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Culture Change workshop Cambridge: Developing an Environmental Policy and Action Plan


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Culture Change workshop Cambridge: Developing an Environmental Policy and Action Plan

  1. 1. #CreateShareSustain Environmental Policy & Action Planning
  2. 2. #CreateShareSustain Lucy Latham Environmental Sustainability Co-ordinator Aims of the day: Develop an awareness of our environmental impacts Start developing environmental policies and action plans Learn about monitoring and measuring – IG Tools demo
  3. 3. #CreateShareSustain Agenda • Introduction to the workshop and Culture Change • Participant introductions • Understanding your environmental impacts 15.15 – 15.30 BREAK • What is an environmental policy and action plan? • Feedback and discussion • IG Tools demo • Next steps 17.30 – END
  4. 4. #CreateShareSustain UNTIL MARCH 2015 PARTNERS:
  5. 5. #CreateShareSustain Who is it for? • SMEs & micro businesses • Creative industries • East of England What’s on offer? • One to one expert support • Events, workshops and webinars • Tools and resources • Networking opportunities Support with: • Developing your business case for environmental action • Implementing action plans and achieving carbon reductions • Access to finance • Employment law and apprenticeships
  6. 6. #CreateShareSustain Introductions Name Organisation Quick exercise where are you on the sustainability scale?
  7. 7. #CreateShareSustain Julie’s Bicycle We make environmental sustainability intrinsic to the business, art and ethics of the creative industries. Research Practical tools & resources Collaborative projects Networks & events
  8. 8. #CreateShareSustain How we work Research Practical Tools and Resources Bespoke Support and Projects Data Gathering Sharing knowledge Networks and Events Together we can be bigger than the sum of our parts. Artists Audiences Leaders Businesses Creatives Freelancers Suppliers
  9. 9. #CreateShareSustain Albany Alexandra Theatre Birmingham Almeida Ambassador Theatre Group Analogue Anne Minors Performance Consultants Arcola Arts Agenda Artsadmin Association of British Theatre Technicians BAC Bambu Brasiliero Barbican Battersea Arts Centre Big Brum Blast Theory Blind Summit Theatre Boat Ballet BPI Brighton Theatre Bristol Cast Bar Bush Cachella Cambridge Theatre Cameron Mackintosh Cape Fareell Cardboard Citizens Chapter Arts Centre Charcoal Blue Chats Palace Cheek By Jowl Chisenhale Dance Space Circus Space Cirque du Soleil Clod Ensemble Comedy Theatre Company of Angels Compass Theatre Complicite Cryptic Dance City Dogstar Theatre Company Donmar Dream Think Speak Duchess Theatre East Angles Theatre Company Edinburgh Playhouse Embassy Theatre Central School of Speech and Drama English National Opera English Touring Theatre Federation of Scottish Theatre Ferneham Hall Festivals Edinburgh Fevered Sleep Finborough Theatre Forced Entertainment Forrest Forge Theatre Company Fortune Frantic Assembly Fuel Theatre Gate Gielgud Glasgow Kings Glyndebourne Grand Opera House Greenwich and Lewisham Young People's Theatre Greenwich Theatre Grimsby Auditorium Hampstead Hawarth Tompkins Architects Headlong Theatre Highlander Hoipoloi Improbable Independent Theatre Council Productions Kabosh Kali Kenneth More Theatre Leas Cliff Hall Lemn Sissay Library Theatre LIFT Little Angel Live Theatre Liverpool Empire Liverpool Everyman London Bubble Theatre Company London Palladium London Theatre Consortium Lyceum Lyric Hammersmith Manchester International Festival Michael Clark Company Milton Keynes Miranda National Theatre National Theatre of Scotland National Theatre Wales Nederlander New Art Club New International Encounter New Perspectives New Theatre New Wimbledon Theatre Noel Cowrd Northern Broadsides Northern Stage Nottingham Playhouse Oh What a Lovely War Old Vic Oxford Playhouse Oxfordshire Theatre Company Paddington Development Trust Paines Plough Paule Constable People's Romeo Phoenix Piccadilly Pilot Theatre PLASA Playhouse Polka Theatre Prince Edward Prince Of Wales Princess Theatre and Breezes Cafe Bar Proto-type Theatre Quarantine Rambert Rasa Productions Really Useful Group Reckless Sleepers Red Shift Regents Park Open Air Theatre RGA Consultants Richard DeDomenici Richmond Theatre Rifco Arts Royal Albert Hall Royal Court Royal Opera House Royal Shakespeare Company Sadler's Wells Sage Gateshead Savoy Scenery Salvage Seven Stories Shared Experience Sherman Cymru Signal to Noise Society of London Theatres Soho Sound and Fury Southbank Centre Southport Theatre and Floral Hall Southwark Playhouse Station House Opera Stellar Quines Theatre Company Stephen Mottram’s Animata Stoke Regent Stoke Victoria Sunderland Empire Susan and Darren Tara Arts Tara Studio Terrapin Puppet Theatre School The Adelphi The Albany The Drill Hall The Duke Of York's Theatre The Fifth Estate The Future is Unwritten The Minack Theatre The Opera Group The Red Room The Sage Gateshead The Theatres Trust Theatre Absolute Theatre Alibi Theatre Royal Theatre Royal Plymouth Theatre Royal Stratford East Theatrical Management Association Third Angel Tipping Point Told by an Idiot Toynbee Studios Trafalgar Studios Travelling Light Theatre Tricycle UK Arts International Unicorn Uninvited Guests Victoria Apollo Volcano White Light Woking Theatre Wyndhams Young Vic We now work with over 1,000 organisations – our goal is to take change to scale.
