Updating Your Environmental Policy and Action Plan 16/04/2014


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Updating Your Environmental Policy and Action Plan 16/04/2014

  1. 1. WEBINAR STARTING AT 12:30PM Today‟s Topic: Updating Environmental Policies and Action Plans for Creative Organisations Julie’s Bicycle is a registered charity: England and Wales no. 1153441.
  2. 2. Updating Environmental Policies and Action Plans for Creative Organisations How to build on the policies and action plans you developed last year and incorporate new information and learnings, including the introduction of targets. Christina Tsiarta and Lucy Latham – Julie‟s Bicycle
  3. 3. Housekeeping
  4. 4. Webinar Series • Weekly webinars for NPOs, MPMs, and Bridge Organisations • Now until May (reporting deadline is May 30th) • http://www.juliesbicycle.com/resources/ace-npos/Webinars-2014 Environmental reporting: the basics 16/04/14 Updating Environmental Policy and Action Plan 16/04/14 Specialist advice: Outdoor Events 23/04/14 Going further: Sustainable Touring 30/04/14 Going further: Sustainable Productions and Exhibitions 30/04/14 Communicating success: how to effectively communicate your initiatives and stories 07/05/14 Staff engagement: planning, engaging, acting and maintaining momentum 14/05/14
  5. 5. Today’s Agenda • Introduction to Julie‟s Bicycle • Environmental reporting requirements – a reminder • Timeline • Refresh - what is an Environmental Policy and Environmental Action Plan • Developing your Policy and Action Plan • Support and resources • Trouble shooting Q&A
  6. 6. 3-year partnership with Arts Council England to support major funded organisations – 2012 to 2015 Julie‟s Bicycle Research Networks Consultancy Resources Training Events Thought Leadership
  7. 7. Results – Year 1 www.artscouncil.org.uk/media/uploads/pdf/Sustaining-Great-Art.pdf
  8. 8. Arts Council Requirements 1. Update your environmental policy and action plan. – Notify us using the IG Tools 2. Collecting data on emissions from energy and water use from April 2013 to March 2014 – Submit using the IG Tools Reporting deadline: 30th May 2014
  9. 9. Timeline Input your 2013/2014 data and review results Policy and Action Plan update Notify JB on your Policy and Action Plan by 30th May (IG Tools) Annual submission for Arts Council England - Portal opens 1st May and closes 13 June To do now
  10. 10. Environmental Policy and Action Plan: Informing us
  11. 11. What is an Environmental Policy and Action Plan Policy: Your statement of commitment to sustainability, setting over- arching ambitions Action plan: How you‟re going to achieve your objectives and targets (what, who, how and when)
  12. 12. What further help is available? www.juliesbicycle.com • Key resource: Environmental Policy and Action Plan Guidelines – includes a resource matrix for developing your actions • Example policies and plans from other organisations • Email or phone support from Julie‟s Bicycle • Further webinars
  13. 13. Examples and resource matrix
  14. 14. Environmental Policy Case study: Cornerhouse (Manchester) • Meaningful and venue-specific: Initiated by staff and developed in consultation, and now expanding to explore cultural building-specific opportunities e.g. re-using installation materials • Up-to-date: Commitment to regular updating is policy aim • Top-level buy-in: The chief executive signs off policies with the support of SMT and the board would be involved if there was a non-budgeted cost. Senior management visibly supporting Environmental Policy through behaviour changes e.g. cycling to work, minimising taxi travel etc. • Inclusive: All staff are aware of the Environmental Policy at Induction Training and through ongoing briefings and training - all staff contribute to the implementation of sound environmental practices • Communication and accessibility: Policy is available on website • Advertised to supply chain: Cornerhouse work with suppliers who have similar policies to minimise the impact of their operation on the environment.
  15. 15. Developing your policy and action plan: the next steps
  16. 16. What does my data tell me?
  17. 17. What does my data tell me? • IG Tool pie chart – Prioritising impacts – Using different metrics e.g. per m2
  18. 18. • Can do retrospective comparisons • Good for drawing comparisons between 12/13 data and 2013/14 data What does my data tell me?
  19. 19. IG Tools support • To register/sign in: www.ig-tools.com • Key resources: www.juliesbicycle.com/resources/ace-npos/ace-ig- tools – Demo videos on „how to‟ http://www.juliesbicycle.com/resources/ace- npos/ace-ig-tools • Email or phone support from Julie‟s Bicycle
  20. 20. Using my data • Data analysis – IG Tools • Peer review • Engagement and feedback • Other organisational intelligence
  21. 21. Updating your Environmental Policy • Might not need to update it yet! - align with other policy reviews (3- 5 years cycle) • Take out/revise achievements • Renew ambition • Use learnings to plot path for the future • Feedback!!
  22. 22. Best practice • Meaningful • Venue-specific • Up-to-date • Top-level buy-in • Inclusive • Communication and accessibility
  23. 23. Updating your Action Plan • Assess and evaluate your progress • Remove what has been achieved or revise to renew ambition • Use IG Tool data to set targets – prioritise impacts • Re-assess responsibilities and timeframes • Identify new gaps – e.g. widen scope of impacts considered (touring, productions, events etc.) • Include learnings from initiatives & marketing campaigns run or training provided Influence Control
  24. 24. Best practice • SMART objectives – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound • Regularly reviewed • Responsibilities • Timeframes • Communication and accessibility • Accessible to all relevant staff • “Live” document
  25. 25. Julie’s Bicycle Action Plan review– case study
  26. 26. Further support • www.juliesbicycle.com/resources/ace-npos/help-guidance • Key resources: – Environmental Policy and Action Plan Guidelines – Best practice examples • Email or phone support from Julie‟s Bicycle • Further webinars • Practical Guides and Fact sheets • Case studies • IG Tools videos
  27. 27. Thank you www.juliesbicycle.com Support@juliesbicycle.com www.facebook.com/juliesbicycle www.twitter.com/juliesbicycle
  28. 28. Any questions? • Reporting deadline 30th May 2014 • Allow 4 – 6 weeks for reporting cycle to take place within • support@juliesbicycle.com • www.juliesbicycle.com