KVRC 2014 - Submission Portal Presentation


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This presentation presents the submission portal that has been put together for the Khamsin Virtual Racecar Challenge 2014 ( www.khamsinvirtualracecarchallenge.com ). It goes through submission process (actual, what to do to submit) as well as geometry preparation.

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KVRC 2014 - Submission Portal Presentation

  1. 1. Khamsin Virtual Racecar Challenge 2014 Submission Portal Presentation Hangout on Air, 22nd January 2014 Start 7pm, AEST
  2. 2. Presentation Outline 1.Objective(s) of the Presentation 2.Web Portal Overview 3.Geometry Preparation
  3. 3. Presentation Objective(s) • Ensure that participants are confident in how to prepare and submit their design; • Reduce the number of "false" or "erroneous" submissions.
  4. 4. Web Portal • Information required: • • • • Geometry in SketchUp (preferred) or STL format; Email address; Registered team name; Key (issued by KVRC). • Web Portal URL: http://www.khamsinvirtualracecarchallenge.com/th e-challenge-2014/submit You can submit multiple time, we will consider the latest submission (prior to the submission date).
  5. 5. Web Portal
  6. 6. Web Portal Live Demo
  7. 7. Geometry Preparation 1.Orientation & positioning; 2.Group splitting & naming; 3.Other items.
  8. 8. Geometry Preparation Car should be facing the -y axis direction
  9. 9. Geometry Preparation Align lowest point of wheels with plane z = -5mm
  10. 10. Geometry Preparation SketchUp groups and STL solid naming convention: Wheel-Back-Right Rear-Wing Wheel-Back-Left Wheel-Front-Right Body Wheel-Front-Left Front-Wing
  11. 11. Geometry Preparation • Do not include regulation box(es); • STL: Use meter units; • STL: Ensure that parts are correctly splitted and that the solid are named correctly; • SketchUp: Use version 8 format; • SketchUp: Ensure that the group are named correctly.
  12. 12. KVRC 2014 Portal Presentation Thank you for your time and attention, Question(s)?