  10. 10. #CreateShareSustain Why you ‘should’ care • UK Gov: – 80% reduction by 2050 on 1990 levels • Arctic sea ice: – Melting twice as quickly as predicted • Rate of species extinction: – 100-1,000x higher than historically ‘normal’ • Temperature rise: – 5/6ºC warming =>  5-10% off global GDP 10
  11. 11. #CreateShareSustain Why it’s worth it • It’s a business issue, not just an ethical one • It can save you money, time and effort • It’s not going to go away Arts and Culture: • Have an impact far beyond their own footprint • Enable us to understand complex issues • Have a role to play in social change 11
  12. 12. #CreateShareSustain Improving environmental sustainability Income Audiences Access Developing work New technologies Positioning Investing in staff Branding
  13. 13. #CreateShareSustain 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s CO2 = 381pp m Royal Court Theatre: Hot Air Lectures 100+ shows at Edinurgh Fringe + many more
  14. 14. #CreateShareSustain Sector/Arts response 14 • Overwhelmingly positive response to Arts Council Reporting Initiative after 1st year – 90% engaged (635 orgs) – 86% agree/strongly agree can make a positive difference to Arts Sector as a whole • Network approaches – Manchester Arts Sustainability Team (MAST), Manchester City Council (events), Creu Cymru (venues), Creative Carbon Scotland, Newcastle Gateshead Cultural Venues, London Theatre Consortium, Culture Change • International – Australian Arts Council, European Music Venues, Canadian Arts Council, IFACCA
  15. 15. #CreateShareSustain Challenging ‘business as usual’ Prue Lang fanSHEN Theatre Company Kacie Hultgren Powerful Thinking
  16. 16. #CreateShareSustain Facilitating change • Work with people who think differently to you • Measure what matters • Revisit your resources and assets – what’s already there that we can maximise? • Encourage participation through ownership • As cultural hubs, engage and learn from your communities • Make space to talk, share and collaborate • Find local environmental initiatives /networks to join • COMMUNICATE and inspire others
  17. 17. #CreateShareSustain What’s to gain? • Sector and community leader • Unlock new funding sources • Reduced costs and increased operational efficiency • Future-proof your business and reduce risk of externalities e.g. increasing utility bills and landfill taxation • Enhance reputation and competitiveness • Being part of a movement – a historical culture shift • Evidence not only relevance but necessity of the arts
  18. 18. #CreateShareSustain  Eth Thank you
  19. 19. #CreateShareSustain Goal Environmental sustainability is embedded in all decision making and activity equally alongside artistic and financial considerations.
