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Hardbacon Pitch Deck

Here's the pitch deck of Hardbacon, a fintech startup based in Montreal.

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Hardbacon Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Many advisors will refuse new clients with less than $250,000 to invest. Those that do accept such clients will typically sell them high-fees mutual funds, and won’t be heard from until the following RRSP season. Robo-advisors are a one-size fits all approach to investing. You can’t decide what securities you want to hold nor adapt your investment strategy to ethical beliefs. People investing online through discount brokers, otherwise known as self directed investors, can make easily avoidable mistakes. They tend to buy different securities impulsively that don’t fit together rather than building a portfolio.
  2. 2. Studies show that self-directed investors underperform the market by 3-4%
  3. 3. Everything you need to understand how well your portfolio is doing. Seeing the graphic on top would be better
  4. 4. Portfolio Analysis Using data from your own brokerage as well as multiple external sources, our algorithms analyze your portfolio through the prism of 9 different factors, and generate a personalized feedback for each of them.
  5. 5. AI-Powered Financial Planning Our access to your bank accounts, credit cards and investment accounts allow us to deduct many thing about you using using machine learning We can generate a financial plan for you by asking you as little as two questions. Once you committed to a plan, we help you achieving your goal by notifying you when your spending habits or the market conditions are putting at risk the achievement of your goal
  6. 6. You can click on anything you don’t understand in the app and a definition pops-up. The definitions level of difficulty automatically adapt to your financial literacy score. We attribute you a financial literacy score based on a few questions, and it evolve as you use the app and go through the course Our mobile course, composed of a series of vertical videos with subtitles, is tailored to your specific needs, based on your financial literacy score and financial profile Financial Literacy Booster
  7. 7. We take into account your financial situation in our answer, and can even show you graphs and other visuals. Thanks to our natural language processing Algorithms, we can translate a large quantity of questions into a structured problem. Most of the app’s features can be accessed through the chatbot. Personal Finance Chatbot
  8. 8. We use 256-bit SSL encryption, host all the app’s data in Amazon-secured data centers, and have a team of seasoned developers with experience working for large financial institutions. No Hardbacon employee has access to individual account data. We will never sell your personal information. Do you keep forgetting your password? We’ve got you covered. You can use Face ID or Touch ID to access our app on your iPhone. Secure Convenient Confidential
  9. 9. Since launching in February… 3000 downloads 600 subscribers at $1.99/month 77 millions dollars of assets tracked by our users Featured in the “New Apps We Love” category in the App Store.
  10. 10. Financial assets by wealth bracket in Canada $0 - $250K $250 - $500K $500K - 1 Million $1 Million + 64,8% 15% 7,9% 13,3%
  11. 11. 25 millions Canadian adults have less than $250,000 in financial assets Number of households by wealth bracket in Canada $0 - $250K $250 - $500K $500K - 1 Million $1 Million + 4,6% 5% 86,3% 4,6%
  12. 12. Robo-Advisors Online Brokerages Advisors 6millions self-directed investors in Canada $335billions through their online brokerage 20%of Canadians adults are self-directed investors They manage Robo-Advisors still have a negligible market-share in Canada, and are mainly stealing customers from human advisors
  13. 13. Robo-advisor usage among self-directed investors in Canada has declined in 2017 to just 19% down from 24% in 2016.
  14. 14. Beach Head Strategy Step 1 Laser-focus on self-directed investors with less than $250,000 in financial assets Step 2 Expand to other investors, including those investing with human advisors and robo-advisors Step 3 Double down on our financial education and financial planning tools to acquire users before they start investing.
