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Electric Cloud

  1. 1. IT eVolution Solución de Negocios Presentation www.juliosilvavidales.com Updated July the 1st 2009 www.electric-cloud.com
  2. 2. Company background Founded 2002 Shipping products since late 2004 Cash Flow Positive; Ahead of operating plan 90 Employees and growing Growing revenues and customers at > 2x per year Worldwide sales and support presence $21M in top-tier venture: USVP, Mayfield, RRE, Rembrandt Deep intellectual property: nine patents…more to come Over 70 customers in over 200 locations worldwide
  3. 3. Customer References Networking Semiconductor Cellular ISV Other Slide 2
  4. 4. Electric Cloud Technology Partners Slide 3
  5. 5. Funny, but too often true
  6. 6. Software Production Management (SPM) Code Build Package Test Deploy Driving Trends Software Creation Agile development SCM $2 B Dev Tools Software Production ? Compliance Distributed development Virtualization Multi-Billion Test Creation $1.5 B
  7. 7. SPM Ball of Confusion Resource intensive to maintain • Slower time to market Slow Not Repeatable • Lower quality • Lack of compliance • Roadblock to modern development techniques Not accessible − Agile Brittle to engineers − Global teams − Virtual environments Hampers Not Standard Productivity
  8. 8. Electric Cloud Vision Lead the market for Software Production Management Solutions Remove software production as the bottleneck to faster time to market and higher quality Self service: Evolve from scripts managed by experts to buttons pushed by developers Re-use: stop creating everything from scratch Consistent: enable IT to offer software production as a service Organizations could…increase productivity by as much as 15 times through use of "software production management" tools – Theresa Lanowitz, voke, in InfoWorld 11/07 Confidential - Please Do Not Distribute
  9. 9. Outsourcing Issues in Software Production Better visibility, forecasting and control of multiple software development projects Human error throughout the software build, release and test process Training for remote software development groups working on different projects, platforms and toolsets Travel-related time and expenses spent by senior management overseeing global initiatives Time-to-market for product releases with critical deadlines Confidential - Please Do Not Distribute
  10. 10. How Electric Cloud Can Help Meet or even beat software production schedules by reducing software build failures early in the process Cut software production costs overall Simplify the build, release and test process Better manage teams in different locations and different projects Standardize tools and processes across multiple platforms 4-Minute Demo: http://www.electric-cloud.com/company/electric-cloud_demo/ Confidential - Please Do Not Distribute
  11. 11. Electric Cloud Solution electriccommander − Automate − Accelerate electricaccelerator − Analyze electricinsight
  12. 12. Automate: ElectricCommander ElectricCommander is a Web-based platform for managing distributed processes Easy to implement and evolve processes Faster throughput, better resource utilization Better visibility across the organization Facilitates centralization and reuse
  13. 13. Centralize and Manage with ElectricCommander Build Tools Unit Tests SCM Tools Deployment Tools VMware Lab Manager Build Servers Test Servers Production Servers
  14. 14. ElectricCommander Architecture Web Web Command-Line Browser Server Tool Project editors, Cmdr E-mail reports, status Database Server Reports monitoring Manages resources, issues commands, Stores commands, Network generates reports metadata, log files Agent Agent Agent Agent Agent Executes commands, monitors status, collects results Resources Job Steps
  15. 15. Magnum Semiconductor: Scalable Automation Environment: Improved Scalability Hardware + software for 12,000 embedded systems # concurrent steps 10,000 44x Problem: Previous solution hung after 250 8,000 Scalability! concurrent steps 6,000 Solution: ElectricCommander: 4,000 Running 11,000 concurrent steps Over 40x load of previous 2,000 approach 5x speedup through parallel job 0 Former ElectricCommander steps Tool
