Adding LinkedIn to your email signature


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Step-by-step instructions on how to add a button linking directly to your LinkedIn profile to your Outlook email signature.

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Adding LinkedIn to your email signature

  1. 1. How to Add a LinkedInButton to your EmailSignatureJulie SmithProfessional Sales West Recruiter
  2. 2. Access your Public Profile  Access your Account Settings by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner. Select Settings from the drop down box.  Once loaded, click on Edit your Public Profile LinkedIn Email Signature 2
  3. 3. Choose your LinkedIn button  Once on your public profile, scroll down until you find the box entitled Your public profile URL. – It will be on the right hand side of the page  Start by clicking on the Create a profile badge link.  You will then see a variety of badges and HTML code. Right click on the badge/graphic that you want to appear on your email and select copy from the drop down box. – Ignore the HTML code as we won’t be using it . LinkedIn Email Signature 3
  4. 4. Access your Outlook signature  In Outlook, click on the Tools button and then select Options – Keep LinkedIn open in your browser – we’ll need it in a minute!  In the pop-up box that appears, click on the Mail Format Tab along the top, then select the Signatures option. LinkedIn Email Signature 4
  5. 5. Edit your Outlook signature  Your email signature should now be showing in a new pop-up box.  Select where you want your LinkedIn badge to go and Paste it by right clicking and selecting the Paste option. – I chose to put mine after the standard FXO email signature. LinkedIn Email Signature 5
  6. 6. Obtain your public LinkedIn profile URL  Switch back to the LinkedIn browser and return to the Edit Public Profile page by click the back button on your browser. – You can also follow the steps outlined in Slide 2 to return here.  In the same box where we found our buttons, highlight your public URL and Copy it by highlighting the URL only and right clicking on it. – For example, I highlighted LinkedIn Email Signature 6
  7. 7. Hyperlink your signature to your LinkedIn profile  Switch back to the Email signature pop-up box in Outlook – Exactly where we left off in Slide 5  Select/highlight your button we previously pasted by clicking on it.  Click on the Hyperlink icon in the middle right hand corner of the pop-up box. LinkedIn Email Signature 7
  8. 8. Hyperlink your signature to your LinkedIn profile  A new Edit Hyperlink pop-up box will appear.  Along the bottom there will be a box that says Address. Copy your Public Profile URL here and click OK. LinkedIn Email Signature 8
  9. 9. Save your new Email Signature  Don’t forget to save your new Email signature by clicking on the Save button prior to closing out of the pop-ups.  You’re done! LinkedIn Email Signature 9