Describe a teacher of the xxi century in a 2


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Describe a teacher of the xxi century in a 2

  1. 1. A teacher in the 21st Century TIC para la enseñanza de la Lengua Extranjera Julia Padial Martín 14
  2. 2. Describe a teacher of the XXI century in a 2.0 classroom Times have changed and nowadays there no place for a traditional classroom in which the teacher only uses textbooks and the traditional blackboard. That classroom in which students were sitting and working individually. Nowadays, new technologies have changed the world and therefore, there are new ways of teaching. Students know more about ICT devices than most of teachers, so, in my opinion, a teacher in the XXI century should have some competences like these: - He/she should know how to create digital audio. - He/she - Should use social bookmarking in order to share different resources with students. - He/she should use some programs like Hot Potatoes to make motivating activities for the digital board. - He/she should use blogs and other tools to share resources with students or other teachers. - He/she should use audiovisual and video content to motivate students. - He/she should collect suitable resources for learning in the classroom. - He/she should identify safe online teaching resources for students. For that, teacher should be constantly up-dating their knowledge about new technologies and putting them into practice in their classroom, so we can talk about a 2.0 classroom. Moreover, I think that being a 2.0 teacher is not only use technology in the classroom. The change should not only consist of changing paper and pencil by the computer, but on the way in which new tools are used. A 2.0 teacher should also motivate his/her students using new technologies and different resources for the teaching-
  3. 3. learning process creating, for example, creative and funny activities. A 2.0 classroom must have some basic devices like a computer with internet connection. With those simple devices the teacher can access to many resources and spaces such us videos, the News, or blogs and wikis of other teachers. Internet also offers a lot of resources like sounds, videos or pictures to create different motivating activities for children. Other device that a 2.0 classroom must have is the smart board and its projector. The use of this board can be very motivating for children sice it is something new that ensure their attention. Finally, the distribution of this 2.0 classroom must allows the work in pairs, in groups and the communication between students and between the theacher and the students. The classroom should have several spaces or cornes for different topics interesting for children. For example, one of them related to books, other related to the season in which we are, other related to the students’ birthday…. Computer Traditional blackboard Corner with different topics Smart board Student desks Teacher desk Laptops for the students