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Präsentation abwasser cem 40 a en


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Präsentation abwasser cem 40 a en

  1. 1. CORROPIPE® CEM 40 ACorrosion Protection for Waste Water Systems Mineral Coating System for Waste Water Systems and Waste Water Pipes
  2. 2. What is CORROPIPE®? CORROPIPE® CEM 40 A is a 2-component, solvent-free mineral coating system which sets hydraulically. The processing mixture is created by the Product combination of carefully sourced natural minerals and a high-quality reactive liquid component. CORROPIPE® was developed in 2001 by Manfred Förster, our chief History developer, to protect steel surfaces from corrosion. Its effectiveness and longevity as mineral corrosion protection have been References tested and confirmed by numerous independent German and international reports. octopus coating GmbH 2
  3. 3. Problems in wastewater industry Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) / anaerobic environment / biogenic sulphuric acid / condensate water / bacteria etc. Extremely severe corrosion on installations and in pipelines 1. Extremely severe corrosion in pressure pipelines 2. Weakening of the building construction 3. Production stop, pollution of the environment and high costs octopus coating GmbH 3
  4. 4. 7 reasons for CORROPIPE® as a solution 1. High resistance to acids and bases from pH 3 to pH 14 2. Temperature stability to 95 C in humidity range 3. For use on workable rust 4. No infiltration by rust 5. Active corrosion protection effect through high pH-value 6. Mineral, solvent-free and environmentally friendly Extension of the lifespan of waste water systems and waste 7. water pipes octopus coating GmbH 4
  5. 5. Material processing - simple and efficientEfficiency through CORROPIPE® performance • Processing even at higher humidity • The applied material reacts to moisture • Can be processed safely in enclosed spaces without Processing respiratory protection • Material processing: 2 hours at +20°C Simple and efficient processing • Material application options: Different • Airless spraying processing • By hand using roller or brush techniques • Centrifugal method (internal coating of pipelines) octopus coating GmbH 5
  6. 6. Overcomes challengesProblem area CORROPIPE® performance • Fills holes up to size of ≤ 3mm Pitting corrosion • Static improvement through imbedding of glass fibre mats in the coating, e.g. wall thickness weakening • Fittings and flanges can likewise be permanently Challenge, pr Fittings and protected from corrosion by coating by hand oblem area flanges is resolved • In pipelines from DN 600, weld seams can be Weld seams subsequently coated by hand octopus coating GmbH 6
  7. 7. Preparatory cleaning for CORROPIPE® The steel surface must be free from oil, grease, paints, coatings and all loose substances when viewed without magnification. Mill scale and/or peeling skin must be removed by sandblasting. Workable rust can remain. Low residual moisture (no free water) can be tolerated. Cleaning can be effected using maximum pressure water or alternatively by sandblasting. Quality assurance is checked by an adhesive tensile strength test before the application of the CORROPIPE® coating. Pipeline cleaning is effected with maximum pressure water 1300 bar to 1500 bar and approx. 100 litres per minute (rotary nozzle cleaning). octopus coating GmbH 7
  8. 8. Application on rusty steel surfaces The highly-alkaline environment of the CORROPIPE ® mixture triggers a chemical reaction between the participating components (rust and coating). This leads to a transformation (passivation) of the rusty steel surface. The water-soluble, workable rust is adopted by the coating and integrated within it. The residual surface is pure steel, which coalesces homogenously and firmly with the coating. The alkaline environment of the coating guarantees active corrosion protection in the border area between steel and coating, which cannot be infiltrated. octopus coating GmbH 8
  9. 9. A Company with extensive expertise Octopus Coating represents a broad palette of internationally unique mineral Innovative coatings for protection against corrosion. Octopus Coating focuses the knowledge from over 30 years of development Experienced into simple, usable products. Each product has been developed in close collaboration with Fair users, especially for specific challenges. Our partners represent products from Octopus Coating in the markets of Europe, Asia and Latin America. Octopus Coating offers customers tested coating and painting systems, as Specialised well as custom solution packages tailored to customer wishes. octopus coating GmbH 9
  10. 10. We tackle challenges systematically Octopus Coating GmbH Hans-Böckler-Str. 36 30851 Langenhagen Deutschland Phone +49 511 978 20 28-0 Fax +49 511 978 20 28-14 octopus coating GmbH 10