Galileo Galilei


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Galileo Galilei

  1. 1. Galileo Galilei
  2. 2. Contents• Basic Information• Family life• Galileo’s relationship• Virgina Galilei• Livia Galilei• Vinzenzo Galilei• Inventions
  3. 3. • Galilean Thermometer• Compass• Telescope• Pendulum Clock• Galileo’s Education• Death• Glossary
  4. 4. Basic Information• Born in Pisa, Italy• Born February 15, 1564• Roman Catholic• Died January 8, 1642• 7 siblings (Lylia, Maria, Lorenzo, Marsen, Diso,Giovani, and Lakel)
  5. 5. Family life• Average money, eldest out of family• Father was very strict about education• Had 2 daughters with Marina Gamba• Livia, Virgina.
  6. 6. Galileo’s Relationship• In 1599, Starts a relationship with Marina Gamba.• Never gets married• Has 2 daughters and 1 son (Vinzenzo Galilei)
  7. 7. Virgina Galilei• Eldest child of Galileo’s• Born August 12, 1600• Got married to Benedetto Landucci• Became a nun, known asSister Maria Celeste
  8. 8. Livia Galilei• 2nd Eldest child of Galileo• Born August 18, 1601• Galileo wrote Livia horoscope• Became a nun, Sister Arcangela
  9. 9. Inventions• Thermometer – Invented in late 1593, invented at the age of 31.• Compass – Invented in 1597, invented at the age of 33. (In Padua)• Telescope – Invented in 1609• Pendulum Clock – Invented near 1640
  10. 10. Galilean Thermometer• Built because there were nothingthat could tell the temperature• Objects in the sealed glasschange their position dependingon temperature
  11. 11. Compass• Created to help his students learn• Can solve any arithmetical and geometrical questions
  12. 12. Telescope• One of Galileo’s best creations• Came up with telescope because he got the idea of improving spyglassDiscoveries with Telescope- Moon has mountains- 4 moons orbiting Jupiter- Sunspots, Lunar Mountains- Milky Way has billion stars- Was very useful
  13. 13. Pendulum Clock• Galileo went to a Pendulum class, and got the idea of making a pendulum clock.• Clock with weight to keep it’sTiming• Christian Huygens made thefirst pendulum clock, a year afterGalileo’s death
  14. 14. Galileo’s Education• Father wanted him to study medicine• At the age of 11, got sent off to a Jesuit Monastery• At the age 15, wanted to become a monk, but father disagreed so he took him out of the Monastery.• At the age of 17, Entered a Pisa University to study medicine.
  15. 15. • At the age 21, gave up a degree, to become a mathematic teacher.• Began teaching math privately, in Florence.
  16. 16. Death• Suffering fever and heart palpitations• Got buried in a small room• Moved his body in 1737• (Became blind at the age of 72 because of Cataracts and Glaucoma)
  17. 17. Glossary• Nun – Member of religious group of women who live together• Jesuit Monastery – Where religious group of men life together• Pendulum – A chain with a heavy weight• Arthimetic – Kind of mathematics with involve counting• Horoscope – A statement about what is going to happen to a person in the future according to stars
  18. 18. •• mometer.html• galileo-galilei-invent-thermometer_.html• o.htm• html