wimmics and DBpedia FR


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wimmics and DBpedia FR

  1. 1. A Linked Data hub Julien Cojan Wimmics COST workshop – April 5th 2013
  2. 2. Head (and INRIA contact): Fabien GandonVice Head (and I3S contact): Catherine Faron-Zucker PhD students:Researchers: 1. Pavel Arapov, 1st year (EDSTIC-I3S)• Michel Buffa, MdC (UNS) 2. Franck Berthelon, 3nd year (UNS-EDSTIC)• Olivier Corby, CR1 (INRIA) 3. Ahlem Bouchahda, 3rd year (UNS-SupCom Tunis)• Alain Giboin, CR1 (INRIA) 4. Khalil Riad Bouzidi, 3rd year (UNS-CSTB)• Nhan Le Thanh, Pr. (UNS) 5. Luca Costabello, 2nd year (INRIA-CORDI)• Isabelle Mirbel, MdC, HDR (UNS) 6. Papa Fary Diallo, 1st year (AUF-UGB-INRIA)• Peter Sander, Pr. (UNS) 7. Corentin Follenfant, 2nd year (SAP)• Andrea G. B. Tettamanzi, Pr. (UNS) 8. Maxime Lefrançois, 2nd year (EDSTIC-INRIA)• Serena Villata, RP (INRIA) 9. Nguyen Thi Hoa Hue, 1st year (Vietnam-CROUS) 10. Nicolas Marie, 2nd year (Bell-ALU, INRIA)Post-doc: 11. Zide Meng, 1st year (INRIA, ANR OCKTOPUS)• Zeina Azmeh (I3S) 12. Rakebul Hasan, 1st year (INRIA ANR-Kolflow)• Elena Cabrio (CORDIS) 13. Oumy Seye, 2nd year, (INRIA Rose Dieng allocation) 14. Imen Tayari, 3rd year (UNS-Sfax Tunisie)Research engineers:• Julien Cojan (INRIA, Ministry of Culture) Assistants:• Christophe Desclaux (Boost your code) • Christine Foggia (INRIA)• Amosse Edouard (I3S) • Sarah Choulet (I3S)
  3. 3. research problemsocio-semantic networks: combining formalsemantics and social semantics on the web
  4. 4. research fieldssocio-semantic networks: combining formalsemantics and social semantics on the web web-supported epistemic communities model and support actors, actions & interactions graph-based representation & reasoning
  5. 5. web landscape and graphs(meta)data of the relations and the resources of the web = + + + + +…web… …sites …social …of data …of services …semantics = + + + + +…typed web networks linked data workflows schemasgraphs (graphs) (graphs) (graphs) (graphs) (graphs)
  6. 6. projects isicil.inria.fr (ANR)  enterprise social networking  business intelligence, watching, monitoring  communities of interest, of practice, of experts datalift.org (ANR)DATALIFT  from raw public data to interlinked data and schemas  a platform and documentation to assist the process  validation on real datasets kolflow.univ-nantes.fr (ANR)  reduce the overhead of communities building knowledge  federated semantic: distributed blackboard for man-machine coop.
