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Apache post 31 aug approved


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Apache post 31 aug approved

  1. 1. 1-1 Attack Reconnaisance The Apache Post Battalion Volume 1, Issue 6 30 August 2012Inside this issue: From the Cockpit... Gunfighters, Families, and Friends,Cover Story 2 The Gunfighters have taken advantage of the opportunity afforded by R3 (Recovery, Re-Volunteer 3 training, and Resiliency) to conduct individual training, reconnect with their Families, andAwards/Chaplain’s take some well deserved time off. F/1 spent the summer in the lovely Mojave DesertCorner successfully completing the Initial Test and Evaluation of the MQ-1C Grey Eagle for theHHC ‘Bounty 4 United States Army. The Soldiers and leaders of F/1 demonstrated the amazing capabili-Hunters’ ties of their formation and the revolutionary capabilities of the Grey Eagle UnmannedA CO ‘Devils’ 5 Aerial System. The full results of this test will take some time to calculate and tabulate by some very smart people, but F/1B CO ‘Wolfpack’ 6 did an outstanding job with anC CO 7 incredibly complicated, demand-‘Ghostriders’ ing, and high visibility mission with importance across the entireD CO 8 Department of Defense.‘Desperados’ As we emerge from our summerE CO ‘Outlaws’ 9 R3 period, we are increasing theF CO ‘Fenix’ 10 operational tempo of the Battal-FRG Information 11 ion as we prepare the formation for future operations. Our first major training event will be Heli-Events Around Post 12 copter Gunnery on September Above: Brigadier Gen. Brewer, US Air Force, is given an overview of the Grey Eagle Unmanned Aerial System during the Fox Company IOT & E atAbout 1-1 ARB 14 10th. When you hear the “sound Edwards Air Force Base this summer. (Photo by Lieutenant Col. Vedder) of freedom” echoing across the Flight Hills in September, it will have been created by your hard working Gunfighters. On September 15th we will have a Family Day at the range where you can observe the activities as well as eat a steak meal graciously provided by the All American Beef Brigade. In October, Charlie Company will be conducting some training at Fort Knox, KY in sup- port of the 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division. Towards the end (Continued on page 2)
  2. 2. Page 2 The Apache PostFrom the Cockpit(Continued from page 1)of the month Alpha Company will deploy as part of Task Force Nightmare to the National Training Center atFort Irwin, CA to complete their Mission Rehearsal Exercise. While at the National Training Center they willconduct operations against a dedicated and professional adversary on a simulated battlefield in order to preparethem for the rigors of the battlefield.In November, Bravo Company will be headed to Fort Carson, CO in order to complete high altitude environ-mental training. This demanding training will help prepare them for the challenges posed by operating in amountainous environment.Of course, none of this training would be possible with-out the contributions and hard work of the ground andair maintainers. It takes ALL the Gunfighters in orderto put aircraft in the air and steel on target. The tirelessefforts of all our maintainers make these great trainingopportunities possible.I look forward to the transition from the drought andheat of the summer and into the cooler days of fall.The FRG is hard at work establishing the proceduresand organization necessary to support the hard workingGunfighter families. If you want to get involved, now isthe time to volunteer and get integrated. On August Above: New Gunfighter, MAJ Jason Woodward, S3, with30th we will have a Newcomers Welcome and Volun- his son Hudson and wife Beth, prepare to run with BNteer Kickoff at the USO on Fort Riley from 1300-1530. Advisor Jenn Vedder at the recent BDE Family Run honor-This will be mandatory for Gunfighters who have ing the new Demon CSM, Jake Werner.joined the Battalion since June 1st and highly encour-aged for their Family members. Gunfighters that bring their Families to the Newcomer Welcome will have therest of the day off after the brief, while those without their Families in attendance will be returning to work.Army Community Services, Manhattan Military Relations, Pioneer Services, the Spouse’s Club, and MWR willbe present and available for briefings and information. The Chain of Command will also brief the calendar forthe next year. It will be a great event for the Gunfighter Families.Thank you for what you all do each and every day in support of our country, our Soldiers, and our Families.Gunfighters!LTC Ed VedderCSM Patrick Lunsford