  16. 16. Accelerate: ElectricAccelerator Software build accelerator Long individual builds Long cycle with many smaller builds How it works: Plug-compatible replacement for GNU make, Microsoft nmake, Visual Studio No process changes required Run builds in parallel using a cluster of standard hardware Automatically discover and track dependencies to make parallelism reliable 10-20x faster builds Works with ElectricCommander or stand-alone Based on proven, patented dependency management technology
  17. 17. ElectricAccelerator ® Fast and accurate builds via managed parallelism Automatic understanding of dependencies Robust and scalable Supports high build volume and avoids resource failure Works within existing environment Works seamlessly with GNU Make, nmake, VS, Ant Visibility and reporting Provide status reports and tools for diagnostics As much as 20x faster builds
  18. 18. ElectricAccelerator Architecture Network Production Machines Cluster Manager Build with Electric Make instead of GMake, NMAKE, Visual Studio, Ant Agent Agent … User-level Kernel Electric File System Developer Build Cluster Node Machines Developer builds, production builds leverage the same cluster
  19. 19. Managing Dependencies for Parallel Builds Builds have inherent Source parallelism Code Simple to run in parallel Object 01010 10101 01010 10101 01010 10101 01010 10101 01010 10101 01010 10101 Files 01010 01010 01010 01010 01010 01010 10101 10101 10101 10101 10101 10101 Large SMP Machines (gmake –j) Libraries 01010 10101 01010 10101 01010 10101 01010 10101 Distributed builds (distcc) 01010 01010 01010 01010 10101 10101 10101 10101 Traditionally yield small Executables 01010 10101 01010 01010 10101 01010 results due to 10101 10101 dependencies: Incomplete or unknown Implicit dependencies Only understand compiler dependencies Release Result: broken builds
  20. 20. Solution for Fast, Accurate Builds In-Flight Dependency Management Watch all file accesses: these indicate dependencies Automatically detect and correct out-of-order steps Desired Actual class.cpp class.obj app.exe class.cpp class.obj 1010101 1010101 1010101 0101010 0101010 1010101 0101010 1010101 0101010 0101010 1010101 0101010 Compile read write 1010101 read write 1010101 read write 1010101 and link Compile Link steps source application class.obj app.exe run in 1010101 0101010 1010101 1010101 0101010 1010101 parallel 0101010 0101010 1010101 read write 1010101 old!
  21. 21. At-a-Glance Reporting Cluster Manager provides view into build status and cluster utilization At-a-glance reporting View overall build results, cluster utilization, etc.
  22. 22. ElectricAccelerator Real World Results 50 25 Build Time (hours) Build Time (hours) 40 -X- 20 30 15 20 10 10 5 10X 20X 0 0 Before After Before After 15 3 Build Time (hours) Build Time (hours) 10 2 5 1 8X 12X 0 0 Before After Before After
  23. 23. Impact of Faster Builds: ROI Two engineering teams: Team 1 Team 2 Time saved /developer /week 5 hrs 8 hrs Productivity gain 13% 20% Payback period for ROI 4 wks 2.5 wks Fortune 500 Mobile Device Manufacturer Boost developer productivity, reduce costs
  24. 24. Fortune 500 Semiconductor Provider: Cost Savings Customer’s ROI calculation Assumes 4x average speedup on incremental builds Developers / Total Time $ per mo. @3 @6 @9 @ 12 Integrators Saved (@ $ months months months months 72/hr) Team One: 375 hrs /mo. $27K $81K $162K $243K $324K 15 developers 1 integrator 30 hrs/mo. $2160 $6480 $12.9K $19.4K $26K Team Two: 1125 hrs/mo. $81K $243K $486K $729K $972K 45 developers 3 integrators 90 hrs/mo. $6480 $19.4K $38.8K $58.3K $77.7K Slide 23
  25. 25. ElectricAccelerator Benefits Up to 20x faster builds Save time, improve throughput Patented dependency management Enables massively parallel builds Web-based cluster management and fail-over Robust, reliable system for the entire organization Resource provisioning via grid integration Not reliant on isolated “build farms” Reporting and visibility Better predictability and decision-making