  15. 15. How do we bring home the bacon? Employers Subscriptions Consumers Subscriptions Licensing and lead generation 1 2 3 Our users pay a monthly fee to use our app: $1.99 per month for our basic plan and $9.99 for premium plan.. Financial institutions licenses our technology and educational content. They also pay us for new clients we refer to them. Companies’ HR department provide Hardbacon to their employees as a way to reduce stress and promote financial well being
  16. 16. Makes investing in the stock market easy; thanks to our portfolio analysis tools, personal finance chatbot and tooltips, you can now invest like a pro 1 Centralize all your assets in one place so you don’t need to log-in to many websites to track your assets 2 Know if you (or your advisor) is doing a good job at managing your money thanks to our reporting screen 3 Access all the financial data you need to evaluate stocks and funds4 You can achieve your goals faster through debt reduction, savings or investment thanks to our financial planning tool 5 Value Proposition For Consumers
  17. 17. Transform debt-ridden clients into savers & savers into investors thanks to our financial planning engine1 Value Proposition For Financial Institutions Increase assets under management through increased financial literacy among clients, which result in more exposure to equity and a reduced likelihood of funds withdrawal during market setbacks 2 Make your advisors more efficient; thanks to our chatbot, advisors spend less time answering basic questions 3 Reactivate dormant accounts thanks to our set of tools 4 Attract new clients by providing them with value added tools and educational content 5
  18. 18. Having a financial plan and an increased financial literacy rate decrease financial related-stress, a huge source of distraction at work (33% of employees are distracted by personal finance issues at work) 1 Employers can monitor the average financial literacy score of their employees, and see it increase as their employees use the app2 Employees with a higher financial literacy score are more likely to participate in an employee stock purchase plan, which is known to boost motivation and productivity 3 Employees using our app are more likely to save for retirement 4 Our chatbot and reporting tool will decrease the number of questions asked by employees to human resource5 Value Proposition For Employers
  19. 19. Customer Acquisition Channels Content We have expertise in creating engaging content on investing. We publish articles, online courses, newsletters and even an financial terms encyclopedia to acquire new users and convince them to become self-directed investors. Referrals Our users have the first 30 days free trial with our app. Additionally, they can unlock another free 30 days of subscription for convincing a friend to join, and there is no limit on the number of referrals each user can make. Partnerships We partner with brokerages with strong interest in acquiring younger clients or those that wish to reactivate their inactive accounts. They help us promote the app on their massive platforms, and we refer them new customers at the same time. Cost of acquisition (CAC) : $7 Life Time Value (LTV) : $360
  20. 20. Investment account coverage Bank account coverage Premium financial data Manage your money for you Portfolio analysis Financial Planning Chabot Education Mobile app Language supported Pricing English + French Complete Free Partial Complete English only Free Only Questrade English only $10/month English only $199/year English + French 0.5% of your assets/year Complete English + French $1.99/month Complete
  21. 21. June 2018 Bank account Integration Crypto assets tracking July 2018 Automatically generated financial plan August 2018 Personal finance chatbot Integration of our course about investment in the app September 2018 Launch of the Android app Introduction of our premium plan December 2018 Launch in the United States February 2019 Launch of our enterprise subscriptions
  22. 22. Team JULIEN BRAULT Co-founder and CEO MARGARITA STOLBIKOVA Marketing Strategist YAZAN KHAYYAT Co-Founder and iOS Developer HENRI TREMBLAY Co-founder and CTO Co-founded payment startup AutoWallet. Finance and engineering background Former business journalist Ex-Growth marketer for the fintech VC fund Ferst Capital Partners. Marketing experience at Premo and The Food Room Bachelor in business from McGill Former software architect at JP Morgan and BNP Paribas Former startup CTO IVAN LAGACÉ Backend Developer and Financial Data Specialist Fromer at Logibec and Humanware Financial engineering master degree (in progress)
  23. 23. NICOLAS ROS EX Advisory Analyst at Desjardins, was involved in the Qtrade/Desjardins deal LOUISE GUAY Serial entrepreneur and president at Montreal Living Lab INGI BROWN PHD in management and product manager at AD OPT FRÉDÉRIC BAILLARGEON Business owner and financial planner NICK SALTARELLI Co-founder at Dynamo Media and early employee at Wall Street Survivor Advisory Board FRANÇOIS BARRIÈRE Former treasurer at Laurentian Bank
  24. 24. 9% General Working Capital 37% Marketing 13% Financial Data 41% Product We are raising 150-550K
  25. 25. Revenue will reach $31,009,577 in 2022 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 $0 $10M $20M $30M $40M
  26. 26. Long term vision We want enable our users to track all of their asset conveniently, including stocks, real estate, bank account, cryptocurrencies, etc. We want to remain radically affordable and accessible so that everyone can master their financial lives with our technology. We aim to become the go-to tool for making financial decisions. We want to be able to answer any financial-related question a user can have, ranging from “When will I be able to afford a Ferrari”, to “How well are my investment doing compared to other investors”, and in “In which account should I make my next investment”. Ultimately, we want to become the common man’s family office, by advising you on all aspects of your financial life - not only investing : helping you save on your insurance policies or cell phone plan, helping you file your taxes, helping you build and execute on your financial plan, and much more.
  27. 27. Invest in a promising early-stage startup, just like the dragons on Dragons’ Den Play a role in the creation of a home-grown tech giant in the field of financial technologies Improve Canada’s financial literacy and reduce economic inequalities in the country Help Canadians reach their financial goals and get richer Why you should invest in our company?
  28. 28. Press "Hardbacon is targeting millennials that want to be more involved in picking individual stocks for their portfolios" Brian Jackson, IT World Canada "Give ordinary people the information they need to manage their own investments." Jacob Serebrin, The Gazette "A portfolio management tool" Denis Lalonde, Les Affaires "Aimed at simplifying the understanding of financial data" Richard Cloutier, Finance et investissement "This app is playing in big league." Francis Halin, Journal of Montreal "Helps people invest better by educating them about the world of investing" Richard Dufour, La Presse "Helps users monitor their investments and obtain real-time analysis of their stock market portfolios" Jessica Galang, Betakit