  7. 7. projects dbpedia.fr (Ministry of Culture)  Extract and publish data and facts from French version of wikipedia  Publication on the Linked Data  Member of the DBpedia internationalization committee QAKIS  Question answering system in natural language  Relate DBpedia data with expression in Wikipedia text  Queries on Linked Data DiscoveryHub  Recommendation system  Interest propagation over DBpedia graph  Cross-domain suggestions
  8. 8. Semantization of French speaking resources of WikimediaProjects : ● DBpedia en français ● Semantization of the Wiktionnary ● Interconnexion with other cultural ressources ● Complementary tools (Lookup, Spotlight)http://semanticpedia.org
  9. 9. wikipedia encyclopedic pagesSlide adapted from F. Gandon presentation
  10. 10. wikipedia dbpedia extraction framework encyclopedic dataSlide adapted from F. Gandon presentation
  11. 11. Data extracted from Wikipedia
  12. 12. Data extracted from Wikipedia 48.861073 2.335784 Catégorie: Musée_égyptologique latitude Infobox longitude Musée catégorie modèle Musée du Louvre 10/08/1793 adresse ville99, rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris pays Paris cp pays 75056 France région pays Île-de-France
  13. 13. RDF representation Musée du Louvre ville Paris dbFr:Musée_du_Louvre dbFr-prop:ville dbpedia-fr:Paris (Subject) (predicate) (object)Musée du Louvre Subject of Wikipedia articles : http://fr.dbpedia.org/resource/[Page_Name] dbFr: ville Properties extracted textually : http://fr.dbpedia.org/property/[property] dbFr-prop:
  14. 14. social maintenance dbpedia wiki for vocabulary and extraction patternsSlide adapted from F. Gandon presentation
  15. 15. Normalized vocabularyIssues raised by the textual extraction● Ambiguities Musée du Louvre pays France Raymond pays France Poulidor• Terms Variations Emmanuel Kant naissance 22/04/1724 date de Le Corbusier 06/10/1887 naissance
  16. 16. Normalized vocabularyVocabulary collaboratively defined on http://mappings.dbpedia.orgOntology :● Class hierarchy http://dbpedia.org/ontology/Museum● Properties http://dbpedia.org/ontology/city dbo: Infobox dbo : infobox rdf:typeMappings : Musée Museum Musée du Musée du Louvre Louvre ville Paris dbo:city Paris
  17. 17. Interlinking Outgoing links to : ● Freebase ● CIA factbook ● Geonames ● Project Guttenberg ● DrugBank ... http://wiki.dbpedia.org/Interlinking
  18. 18. Multilingual Linked Open Data ● Member of DBpedia internationalization comittee [1] (13 chapters) ● Interconnexion ● Equivalence links between instances ● Common vocabulary (DBpedia Ontology) [1] http://dbpedia.org/Internationalization
  19. 19. DBpedia En vs DBpedia Fr Number of common values 343 583 Number of differentes values 175 227 Number of values only in DBpedia Fr 460 586 Number of values only in DBpedia En 2 022 557Causes for the differences :● Error/vandalism● Disagreement (China superficie)● Granularity Level DBpedia En, Seine spring location : Burgundy (Bougogne), DBpedia Fr, Seine spring location : plateau de Langres.
  20. 20. InterconnexionsDBpedia En DBpedia Fr Paris Troyes dbo:city dbo:city Seine Seine dbo:river_mouth dbo:river_mouth dbo:river_mouth English Manche Channel (mer) Baie de la Seine Property English label French label dbo:river_mouth river mouth embouchure dbo:city city ville
  21. 21. InterconnexionsDBpedia En DBpedia Fr Paris Troyes dbo:city dbo:city Seine Seine dbo:river_mouth dbo:river_mouth dbo:river_mouth dbo:river_mouth English Manche Channel (mer) Baie de Baie de la Seine la Seine Property English label French label dbo:river_mouth river mouth embouchure dbo:city city ville
  22. 22. wiktionary dbpedia extraction framework lexicographic dataSlide adapted from F. Gandon presentation
  23. 23. Wiki source dbpedia extraction framework Literature dataSlide adapted from F. Gandon presentation
  24. 24. https://www.wikidata.org● Knowledge Base collaboratively edited (Wikimedia commons for data)● Overlap with DBpedia Phase 1 : interlanguage links Phase 2 : infoboxes● Future ● Interlinking (compatibility) ● Migrate tools
  25. 25. http://dbpedia.inria.fr/qakis
  26. 26. http://semreco.inria.fr
  27. 27. Zone 47 http://zone47.com/db/
  28. 28. HdA Lab http://hdalab.iri-research.org/hdalab/
  29. 29. web@Inriagraphes, arbre et réseaux visualisation et interaction• Asap • Aviz• Graphik • Gravite• Maestro • In-Situ• Mostrare • Imedia 2 • Texmexgestion des bases de données structure, sémantique• Dahu • Exmo• Leo • Orpailleur• Zenith • Score • Wamprogrammation, réseaux, distribution • Wimmics• Indes• Oasis• Planete• Smis
  30. 30. WEBscience 37
  31. 31. demain, celui qui contrôlera les métadonnées, contrôlera le web. http://fabien.info @fabien_gandon