view each order details, such as Open price, Current Market price, and Time/Date etc. Traders can also place (Stop), and or (Limit) orders to their entry (pending) orders. Other features for the entry orders are (Change order rate), and (Remove order).
  14. 14. CHARTS - Chart screen gives the ability to select chart interval, chart types, and instruments. The chart displays real time graphical representation of selected chart information. Traders may also select various indicators to appear in the charts. On the chart view screen, it is also possible to open (Market, and Entry orders) for the selected instrument.
  15. 15. REPORTING SYSTEM - SerSart'scomprehensive reporting system will offer Trading houses full statistics and management for all traders. Some of the great features of SerSart's reporting system is the Dashboard where you can generate statistics for Demo and Live users. This allows you to see the percentage of each device being used for either user account.</li></ul><br />6<br />
  16. 16. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />>> Supported Phones<br />With the Mobile Trading System, you can do comprehensive trading and market monitoring on your cellular phones and other handheld devices wherever and whenever you can. The system supports many types of cellular phones including iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Imode.<br />>>Windows Mobile<br />>>iPhone<br />Staying at the forefront of technology, SerSart has designed an iPhone compatible version of Mobile Trading System. MTS brings mobile trading to one of the most popular smart phones currently available on the market - Apple iPhone. Now you can remain productive on-the-go! MTS allows traders to place stop and limit orders, check dealing rates, keep an eye on all the accounts and view currency rates in a chart form. MTS is a truly universal trading system which is configured with seventeen world spoken languages and system requirements. SerSart makes mobile trading experience as close to the one you would have using a desktop. Combined with usability and strengths of iPhone, MTS will make the mobile trading experience one of the most advanced in the market.<br />The new version of MTS has been designed specifically for Windows based devices using Microsoft .NET Framework. Unlike the previous edition, which was created for Symbian OS andrequired Java Runtime edition, Runtime Environment, the new version is modified particularly for Windows based devices. To begin trading from your mobile you need to download only one application file, eliminating the preparatory step of installing Java Runtime Environment onto your device. Preserving all the current functions we have improved the user interface, making it even more accessible and have included additional tools to make the mobile trading experience as efficient as possible.<br /><br />7<br />
  17. 17. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />>> Android<br />Using the advanced capabilities of the Android mobile operating system, SerSart has created a compatible version of Mobile Trading System. As a cutting edge, universal trading system that is configured with seventeen world spoken languages and system requirements, compatible with most recent mobile devices and internet access systems, MTS will definitely find its place on Android phones, by bringing the revolution into the Trading World – and introducing mobile Forex Trading to market! <br />The Android operating system takes full advantage of mobile phone functionality, to enable developers to design versatile and user friendly application with ease and efficiency. Android provides its user with the ultimate mobile device which includes high quality features and stunning design concepts. Combined with the usability and strengths of Android, MTS makes the mobile trading experience one of the most advanced in the market. MTS is designed to deliver the best and most up-to-date mobile trading services for all clients!<br />>> BlackBerry<br />MTS brings Mobile Trading to BlackBerry devices. Through the development of integrated hardware, software and services that support multiple wireless network standards, RIM provides platforms and solutions for seamless access to time-sensitive information including email, phone, SMS messaging, Internet and intranet-based applications. Employing the strengths of RIM solutions, MTS was designed to provide all users with the most efficient mobile trading experience on the current market. <br /><br />8<br />
  18. 18. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />>> i-Mode<br />>> Symbian<br />Symbian is the world-leading open operating system that powers the most popular and advanced smart phones today from the world’s leading handset manufacturers. It allows using various Java-based applications, such as MTS.<br />I-mode is Japan's NTT DoCoMo mobile Internet access system. Currently the number of possible business related applications for i-mode is limitless: airlines offer and sell air tickets via i-mode, media sells cartoon images, popular ring-tones etc. Shares and investments are also sold via i-mode as well as Japanese national lottery tickets. Also any subscriber may have his/her private virtual network on i-mode. I-mode is widely used among various companies for Customer Relationship Management (CRM): for instance, about one-third of Japan's population uses i-mode practically every day; i-mode allows firms to interact with a large part of Japan's population.<br />Java offers a powerful platform for developing complex mobile commerce applications. Unlike applications built around browser-based technologies such as WML (Wireless Markup Language) and other HTML variants, Java applications are real programs that can handle interactive user interfaces, manipulate data, and allow offline user interaction. This allows MTS to provide you with a faster execution of orders and real-time chart updates. <br />>> Compatibility<br /><br />9<br />
  19. 19. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />>> COMING SOON<br />Apple iPad<br />iPadis becoming one of the most popular mobile device nowadays, due to it’s convenience. SerSart will make trading process on the iPad even more comfortable, enabling traders to place, modify or delete orders, view charts, get streaming quotes and real time updates, open, close and hedge positions, and using other helpful functions, trading on the iPad on the go, wherever they are.<br />Android Tablets<br />Android operating system is the top selling platform in USA. Completing the application for Android OS phones, SerSart soon will make trading available for Android tablets users, such as Samsung Galaxy, Dell Streak, Motorola Xoom and many other tablets, using Android.<br />Windows 7 Phones<br />Continually upgrading its applications, SerSart will soon provide you with the ability to trade on the latest Windows 7 based phones, such Dell Venue Pro, Samsung Focus, HTC Surround and many other devices.<br /><br />10<br />
  20. 20. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />>> 3. Web Trader<br />SerSartis proud to introduce its new comprehensive web-based trading software, Web-Trader. Whether you’re a PC or Mac user, Web-Trader allows you to conveniently trade and manage your positions directly from your web browser. This breaks you free from having to download and install a software. SerSart's Web-Trader is compatible with multiple platforms and may be ideal for both beginning traders as well as advanced traders who prefer web trading platforms. The key features and benefits of the SerSart Web Trader are as follows:<br /><ul><li>Coordinates with Mobile Trader - Fully synchronize your Mobile Trader and Web Trader! Your Web and Mobile traders can automatically share charts, notes, settings, notes, instruments displayed and more.