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 6 Page 3 ‘Gunfighter’ Volunteers Honored at Brigade Ceremony 21 AUG 2012—The Demon Brigade recently honored volunteers for their outstanding efforts over the last quarter, and the Gunfight- ers were not lacking in nominations. Volunteers from our battalion who were honored by the Brigade at the quarterly volunteer cere- mony were Lauren Stewart, HHC 1-1; Heather Pugh, formerly E CO 1-1; and Lisa McCoy, F CO 1st CAB. Lisa was also honored at the Division level for her efforts with the Fenix Company. She is pictured above with, from left, Demon CSM Jake Werner, Brigade FRG Advisor Valerie Blakemore, and COL. John Morgan. Congratulations to all of our volunteers for your achievements! We know that our volunteers are the backbone of this unit, and our battalion would not be as outstanding as it is without your continued support and selfless service.Chaplain’s Corner by CH (CPT) Kevin Trimble
  4. 4. Page 4 The Apache PostHello Family and friends of the Bounty Hunters! It’s my pleasure to write ashort article and brag about the great Soldiers & Officers, and their excellentduty performance, within the Headquarters and Headquarters Company!The last couple of months, as you all know at home, have been extremely busy.The Company continues to push forward, leading the way in support of the #1Attack Reconnaissance Battalion in the Army!Soldiers in the S-1 (Administrative Operations) shop have had a change of re-sponsibility of their NCOIC, and bid farewell to SFC Akisha Howard. SFCHoward is currently enrolled in the Senior Leaders Course and upon graduation,she will report to Human Resources Command in Washington D.C. to provideadministrative support to the US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team.Shortly after her departure, we also had to say goodbye to SSG Casey Royal-Williams. SSG Royal-Williams is in training at the US Army Recruiters Course,and upon completion, she will serve the Army as a goodwill ambassador, fillingour ranks with new Soldiers and Officers. SSG Robert Whitaker, an ApacheCrew chief from Bravo Company, has stepped up and will fill the void as the Above: CPT Wilford Rose and 1SG Jeff Schafer present SPC Tavaresnew NCOIC of the Administrative section. His natural leadership capability is Foster with his PCS award. SPC Foster is heading to Korea.evident in his daily work, and he is a welcomed asset to the Bounty Hunterteam!The S-2 (Intelligence) shop also had a change of Officers as CPT Ashley Pringle prepares to transition into civilian life. 1LT David Love hasassumed the position as the Officer in Charge, and a seamless handover was completed. 1LT Love will continue as the OIC of the S-2 shopuntil this winter when he will also begin his transition to civilian life. The Bounty Hunters wish CPT Pringle and her husband the best of luckwith their future endeavors!Not to be outdone, the S-3 (Operations) section also has seen a changeover of the OIC. MAJ Josh Berryhill will take some much needed leaveprior to moving just down the road to work for Division Headquarters. His replacement, MAJ Jason Woodward, is no stranger to the 1stCAB. MAJ Woodward has served our Brigade previously and is a great addition to the team!And last, but certainly not least, the S-4 (Supply & Logistics) OIC has changed over from CPT Anthony Arbogast to 1LT Kyle Simpson. 