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Ciqual for MVNOs


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Ciqual brings the True Voice of the Customer to MVNOs.

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Ciqual for MVNOs

  1. 1. Assure Quality of Service and Experience True Quality of Experience reporting for MVNOs by Ciqual.
  2. 2. MVNO challenges Hard to differentiate on mobile services Quality of Experience Customer Service Simple billing. Only the right services Cannot assure SLA’s Operating on someone else’s network. No ownership or insight to the Network nor Quality of Service. Customer problems are visible while the mobile network is opaque. It is extremely complicated to act proactively on the network. When negotiating with MNOs, only (occasional) drive test data, surveys and customer complaints are available. Cannot enforce SLA’s with MNO’s. Financial Challenges 70 cent of every dollar earned goes to the MNO. Frequent Price-wars as mean to attract customers Acquisition investment limited by high churn and low CLV • «Superior customer experience and a company culture that is supportive is complex to develop, and it is also very difficult to replicate.» • «Excellent customer experience is not about "fixing" what may be broken; it is about preventing incidents before they actually happen.» • «Outstanding customer experience is about being predictable, consistent and reliable. Enterprise clients do not like surprises.» Ciqual confidential
  3. 3. On-device CEM is a solution for MVNOs It systematically measures Quality of Experience of Fixed or Mobile Broadband on the customer device, independently from the network. •Across all technologies, including Wi-Fi, roaming and competitors •Comparable results to Drive Test, at a fraction of the cost. It provides a direct feedback link from the customer. • Free text comments • Questionnaires • NPS Correlates customer perception and KPIs It provides all customer context data: device type, model, technology used, location… • Better, shorter customer care conversations • Reduced Customer Care costs • Higher customer satisfaction Provides True insight to QoS & QoE Facilitates an Improved Customer Experience Strengthen competitive position Reduce churn Ciqual confidential
  4. 4. Ciqual confidential Solution Overview Android/iOS devices Ciqual Servers Data Visualization MyConnection app Ciqual SDK RESTful API External Big Data, CEM User Interface • Data export • Control Centre • Device Viewer • Administration • On Premises • Private Cloud • Ciqual Cloud 1-on-1 Customer Troubleshooting Operations Enterprise Reporting Network Planning Quality & Testing Marketing OSX/Windows client Ciqual Care (Q3 2017) MySIM applet Feature phones M2M/IoT Mac/PC Ciqual MyInsight (Q3 2017)
  5. 5. The software client & SDK Ciqual confidential Efficient and non-intrusive <1% memory and processor usage <4% battery usage 700KB per day Based on Android and iOS APIs Consistent metrics Compliant with Google & Apple guidelines Distributed via Google Play and App Store. 1.- Standalone Good for value discovery and small user groups 2.- SDK Ideal for large deployments Turn your apps into a constant source of QoE data. 0 to infinite instant user acquisition. Quick, easy implementation
  6. 6. MySIM applet Based on the SIM Application Toolkit (STK) It overcomes iOS limitations. Compatible with all phone models, including feature phones and iPhones. Ideal for M2M and IoT MySIM is an applet installed in the SIM card. Private and secure. Invisible to the customer. Can seek customer permission or be pushed into devices. The perfect complement to the software client or SDK. Distributed OTA via a SIM provisioning system or preinstalled on the SIM.
  7. 7. Tests and measurements Speed and latency tests triggered by the user ‘Star tests’ on availability of 6 predefined services, launched when the app is opened. User triggered tests •DNS •Ping •Reachability •FTP, HTTP download Triggered automatically by the client during any data session, even when running in the background. Scheduled tests •Data •Voice* •Coverage* Measurements collected in the background without user intervention Passive observations •Emoticon-based feedback •Direct subjective feedback via a customized questionnaire. •Allows NPS questions and free- text feedback from the end customer Correlate perceived customer experience with actual KPIs. Subjective Feedback •Voice •Call setups (MO) •Successful Calls •Call release cause •Handovers •Call Success Ratio •Call Setup Success Ratio (MO) •Handover Success Ratio •Coverage SIM-based Measurements *Android only Ciqual confidential