  26. 26. Concurrency for Higher Performance Fine-grained Coarse-grained Build Multi-platform Windows Build 01010 01010 01010 01010 01010 01010 01010 10101 10101 10101 10101 10101 10101 10101 01010 01010 01010 01010 01010 01010 01010 Build Build Build 10101 10101 10101 10101 10101 10101 10101 Windows Linux Solaris ElectricAccelerator ElectricCommander Compile 10s-100s files in Run job steps in parallel parallel 2x-5x speedup, sometimes Speedup: 10-20x more
  27. 27. Speed and Quality: It is possible More Frequent Builds Fewer Broken Builds More Testing Earlier In The Process Better Quality
  28. 28. Analyze: ElectricInsight BUILD Understand the details of your build Enable further optimization
  29. 29. Common Threads: Why Customers Buy ROI in months, not years 40% of customers report $1 million to $2 million in annual savings Qualcomm: ROI in six months Fujitsu: ROI in four months Problems Solved Complex, manual processes produce errors and long cycle times Build, test and deploy process steps had become the bottleneck Outgrown internal or open source systems Move to agile / continuous integration environments Cost of redundant systems and infrastructure Lack of visibility into process, status Delays across distributed/outsourced teams Need for audit / traceability Slide 28
  30. 30. Customer Success Stories Qualcomm (San Diego, CA) 2004: reduced build times by 8X using Electric Cloud 2006: Expanded number of sites globally to six Mid-2009: 24 additional projects and remote sites planned 2000 developers, 5000 builds per day Electronic Arts / BioWare (200+ employees) Before Electric Cloud: 300 broken builds a month 2-1/2-hour-long daily builds = 500 hours of lost productivity everyday After Electric Cloud: Less than 30 broken builds a month 15-minute daily builds = 400 hours of increased productivity everyday
  31. 31. BioWare: Solving Broken Builds Broken Builds by Month Had manual build-and-test system Hundreds of broken builds a month Frustrated developers, missed schedules Electric Cloud enabled preflight builds, continuous integration Reduced build and test cycle by 6X 90% fewer broken builds Internal ROI case Implemented Electric Cloud Cost of broken builds Solutions 6X the build volume = $100 saved on a per build basis Break-even achieved within 3.5 months
  32. 32. Intuit: Enabling Continuous Integration Broken nightly builds cost ½ day of 200 Build Length (minutes) 180 min. productivity 150 6x Created continuous Acceleration! build system 100 Acceleration enables compiles every 30 50 28 min minutes every day 0 Before With ElectricAccelerator “With Electric Cloud, the SCM team has gone from being viewed as a bottleneck to a solution provider to the rest of the organization.” - Jon Burt, Senior Manager of SCM, Intuit
  33. 33. What are Customers Saying? “We are saving a massive amount of time with Electric Cloud, and the increased employee engagement has magnified these gains.” “In the morning, our builds are more predictable, and they’re more accurate. That’s because, the testing is done at the same time and there are fewer mistakes. Electric Cloud has made my job easier.” “With Electric Cloud, we compile and link Quickbooks every 30 minutes… broken builds are a thing of the past.” “Even if we assume that each engineer does only one build per week, the money saved in lost productivity pays for the system inside of six months.”
  34. 34. Electric Cloud as Your Partner The Only Comprehensive System for Software Production Management Automate Accelerate Analyze “SSS” Principle Scalability / flexibility Security Support
  35. 35. Partnership Opportunities Co-Marketing Initiatives Trade shows Webinars White papers Referral “Finder’s Fee” Program After introduction, Electric Cloud personnel performs all demos, pilots / software evaluations and software installation Commission starts at 8% on closed deals / purchase orders Outsourcing for Professional Services Maintenance Technical Support Reseller Program Build farm for ElectricAccelerator Software-as-a-Service for ElectricCommander