1LTSimpson has already proven to be an attention to detail oriented Officer, and will undoubtedly be successful as the Battalion S-4. Welcomeaboard!All Soldiers within the Company continue to impress leaders at all levels across Ft Riley and the Army! We have been fortunate enough to sitin a few sensing sessions with the Sergeant Major of the Army and the Vice Chief of Staff during their visit to Ft Riley. The Company has alsocontinued to train hard in preparation for the upcoming Aerial gunnery, completing numerous Sergeants Time Training on Convoy Opera-tions, Recovery of Wheeled Vehicles, Command Post/Tent exercise, React to possible IED, and Treat a Casualty. Hard, focused training willmake us successful in battle, and HHC will train well beyond the standard to make sure all Soldiers are proficient! One final note before I go. Five Soldiers and one family member built a 12 foot boat constructed of only cardboard and tape to compete in the annual Junction City “Float your boat” competition held at Milford Lake. I am happy to re- port that the team not only built an extremely detailed boat, but it floated too! Oh, and the team won 1st PLACE! Con- gratulations to SPC Barrett Brown, SSG Robert Whitaker, SGT Bobby Yanes, 1SG Jeffrey Schafer, SPC Janice Borja, and Ricca Carbullido! A job well done! Thank you all for your untiring support to the Bounty Hunter Company and our Army as a whole. Your efforts are evident daily, and no words could describe the gratitude due. Until next time, 1SG Jeffrey SchaferAbove: Bounty Hunter Soldiers in their 1st place winning boat during the 18 AUG “FloatYour Boat” competition at Milford Lake. Outstanding use of duct tape and cardboard!! “Bounty Hunter 7”
  5. 5. Volume 1, Issue 6 Page 5Greetings from the best Attack Aviation Company in the US Army! During the past months the Alpha CompanyDevils took the opportunity to recuperate from months of hard training and prepare for the immense amount ofwork that still lies ahead. However, while the Devils have been taking leave on an individual basis, companywide pro-gressions and training have not stopped.Over the 7th - 9th of August the Devils conducted a Field Training Exercise (FTX) designed to prepare our CrewChiefs and Aviators for the challenges that await them during the upcoming NTC rotation. Whether setting up tents, participating in night drivers training, reacting to ambushes, or flying missions in support of the maintainers on the ground, every Devil played a role in the exercise. We successfully com- pleted the ‘crawl’ phase of training. However, some final tasks and skills must be practiced in order to ensure that the company is ready to “hit the ground running” when we arrive at NTC in October. In order to prepare for this the Devils will be conduct- ing another FTX from September 4th – 6th in which the com- pany will be required to stay overnight in a field environment in order to perfect field craft skills. The Devils have also accomplished a lot of great things during the last month. We promoted both Faustino GonzalezSGT Fertig and the Alpha Company crew chiefs preparing to de-part for a Downed Aircraft Recovery Team (DART) drill during our“Operation Devil Down” exercise. and Dustin Blasengame to the rank of Specialist. SPC Kenneth Johnson also completed the Combatives Level 2 course and isnow certified as one of the baddest Devils in the company. All of our maintainers arenow Apache Block III certified mechanics. SPC Weston is also a graduate of theWarrior Leader’s Course (WLC) and finished the course with honors by making theCommandant’s List. The Command team would also like to recognize some of ourteam members who are rising through the ranks: CW2 Timothy Settle made the veryselective list to become a CW3, while SGT Chad West, SPC Kenneth Johnson, andSPC Justin Schreiner all achieved promotable status to the next rank as well! Great jobDevils!Upcoming Key Dates:4-6SEP: Field Training Exercise10-30SEP: Battalion Gunnery22OCT-18NOV: NTC Rotation24NOV-15JAN: Company Max LeaveDevils!1LT Jesse Curry SPC Weston receiving honors for achieving the Commandant’s List (topDevil 26 CW2 Spence recovering from an Evasion 10%) upon graduating from Warrior Exercise. Leader’s Course (WLC) in Ashland, NE.