  8. 8. User Interfaces Ciqual Confidential • Data Visualisation – QlikSense reports • Ciqual Care (3Q2017) • Ciqual MyInsight (3Q2017) – for Alarms and Automation • Other Interfaces – Query UI - Data export – Control Centre – Device Viewer – Administration
  9. 9. Data Visualisation – QlikSense Reports 11-Apr-17 Ciqual Confidential 9 Fully clickable for quick filtering and drilling down. • Data Performance • Voice Performance • Customer Feedback • Service State • Active tests • Ping • Reach • DNS • YouTube (3Q17) • HTTP • FTP Integrated Maps Modular web reports for O&M, Network Optimisation or Marketing, based on Qliksense.
  10. 10. Customer Care: Empower Customer Care agents User Environment •Device Manufacturer, Model, Firmware revision •Laptop Make, Model, OS version, Service Pack, Memory Network Context •Access network (GPRS, UTRAN, HSDPA) •Cell ID •Signal Strength/Quality •Roaming Partner User Activity •Session times •Session lengths •Amount of content downloaded/uploaded Service Quality •Uplink/Downlink Throughput •Network Latency •Data Loss Web-based interface ensures scalability and accessibility. Ciqual confidential
  11. 11. Ciqual MyInsight for real-time monitoring (3Q17) Analysis Layer Data Aggregation Layer Mediation Layer Data Acquisition Layer Ciqual Insight QoE metrics 3rd party sources (CRM, Application Servers) Mediation and Correlation (ISDM) Ciqual MyInsight Real-time Monitoring and Alarms Data Storage (ISDB) Real-time Engine Ciqual MyInsight, based on Empirix’ IntelliSight platform, provides real-time generation of KPIs to build operational dashboards. Enables the fourth leg of Customer Experience Management: Customer Experience Alarms. Single Subscriber Analytics • Technical support (Tier 1 or Customer Care) • Tier 2 and 3 Network Performance • Engineering • Planning • Quality Customer Experience Alarms • KQI alarms • Pro-active notifications Subscriber Intelligence • CEM • Quality • Marketing
  12. 12. Control Centre (release May 2017) • Register new devices. • Update device app configurations. • Enable and disable measurement posting. – Selected groups of devices and apps. • Manage device app groupings for targeted configuration and reporting. – Grow & shrink sample size for targeted device app groups. • Simple real-time dashboard showing: – Current network state – Recent trends – Problem hotspots. 11-Apr-17 Ciqual Confidential 12
  13. 13. Why Ciqual? Market Leaders in device-based Customer Experience Experience in supporting Service Providers with incorporating and improving QoE Expertise to bridge the gap between MVNOs and MNOs Highlighted by Gartner in their latest Market Landscape for Customer Experience Analytics Improve Bottom Line Improve Bottom Line with 0.5% - 1.0% Ciqual confidential
  14. 14. Real improved customer experiences Planning and optimisation •The priority of locations to be improved is now based on customer feedback and actual customer experience problems in those locations Devices Team •Discontinued a Device model with poor radio reception •Specific device types stopped working after network upgrade; upgrade rolled back until fix in place •Customers upgraded to newer device firmware version as it performs better Customer Service •Identified dissatisfied customers; proactively called these customers and stopped them from churning •Reduced call centre Average Call Hold Times by 21% •Reduced Mean-time- to-repair by 57% Network Quality •Found Device/network “state conflicts” causing hanging data sessions •Discovered the actual customer impact of supposed zero-impact network changes; resulted in improved network upgrade procedures Consumer business •Transformed organisational focus on customer experience; on-device CE KPIs now part of staff bonus structure •Correlated NPS to on- device KPIs •Re-engineered internal processes to customer-centric focus; common purpose to Business <-> Technical department interactions Enterprise Business •Directly enabled the Win-back of a key Account by conducting service trial and delivering Enterprise Experience Dashboard to prove excellent experience IoT/M2M •Presence Detection •Out-of-band check on connectivity •Power consumption reporting •Security Ciqual confidential
  15. 15. Contact Julio Lema Business Development at Ciqual