  20. 20. #CreateShareSustain Exercise: Horizons toolkit • Pick out three cards - one of each colour - that you think are most important
  21. 21. #CreateShareSustain Environmental planning process Agree actions and timescales for implementation (Action plan) Decide objectives and targets (Policy) Assess current performance Identify what data you already collect Identify key activities and impacts Scope your business
  22. 22. #CreateShareSustain Organisation scoping Start with scoping out your organisation, i.e. – Who are you? – What do you do and where? – What type of goods, services and materials do you need for your business? – Who do you provide your products/services to? – What are your key areas of spend? **Fill in question 1 of your template hand-out**
  23. 23. #CreateShareSustain Motivation and ambition What is your motivation for taking environmental action? What is your level of environmental ambition? **Fill in questions 2 and 3 of your template hand-out**
  24. 24. #CreateShareSustain Decide which activities to look at e.g. – Building/office space – Travel – Office supplies/materials – Printing and publications – Suppliers – Design/creative process And which environmental impacts you want to look at e.g. – Energy, water, waster – Business travel and logistics – Materials/product sourcing – How your products and services link to your clients’ environmental performance Understanding your impacts
  25. 25. #CreateShareSustain Where to find the info… Smart meters And what to do with it… Staff surveys Bills Conversation Data collection sheets (excel) Julie’sBicycleIndustry Green tools Mileage/fuel records kWh per m2 litres per m2 ELECTRICITY 78 GAS 80 WATER 338 Julie’sBicycle benchmarks:offices Receipts Live Energy Display! Online performanceand analysis software
  26. 26. Where to find information... Source of impact Current data and info available (e.g. source and types of materials used, volumes used, miles travelled, costs, % of products/materials) Source of information How do you monitor and measure this source of impact and how regularly do you do this? Who’s responsible ? Energy and water Invoices/bills – suppliers/landlord, supply contracts, meter reads, smart meters, procurement/finance records, occupancy / staff survey, energy audit Waste Waste service contracts, invoices/bills/reports – service providers/landlord, bin pick-up counts/records, charity donation records and reports, staff surveys, procurement/finance records, cleaning contractor Office supplies and services Invoices, receipts, procurement/finance records, staff surveys, stock inventory Printing and publications Invoices, receipts, procurement/finance records, staff surveys…… Business travel Transport tickets/receipts, mileage/fuel records, expenses claims, travel log/diaries, travel agent records, staff surveys Logistics and transport (e.g. venue hire, deliveries) Delivery records, mileage/fuel records, travel log/diaries, Suppliers and contractors Supplier audit/questionnaire, supplier environmental policies, supplier discussion/engagement
  27. 27. #CreateShareSustain How well do you think you’re doing? Office Energy Water Waste Supplies and equipment (e.g. IT, stationary) Paper and printing (double-sided printing, reuse of old paper) Business travel Transport: logistics and distribution Sourcing your materials and services Your product/service Understanding your impacts
  28. 28. #CreateShareSustain Overview of impacts • Energy • Water • Waste • Pollution (e.g. generators) • Business travel • Audience travel • Production freight • Fleet travel • Food sourcing • Printing • Promotional material • Supplies, equipment & services for your business e.g. IT, servers, printing & publications, banking • Toxic paints/sprays • Materials
  29. 29. #CreateShareSustain What do you consider to be your organisation’s main environmental impacts? **Fill in questions 4 and 5 of your template hand-out**
  30. 30. #CreateShareSustain Cultural venues and festivals Control • Energy • Waste • Water • Procurement / sourcing • Printing and promotions • Business travel – Staff – Transport: logistics & distribution Influence • Staff behaviour and commuting • Audience behaviour and travel • Incoming artists /productions – E.g. using Green Riders • Café bar / catering • Concessions • Community perspectives
  31. 31. #CreateShareSustain Offices and studios Control • Business travel • IT energy use • Waste • Procurement / sourcing • Printing and promotions • Transport: logistics & distribution • (Energy) • (Water) Influence • Staff behaviour and commuting • Audience / customer behaviour (and travel)
  32. 32. #CreateShareSustain Makers Control • Procurement / sourcing • Design approach and process – Durability, reuse etc. – Lifecycle impacts • Working patterns • Printing and promotions • Transport: logistics & distribution Influence • Customer / audience behaviour and awareness • Collaborators – E.g. using Green Riders
  33. 33. #CreateShareSustain Not-for-profit supporting photographers 3 part-time staff, based at Chinese Arts Centre & home-working => carbon footprint, energy & water use are tiny Focus on: – Co-operating with office landlord on environmental monitoring & action – Consider impacts at home e.g. energy – Choose venues for member events with environmental credentials (virtual participation) – Provide environmental advice & info to members e.g. impacts of dark room processing
  34. 34. #CreateShareSustain Opportunities • Operational impacts may be small, hard to quantify, difficult to control/influence • Working in shared spaces – need to co-operate • Being able to see the difference that action can make • Sustainable design and innovation skills • Time and resources for a 1 man/woman show – small teams Challenges • Meeting existing client demands • Winning new clients • Generating new business • Applying creativity to sustainability • Saving costs / improving cost management • Complying with legislation • Building reputation • A great way to engage with clients, staff, suppliers etc.
  35. 35. #CreateShareSustain Any questions?
  36. 36. #CreateShareSustain Break time! 15 Minutes!