  6. 6. Page 6 The Apache PostHello Wolfpack!I can’t believe it’s already been two months since I took command. I am extremely honored to be a part of thisclose knit team and serving with each of you everyday. It’s been a busy and exciting summer just as we get ready toroll into our battalion gunnery to help kick off the fall season. In case you didn’t already know we just finished our battalion R3 period (Recover, Retraining, Resiliency). I hope you all took the opportunity this summer to enjoy the great weather and spend some well deserved time with family and friends. We dealt with soaring temperatures and some crazy weather in July and Au- gust, but I think the coolers temps are upon us as the summer comes to a close. Fall sports already kicked off for the kids and school just started for most. Before you know it we’ll be pulling out costumes for Halloween and decorating for Thanksgiving. As a company we had a few events this summer, some of which al-Above: CPT Garcia (right) speaks with one of the visitors lowed us to show off our new helicopters and enjoy some time out-from the “Friends of Fort Riley” static display on Custer Hill(10JUL12) side of the office. We had a very successful static display on Custer Hill where CW2 Harris and CPT Garcia were able to share the new Apache Block III with the “Friends of Fort Riley” visitors from across the state. I think the both won the interest of the crowd that day and possibly recruited some future attack pilots. We also hosted a company hail and farewell on August 1st over at the Little Apple Brewing Company where we welcomed a new team of great Soldiers: SFC Racoma, SFC Francis, SGT Rowland, SPC Rigby, SPC Rudicill, PFC Guertin, and PFC Santiago. We also said farewell to CPT Shafer and SSG Whittaker, both great losses for the Wolfpack.Above: Bravo Company rolling out down the RepublicanRiver. Some going forwards….some going sideways. We had a successful kayaking trip down the Republican River be-(17AUG12) tween Junction City and Ogden on August 17th. The weather was excellent and the current was just enough to get us down the river. The only issues we ran into were some low water levels and trouble keeping the kayaks and canoes traveling in the correct direction. It was a great time for fellowship as a unit and learning the basics of canoeing/kayaking for many of us. If the weather cooperates we’ll look at doing this again in October. As always, I want to thank all the families for your patience and sup- port over the course of the summer. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer season and the upcoming Labor Day Weekend.Above: SFC Racoma (right) hails SGT Rowland (left) as one WOLFPACK!of the newest members of the Wolfpack family. (02AUG12) CPT Leo A. Amoling, Wolf 6
  7. 7. Volume 1, Issue 6 Page 7 The Ghostriders continue their march toward Gunnery and be- yond. The company recently completed its maximum leave pe- riod in support of the 1-1 ARB Recovery, Retraining, and Resil- iency, also known as R3. During this time, our Soldiers and Offi- cers were encourage to take as much time off as they desired, while training requirements would be reduced to accommodate all leave requests. Nearly all of the Ghostriders took advantage of the R3 period. Several took leave in conjunction with the birth of their children. CW3 Fara, CW2 Cordova, CW2 Atkins, and PFC Valentin all welcomed their newborns Skylar, Jack, Brycen, and Juan, respectively, into the world during this time. With CPT Marr’s and former Ghostrider CPT Stewart’s wives due any dayAbove: Jack Cordova, newborn son ofCompany IP, CW2 Josh Cordova, was now, this year has proven quite productive for Charlie Company.born on 21 JUN. We wish them all health and happiness for years to come!Many Ghostriders attended schools during this period in order to further their contributions tothe company and the Army. Several Soldiers have attended the Warrior Leader Course andCombat Life Saver Course, while we also sent Warrant Officers to the Advanced Course andInstructor Pilot Course. We continue to rotate our personnel through Apache Block III trainingin Mesa, AZ. Due to leave and schools, Charlie company had as few as 10 personnel presenton some days during normal work hours! Many of those Ghostriders will say that training neveractually slowed down. The company is charging full speed towards Aerial Gunnery in Septem- ber, followed by a training mission at Fort Knox, KY on 8-19OCT. Other upcoming events include a company FRG meeting on 06SEP, Gunnery Family Day on 15SEP, and a company Hail and Farewell at the end of October. Ghostriders!Above: SPC Fleischer enjoyed his well-earned promotion to 1LT(P) Derek MerklerSergeant on 7 AUG.
