Sustainable Production Webinar - Creu Cymru Emergence


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Sustainable Production Webinar - Creu Cymru Emergence

  1. 1. CreuCymru Emergence-Eginiad Pilot Sustainable Production Webinar starting shortly……
  2. 2. Sustainable Production Sholeh Johnston Arts Manager Lucy Latham Environmental Sustainability Coordinator Julie’s Bicycle 8th November 2013
  3. 3. Welcome • Who’s on the webinar with us today? 3
  4. 4. Your control panel - features
  5. 5. Agenda • • • • • • • • Pilot Goals Production Management Lighting Sound, AV and Automation Set IG Tools Demonstration Further Resources Discussion You can raise your hand and type questions throughout.
  6. 6. Pilot Goals • CreuCymru Emergence-Eginiad is a 10 month pilot programme funded by a Welsh Government Support for Sustainable Living grant. • The Grant scheme aims to bring about long-term changes in behaviour and lifestyle that will help reduce Wales’s greenhouse gas emissions adapt to the impacts of climate change. • Julie’s Bicycle is providing support to the pilot venues to explore sustainability right across their organisations, including: – staff & stakeholder engagement – facilities & buildings – artistic programming & production 6
  7. 7. Drivers for change Climate change adaptation Policy and regulation Business case Commodity pricing and resource scarcity Reputation
  8. 8. Environmental impacts of production Materials Energy Travel Waste Embodied carbon emissions Stage lighting Equipment hire Sourcing Automation Equipment procurement and delivery Design Sound Materials/props/costume procurement Construction Projection Cast, crew and creative team Set and props disposal
  9. 9. Towards a circular economy
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Production Management • Build sustainability into planning from day one • Involve everyone from the outset – director, producer, designer, PM, TM etc. • Create a sustainable production policy • Keep sustainability on the agenda • Think about how to manage waste early on • Monitor your environmental impacts • Evaluate and share learning
  12. 12. Lighting What do we know? • 9% of energy use in a venue (conservative) • Royal Opera House – 15%
  13. 13. Top Tips • • • • • • • • • Maintain equipment – it’s worth the investment Use existing stock efficiently Hire locally Use alternatives to PVC tap – Velcro, bungee chords, fabric ties Design efficiently – use the right luminairefor the job Consider LED where it is fit for purpose Dim where possible Conduct rehearsals under working lights Switch off after the rig check until the half Further reading • Sustainable Production Guide • White Light Green Guide • BBC Low Energy Lighting Guide
  14. 14. Sound, AV and Automation What do we know? • Early stages – we need more data • Rechargeable batteries – 32 times less harmful • Automation in larger venues can exceed energy supply capacity
  15. 15. Top Tips Sound and AV • Switch off when not in use • Choose the most energy efficient equipment available • Use rechargeable batteries • Hire locally Automation • Update inverters • Voltage Power Optimisation • Manage Peak Demand • Explore renewables
  16. 16. Set Materials What do we know? • Calculating emissions for each production • Timber and steel emissions fluctuated between 19-68 tonnes CO2e – equivalent of 2% and 10% of overall emissions • Banned tropical hardwood ply • Disposing of waste materials responsibly • Looked at all aspects of embodied emissions in • 0.7 tonnes – 2% of the overall production Beyond carbon • Sourcing issues • Treatments • Disposal
  17. 17. Top Tips Top Tips • Avoid tropical hardwood ply (lauan) • Buy from FSC certified sources with a chain of custody • Use materials you know can be recycled • Build with disassembly in mind • Use nails and glue sparingly • Minimise toxic treatments and seek natural alternatives • Work with a disposal company that recycles • Explore other reuse options – Community Paint • Connect with local communities, schools, and Freecycle initiatives
  18. 18. Materials: Green Theatre Choices
  19. 19. Spotlight on Touring • Build environmental sustainability in at the start • Contact receiving venues to see what equipment and props you might be able to source locally. • Minimise the size and weight of the set to reduce transport emissions. • Use train, coach or other public transport options for cast and crew travel where possible, and maximise car/van occupancy. • Use a green rider to communicate your environmental commitments to receiving venues. ( • Try to choose travel operators and hotels that act responsibly and have robust environmental policies, and use residential accommodation where possible. Resource – Green Mobility Guide:
  20. 20. Engaging the Whole Team
  21. 21. Challenging Aesthetics Soutra Gilmour Paule Constable Arcola Theatre
  22. 22. Developing and Testing Technology Prue Lang Kacie Hultgren Powerful Thinking fanSHEN Theatre Company
  23. 23. Tools & Resources IG Tools – carbon calculators for production, touring, venues, festivals, offices Sustainable Production Guide email
  24. 24. Other Monitoring Tools • Sub-metering • FocusTrack, PowerTrack function • Bespoke spreadsheets for materials Remember • Focus on energy, travel and material quantity first
  25. 25. Summary Top Tips 1. Engage everyone you work with 2. Ask “how can we reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle as much as possible?” at every stage of the process 3. Monitor your impacts – “you have to measure to manage” 4. Design for maximum efficiency, reuse and recyclability 5. Reuse and repurpose materials, costumes and props where possible 6. Avoid lauan tropical plywood – use FSC alternatives 7. Use recycled metals 8. Find natural alternatives to toxic treatments 9. Use resources and equipment efficiently 10. Manage waste responsibly
  26. 26. Discussion • • • • Questions Challenges Opportunities Ideas
  27. 27. Discussion – we will unmute you
  28. 28. Discussion – mute yourself when you aren’t talking to avoid echoes!
  29. 29. Discussion – sharing webcam
  30. 30. Discussion – webcam shared
  31. 31. Discussion • • • • Questions Challenges Opportunities Ideas
  32. 32. CreuCymru Emergence-Eginiad Pilot Thanks for joining us! Sustainable Production 8th November 2013 Sholeh Johnston & Lucy Latham Julie’s Bicycle