  21. 21. Portability - Have access to your mobile trading platform from any computer with a browser and Adobe Flash Player! No matter what browser or operating system, you can trade currency on the go.
  22. 22. Advanced Chart Tools - The Web offers advanced features to aid you in your analysis – add symbols, trend lines, indicators, and various helpful objects.
  23. 23. Useful Tools - Currency, Profit, Pip and Margin Calculators! Web Trader offers a selection of simple tools, accessible in a few clicks.</li></ul><br />11<br />
  24. 24. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />>> 3. Web Trader<br /><ul><li>Alerts - You can place alerts, and let the Web Trader inform you about the appearance of any preferred prices. Set the alerts on The Web and Mobile traders and receive them on the cell phone, email, or right inside your trading platform.
  25. 25. Notes- Along with Alerts, you can leave yourself notes and view them later from your Web or Mobile Trader.
  26. 26. Browser-based - No need to install and update bulky software. The Web Trader offers broad functionality, and stores your settings away from your computer, allowing you to access your account and trade anywhere with a browser and Flash Player.
  27. 27. Customizations and Control -A full featured Quote Board and Trading Panel allows the user to add and remove Instruments, view Position and Order details, adjust Order and Alert prices and place Stop and Limit orders.
  28. 28. Reports -SerSart'scomprehensive reporting system, will offer Trading houses full statistics and management for all traders. Some of the great features of SerSart's reporting system is the Dashboard where you can generate statistics for Demo and Live users. Thus you can see the percentage of each device being used for either user account.</li></ul><br />12<br />
  29. 29. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />>> 4. Our Clients<br />SerSart is trusted by various organizations in delivering enterprise-class and easy-to-use business solutions. Our clients have chosen to work with SerSart for the following reasons:<br /><ul><li>Deploying one or more of our Business solutions based software to drive new revenues, streamline operations, and strengthen internal business controls.
  30. 30. Accelerating the delivery of their custom applications using our SerSart technology.
  31. 31. We offer simplicity, flexibility, and integration.
  32. 32. Our solutions can be hosted internally within your IT environment or externally through our application hosting service.</li></ul>Our clients include:<br />… …<br /><br />13<br />
  33. 33. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />>> Opportunities<br />It will definitely benefit your businesses and promote the development of your company to build up a stable and long-term relationship with SerSart. There are also different ways to cooperate with us:<br />Become a Partner<br />SerSart welcomes partnership inquiries from financial institutions and qualified individuals who would like to offer SerSart's range of services to their client base via referral, white-labeling or direct use of the SerSart mobile trading system.If you are interested in learning more about our partnership programs or would like to become a partner of SerSart, please contact us at <br />Sponsorship<br />SerSartis professionally, socially and economically committed to the development of the community. We welcome proposals from non-for profit organizations which contribute to the development of the youth through educational and social activities. These organizations are categorized as: EDUCATION, SPORTS and RECREATION, MUSIC, TELEVISION, and ARTS. Organization not included are: political and religious (with sectarian intent) organizations. Organization without 501c and 509a tax exempt status. Fraternal, veterans or labor groups severing membership only, Individuals, and Organization practicing discrimination by race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age or national origin.<br />Please forward your sponsorship proposal to Our Sponsorship Assessment team will review your application and provide feedback with respects to your proposal.<br />White Label Agreement<br />Our company announces an opportunity for online brokers to provide their clients with mobile trading terminals through our White Label agreement. It will give you the possibility to have mobile client terminals designed especially for your brokerage company. These white label terminals will have your broker’s name and logo and can be designed for the following mobile platforms: Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry, Java 2 Micro Edition, Android and imode. Contact us for more details on White label agreement at<br />We greatly appreciate your interests in SerSart.<br /><br />14<br />
  34. 34. SerSart LLC – May 2011<br />>> Contact Us<br />Thank you for your interest in SerSart. We hope that you have found the information helpful and informative. Should you require more information, please use the contact info provided below:<br />Telephone<br />+1 (212) 202-5502<br />+352 (202) 03-733<br />+44 (208) 002-9545<br />E-mails<br />General Inquiries:<br />Sales:<br />Careers:<br />Application Support:<br />Investor Relations:<br />Address <br />SerSart, LLC224 West 35th Street, Suite 208New York, NY 10001<br />Fax<br />+1 (212) 202-0447<br /><br />15<br />