  8. 8. Page 8 The Apache PostDesperados Family and Friends,I’d like to thank all the Soldiers and families for their supporton all levels which allowed for a smooth Change of Com-mand transition. Despite the enormous amount of equipmentin our company, the change of command inventories werethe smoothest that I’ve seen with no lost equipment. Excel-lent work! Lindsey and I are grateful for the warm welcomethat we have received from the Desperados. I am honoredwith the opportunity to serve with and work alongside eachand every Desperado Soldier. We know that we have joined agreat team! I thank you for all you do and all your support asfamily members! Lindsey and I recognize that we would not Above: An example of the many layouts done during Change ofexcel as a company at what we do without your support to Command inventories. This is just a fraction of the equipmentyour Soldier and the Desperado Company. that must be accounted for during a change of command!Our FRG meeting held on August 16th was a success. We were able to provide a quick update on where theFRG is going and how beneficial it is to communicate pertinent information about upcoming training and family events. At the meeting we promoted the FRG email list and the “1-1 Desperados” FRG Facebook® page. Those in attendance also received the company calendar for training and family events over the next ten months. If you could not make the meeting but would like a copy of the calendar, please contact me or have your Soldier request a calendar through the chain of com- mand. By this time, the summer is almost over and I hope you all have enjoyed some well deserved time off and time with your families. As we enter into fall, the Gunfighter Aerial Gunnery is quickly ap- proaching us. The Desperados will play a major role in this because as we know, if the wrenches aren’t tuning, the helicopters aren’t flying. Family members, be sure toAbove: Two Desperados donningthe latest in gear. come and join us for the Battalion Gun- nery Family Day on September 15th as wewill enjoy some free steaks and watch some helicopter gunnery!Lastly, thank you to our friends and Families for your support. Ourmany accomplishments and accolades are not possible without you.At any time, please let me know how we may better support you andyour family. Lindsey and I look forward to meeting and getting toknow all of you in the months to come. DESPERADOS! Above: LTC Vedder hands the guidon to CPT Rus-CPT Seth W Russell sell during the Change of Command Ceremony heldDesperado 6 on 27 JUL in the 1-1 hangar.
  9. 9. Volume 1, Issue 6 Page 9Hello Family and friends of the Outlaw Team!This is the first newsletter since I took command ofEcho Company Outlaws on 2JUL12. The summer hasquickly passed us and we are gearing up to support Ae-rial Gunnery in September. The Outlaw Team has seena lot of changes over the summer. We say goodbye toCPT Pugh and 1LT Simpson and say hello to the newcompany executive officer 2LT Bosch. Since our lastnewsletter I have had the distinct honor of promotingSFC Falmngar, SPC Bailey, SPC Smith and SPC Asbell, Above: E CO Soldiers performing mission essential tasks during theas well as re-enlisting SPC Adams and SPC Bailey. recent FARP Stakes on 23 AUG 2012 We are also bidding farewell to the former E Co Family Readiness Group Leader Heather Pugh and welcoming the new E Co Family Readiness Group Leader Cathy Gitschlag to the Outlaw team. Cathy along with her husband SGT Richard Gitschlag are coming to us from Fort Shafter, Hawaii and are excited to hit the ground running by already scheduling events for early Octo- ber. The Outlaws have been busy this month ensuring that we are fit to fight. We’ve passed all inspections and as always supported the battalion through our field feeding, fueling, ammunition handling, and ground maintenance. In preparation for Aerial Gunnery, we executed a FARP Stakes (Forward Area Refueling Point establishment). This allowed us the great opportunity to workAbove: An E CO Soldier qualifying together with our D Co brethren and ensure that we are fit to support theat the .50 Caliber Range on 24JUL 2012. fight in September.The Outlaw team remains vigilant by minimizingcomplacency and emphasizing safety in order toensure our training is not only effective but safeand fun.OUTLAWS!!!CPT Richard Trahan-OUTLAW 6 Above: The sign says it all. Refueling is a mission critical task that involves a lot of training, safety precautions, and expertise. Training missions like the recent FARP Stakes help prepare our Outlaws for this task.