  37. 37. #CreateShareSustain What is an environmental policy? Policy: Your statement of commitment to sustainability, setting over-arching ambitions
  38. 38. #CreateShareSustain Best practice • Meaningful • Venue-specific • Up-to-date • Top-level buy-in • Inclusive • Communication and accessibility 38
  39. 39. Environmental Policy Case study: Cornerhouse (Manchester) • Meaningful and venue-specific: Initiated by staff and developed in consultation, and now expanding to explore cultural building-specific opportunities e.g. re- using installation materials • Up-to-date: Commitment to regular updating is policy aim • Top-level buy-in: The chief executive signs off policies with the support of SMT and the board would be involved if there was a non-budgeted cost. Senior management visibly supporting Environmental Policy through behaviour changes e.g. cycling to work, minimising taxi travel etc. • Inclusive: All staff are aware of the Environmental Policy at Induction Training and through ongoing briefings and training - all staff contribute to the implementation of sound environmental practices • Communication and accessibility: Policy is available on website • Advertised to supply chain: Cornerhouse work with suppliers who have similar policies to minimise the impact of their operation on the environment.
  40. 40. #CreateShareSustain
  41. 41. #CreateShareSustain What is an environmental action plan? Action plan: How you’re going to achieve your objectives and targets (what, who, how and when) Quick question: what is the best action? 1. We will reduce our energy consumption 2. John Snow is responsible for reducing our energy consumption by 20% 3. John Snow is responsible for reducing our electricity consumption by 15% by March 2015.
  42. 42. #CreateShareSustain Best practice • SMART objectives – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound • Regularly reviewed • Responsibilities • Timeframes • Communication and accessibility • Accessible to all relevant staff • “Live” document 42
  43. 43. #CreateShareSustain Case study: Victoria and Albert Museum • Modified set-points • Optimised free cooling • Passive environmental control Outcomes • No humidification or refrigeration equipment required • Environmental control achieved through ventilations and heating systems • Up to 30% energy saving possible compared to traditional close controlled mechanical air con system • Reduced running costs • Reduced emissions Source: Arup, Museums & art galleries survival strategies
  44. 44. #CreateShareSustain Case study: Baltic • Travel – engaging with transport agents Flexible HVAC controls – decided on a case-by-case basis • Sustainable exhibition build • Timed switching
  45. 45. #CreateShareSustain Case study: Young Vic, After Miss Julie • 34% reduction in relative energy emissions per audience member • A reduction of 68% in transport emissions • Overall 99% reduction in absolute emissions from paper use compared to previous shows
  46. 46. #CreateShareSustain Young Vic: engagement
  47. 47. #CreateShareSustain
  48. 48. #CreateShareSustain Mysteryland (ID&T): Case study
  49. 49. #CreateShareSustain Objectives and targets Define 5 key objectives and/or targets, each with a corresponding timeframe **Fill in question 1 of your action plan template hand-out**
  50. 50. #CreateShareSustain Action planning **Fill in question 2 of your action plan template hand-out** Considerations:  Do you have the necessary understanding of your environmental impacts? I.e. no point in creating a 10% energy reduction action if you don’t monitor consumption  Prioritise – consider costs and effort of interventions > biggest rewards/investments V low hanging fruit  Consider current state of affairs (organisational/local/national) - funding opportunities, budget/time/staffing constraints
  51. 51. #CreateShareSustain What further help is available? Key resource: Environmental Policy and Action Plan Guidelines – includes a resource matrix for developing your actions
  52. 52. #CreateShareSustain FEEDBACK
  53. 53. #CreateShareSustain Green Riders 'Green Riders' sent out alongside hospitality and technical riders are a great tool to encourage greater communication between artists and touring companies, and venues and festivals about your environmental aims and objectives, and more joined up working to achieve a more sustainable touring sector.
  54. 54. #CreateShareSustain
  55. 55. #CreateShareSustain Review your template **Fill in questions 6,7 and 8 of your template hand-out**
  56. 56. #CreateShareSustain Exercise: Horizons Toolkit • What do you think poses the greatest risk to your organisation going forward? • Where do you see the most opportunity for driving change? • Post workshop, has your perspective on any of the issues on the cards changed?
  57. 57. #CreateShareSustain IG TOOLS DEMO
  58. 58. #CreateShareSustain Recording your impacts • Use Julie’s Bicycle’s IG Tools ( • Monitor and report impacts • Summarise your data and create a carbon footprint • Compare activities/years and demonstrate improvement • Hone in on different environmental impact sources
  59. 59. #CreateShareSustain Communicating data
  60. 60. #CreateShareSustain Next steps • Book your one-to-one support with Julie’s Bicycle to complete your bespoke policy and action plan • Sign up for our upcoming webinars: – Sustainable Productions and Exhibitions (2nd July) – Behaviour Change (15th October) • Attend upcoming networking events: - The Creative's Economy 10 July 2014 09:30 - 16:00 - The Creative Employment Programme Workshop 10 September 2014 10:30 - 12:00
  61. 61. #CreateShareSustain Thank you Your feedback is very welcome! #CreateShareSustain @JuliesBicycle