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CFD Apps: User Guide for the Urban Wind Study App


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CFD Apps - - is a webbased portal for undertaking application specific Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation.

This presentation describes the use of the Urban Wind Study App, in particular how to prepare the geometry for analysis, submit the geometry using the portal and what to expect.

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CFD Apps: User Guide for the Urban Wind Study App

  1. 1. CFD Apps, a Webportal for CFD Modelling Urban Wind Study User Guide
  2. 2. Outline 1.Geometry Preparation 2.Analysis Submission
  3. 3. Geometry Preparation Z X Align all building with ground plane. The App assumes flat ground plane located at the lowest z coordinate of the submitted geometry.
  4. 4. Geometry Preparation X Y Z North When preparing the geometry, remember that: • North is aligned with the y direction; • The z-direction is the up-direction (i.e towards the sky).
  5. 5. Geometry Preparation • If submitting geometry using STL file format: • Use meter units; • Use a ZIP archive with multiple STL files if required or easier. • If submitting geometry using the SketchUp file format: • Just make sure that the geometry is properly prepared as mentioned previously; • Groups and components are acceptable, but just keep the number of them in the top level small...
  6. 6. Analysis Submission URL:
  7. 7. Analysis Submission Enter your email address Select the geometry file Enter scenario parameters for up to 6 scenarios: Wind speed; Wind height (ie the height at which the wind speed occurs); Wind direction. Click Cancel to close the App or Submit to proceed to the next step.
  8. 8. Analysis Submission Select the analysis type from: Analyse: Run the analysis. Payment will be processed through PayPal unless you are registered for invoicing; Analyse - Free Trial: Run the analysis at no cost provided that you are registered for trial and have not yet used all the trial analysis. Registration is required prior to submitting the analysis. OpenFoam Setup: Prepare a openFoam setup corresponding to the scenario(s) submitted at no cost. Cancel: Cancel the analysis.
  9. 9. Analysis Submission Confirmation that the analysis has been submitted (or canceled) and will be processed shortly.
  10. 10. Analysis Submission Once the analysis is submitted you should receive emails similar to the one shown below - openFoam Setup analysis will be slightly different: Confirmation of simulation start. There is one simulation per scenario Confirmation the analysis submission including scenario parameters Link to CFD simulation results for download and local post- processing Link to result webpage showing automatic simulation post- processing
  11. 11. CFD Apps Thank you Question(s)? Contact us at