  10. 10. Page 10 The Apache PostHappy August, Fenix Family!It has been a while since the last newsletter and there is a veritable ton of updates. Fenix Company is IOT&E complete with all of ourequipment racing home on trucks. We plan on having several FRG meetings in the coming months to make sure spouses and familyare well acquainted with the schedule of events and training. These past few months have been a milestone in the history of F Co, 1st Aviation Regiment. The Company has just completed its IOT&E or Initial Operational Test and Evaluation of the MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAS. A grueling affair lasting from early June to the end of August, F Com- pany displayed its professionalism and cohesiveness while demonstrating the combat effectiveness of both the Company and the Gray Eagle plat- form. Here are some statistics to build perspective on the accomplish- ments of the Fenix Soldiers: 1284 Flight Hours Flown (the equivalent of flying over 53 days straight), over 48,000 gallons of JP8 Jet Fuel, 8 live Hellfire Missile engagements, over 750 man hours worked and an Op- eration Readiness Rate of 96% (an incredible, almost impossible numberAbove: A hangar of Grey Eagles to reach). This accomplishment is only a stepping stone for F Co; it istraining event that has built the organization into a cohesive fighting unit capable of supporting up to five simultaneous missions at anygiven point in time. I am truly proud to be a part of Fenix Company and have the honor to work with these amazing Soldiers.The road ahead is wrought with more training events, but designed to maximize family time. As most of you know, we will begin our“Maximum Leave” period on the 8th of September and conclude it on the 23rd. This time period is designed to give the Soldiers whodeployed to Edwards Air Force Base a chance to spend quality time with their families and recuperate before we begin training again. Iimplore each family member and Soldier to utilize this leave period. It is well deserved.The months of October and November are designated for training and com-pleting several pre-deployment requirements. Before we may deploy as a unit,we have several “gates” to pass through. These include SRP, Pre-DeploymentTraining Requirements and an MRE (Field exercise). The focus of this timespan is to get as much of this training complete, allowing for a slower workpace through December.In the coming months, we are looking forward to Gray Eagle flying at Ft. Ri-ley, KS. We have just signed the paperwork to receive our aircraft and areanxiously awaiting the COA (Letter of UAS Operational Agreement) to besigned. This milestone will make Ft. Riley the first Army post with a GrayEagle Company to conduct flight operations. The second order effects meanour Operators and Maintainers no longer have to travel to Edwards Air ForceBase for training and currency. They will soon be able to conduct all of theirtraining back home, giving them more time with their families.While this newsletter is short for the amount of accomplishments from thepast few months, I wanted to ensure plenty of room for all of the pictures Above: An MQ-1C armed with two Hellfire Missilesfrom the F Co, 1st Aviation Regiment training event. waits in the hangar for the sandstorm to settle.Respectfully,CPT Joseph DiFrancescoFenix 6
  11. 11. Volume 1, Issue 6 Page 11Some of our companies have undergone some leadership changes. Here is our current roster of FRG Lead- ers and their contact information. If you are not sure who your FRG Leader is, contact the BN FRSA at and you will be pointed in the right direction.BN FRG Advisor: Jennifer Vedder, jenn.vedder@yahoo.comHHC ‘Bountyhunters’: Michele Clay, chelew@gmail.comA CO ‘Devils’: Melissa Bates, dinosaurl@bellsouth.netB CO ‘Wolfpack’: Mandi Harris, mandiparkerharris@gmail.comC CO ‘Ghostriders’: Alycia Marr, Ghostriders Email, charliecoghostriders@yahoo.comD CO ‘Desperados’: Amber Weeks, Jan Cruz, D CO Email, deltaco11arb@aol.comE CO ‘Outlaws’: Cathy Gitschlag Naterra Bailey bettame@ksu.eduF CO ‘Fenix’: Lisa McCoy,
  12. 12. Page 12 The Apache Post
  13. 13. Volume 1, Issue 6 Page 13
  14. 14. Gunfighters! 1-1 ARB traces its roots to the formation of the 1st Aviation Company,1-1 Attack Reconnaisance Battalion 1st ID, constituted on 15 February 1957 at Fort Riley, KS. Later redes- ignated as 1st Aviation Battalion, one of the first aviation units to em- Battalion Headquarters BLDG 802 Marshall ploy helicopter gunships and reconnaissance helicopters in unison to Avenue conduct search and destroy teams, commonly referred to as "hunter/ Fort Riley, Kansas killer" teams. Currently stationed at Fort Riley, the Gunfighters con- Find us on Facebook(r) tinue to provide invaluable reconnaissance and lethal attack helicopters at http:// fires for the Soldiers of the Big Red One. #!/pages/Gunfighters/113862645 The Gunfighters are commanded by LTC Edward M.Vedder. CSM Pat- rick W. Lunsford is the senior enlisted advisor. This is the informational newsletter of 1-1 Attack Reconnaissance Bat- talion, 1st Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division that contains both official and unofficial information. The inclusion of non-official in- formation in this newsletter has not increased the cost to the United States Government in accordance with DoD 425.8-M.