Arts Council Environmental Reporting - Going Further: Sustainable Touring


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A reminder of the environmental reporting requirements including how to add new data to the IG Tools, plus a special focus on : Top tips on how to identify, manage and reduce the environmental impacts of your productions and exhibitions.

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Arts Council Environmental Reporting - Going Further: Sustainable Touring

  1. 1. Going Further: Sustainable touring Top tips on how to identify, manage and reduce the environmental impacts of your touring Luke Ramsay and Lucy Latham – Julie’s Bicycle
  2. 2. Environmental reporting: the basics 02/04/14 Updating Environmental Policy and Action Plan 02/04/14 Specialist advice: Cultural Buildings and Venues 09/04/14 Specialist advice: Offices 09/04/14 Environmental reporting: the basics 16/04/14 Updating Environmental Policy and Action Plan 16/04/14 Specialist advice: Outdoor Events 23/04/14 IG Tools Training 23/04/14 Going further: Sustainable Touring 30/04/14 Going further: Sustainable Productions and Exhibitions 30/04/14 Communicating success: how to effectively communicate your initiatives and stories 07/05/14 IG Tools Training 07/05/14 Staff engagement: planning, engaging, acting and maintaining momentum 14/05/14 To register:
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda • Introduction to Julie’s Bicycle • Environmental reporting results from 2012/13 • Environmental reporting requirements – a reminder • Touring – Planning – On Tour – Post-Tour • Support and resources • Trouble shooting Q&A
  4. 4. 3-year partnership with Arts Council England to support major funded organisations – 2012 to 2015 Julie’s Bicycle Research Networks Consultancy Resources Training Events Thought Leadership
  5. 5. 1. Update your environmental policy and action plan. – Notify us using the IG Tools 2. Collecting data on emissions from energy and water use from April 2013 to March 2014 – Submit using the IG Tools Reporting deadline: 30th May 2014 Arts Council Requirements
  6. 6. Timeline Input your 2013/2014 data and review results Policy and Action Plan update Notify JB on your Policy and Action Plan by 30th May (IG Tools) Annual submission for Arts Council England - Portal opens 1st May and closes 13 June To do now
  7. 7. Environmental Policy and Action Plan: Informing us
  8. 8. Planning • Planning Tour – Use IG Tools to map out scenarios – Rationalising routes, making them most distance efficient – Research venues with a commitment to environmental sustainability (or ask them) – Use digital comms. e.g. Skype to communicate with partners before tour – If you do travel, try and maximize your impact in that area by putting on more shows – Set commitments – Consider Live broadcasts – Work with touring consortiums to increase collaboration
  9. 9. Planning Examples
  10. 10. On Tour • Transport, Advocacy and Set Design – Green hotels, or encourage people to use family/friends – Design shows to take up minimal transport space – Advocacy with green riders – Sustainable forms of transport – Challenge exclusion zones
  11. 11. On Tour Advocacy, choosing your venue
  12. 12. On Tour Sustainable transport
  13. 13. On Tour Innovations in set design • Depending on scale, having sets built on site might be a better option • Can reduce set sizes considerably in order to reduce the impact of transporting
  14. 14. Office Too • Probably already using IG Tools • Also have resources relating to reducing impacts at home
  15. 15. Further support • • Key resources: – Sustainable production guide – New Touring guide coming soon! • Email or phone support from Julie’s Bicycle • Further webinars • Practical Guides and Fact sheets • Case studies • IG Tools videos
  16. 16. Thank you
  17. 17. Any questions? • Reporting deadline 30th May 2014 • Allow 4 – 6 weeks for reporting cycle to take place within • •