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1-1 ARB traces its roots to the formation of the 1st Aviation Company, 1st1-1 ATTACK RECONNAISSANCE BATTALION   ID, consti...
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Apache post 29 dec


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Newsletter for 1-1 ARB, 1st CAB 1 ID for DEC 2011

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Apache post 29 dec

  1. 1. 1-1 ATTACK RECONNAISSANCE BATTALION 29 December 2011 Volume 1, Issue 2 THE APACHE POST Happy Holidays Gunfighters! We hope that the holiday season finds all of you happy and healthy, and that the New Year is filled with hope and opportu- nity. Whether you have set healthy goals to improve yourself and your Family, to increase health and fitness, to become more financially stable, to learn a new skill, or even save for a vacation that you always wanted to take; the future is yours to make! Thanks to all who made it to the 1-1 Command Team Holiday Reception on 22 Dec. LTC Vedder, CSM O’Donnell, and CW4 Porter got an opportunity to meet with leaders from all of the companies in a social setting and put out some guid- ance for the New Year. It was not the best date to get maximum participation in the battalion with people traveling for the holidays, but a combination of LTC Ved- der and CW4 Porter’s training in Arizona, and the bad weather forecasted, made it the only reasonable time to get it done before the busy New Year. There was great fellowship and opportunities to connect as a team. Plenty of food, dessert, and drinks to go around and a whole bunch of it ended up at the barracks by about 1230Above, from left to right: CW4 Ron Porter, LTC Ed Vedder and that day. It was great to see the leadership of the larger Brigade Team come byCSM Michael O‟Donnell too as we had a surprise, but welcome visit by COL Morgan and CSM Thomson and his wife Jen Thomson (CAB FRG Advisor). We will get more social opportunities toget together over the next month as we will have a BN Hail and Farewell, on January 10 th at 1800 at Kites in Junction City, and then the Gun-fighter Winter Formal at the Marriott in Junction City on January 27 th .The New Year brings the Gunfighters even closer to fielding the Apache Block III helicopter and all of the training and testing that this hugeprogram requires. Charlie Company 1-1 will be the company that goes through the Test and Evaluation that will begin sometime between lateFebruary and March, after they complete their initial Block III training at the Boeing Plant in Mesa, Arizona. As of right now, the tactics devel-opment and training and the test and evaluation of the new aircraft will take about a month out in the National Training Center in Califor-nia. Delta Company, Echo Company, Headquarters Company, and F Co UAS will also be sending personnel out to support the training. Thesupporting companies will not have to send too many, and they should already knowwho they are. We look forward to showing the Army what these new aircraft cando. We need everyone’s help in keeping the unit focused and safe during this busy andimportant time.We are proud of the entire team and everything that has been accomplished to getwhere we are today. Being the 1st Aviation Battalion, of the 1st Combat Aviation Bri-gade, of the 1st Infantry Division, and now the 1st Unit Equipped with the Apache BlockIII; is way too many “Firsts” to handle without the total Gunfighter Team effort! Fromthe dedicated Soldiers, to the supporting Families, to the hard working civilians…youare all the reason why we are the First, and will remain the First.Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for your selfless service to the Nation.LTC Ed Vedder Above: Members of the initial Apache Block III Training ClassCSM Michael O’Donnell pose with the new helicopter in Mesa, AZ earlier in December.CW4 Ron Porter
  2. 2. Page 2 THE APACHE POST
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  4. 4. Page 4 THE APACHE POSTSeason’s Greetings to all from the Bounty Hunter Command an eventGroup! It’s the time of year that we as Soldiers often return to worthour families to celebrate time-honored traditions, reflect on the having next year!past, and look forward to the upcoming year. It is also a time for Top and I would like tosome well deserved rest and relaxation – we all know that HHC congratulate the follow-has earned it. The Bounty Hunters have been asked to provide ing Soldiers: CPT Johnsupport to a number of different taskings and have been spread King, the Battalion’sthin over the last month and deserve a break during the most Aeromedical Physicianwonderful time of the year. 2012 will prove to be a challenging Assistant, who recentlyyear as we face Field Training Exercises, Combined Training Cen- made the promotion listter rotations, and the fielding of the Army’s First Block-3 AH-64D to Major. SSG ElijahHelicopters which will involve the first-class support, command Muhammad, a Strengthand control that HHC provides to the Battalion. Management NCO, re-December has proven to be no less memorable and challenging enlisted indefinitely andthan expected, even though we did not work a full month. Sol- reaffirmed his commit-diers all across the company improved the administrative disci- ment to continue serv-plines necessary to thrive at Fort Riley and received favorable ing with the Gunfighters marks during the Battal- team and an Army at ion’s RESET Assistance Above: „Bounty Hunter 6‟ sits and chills with his war. CPT Billy Rose Visit from Division In- wife, Sandy during the Christmas party. received an Army spector General’s Office. Achievement Award for Officers from the Opera- his superior performance as a Liaison Officer to Task Force Night- tions Section also had the mare during their recent JRTC rotation. BN FRSA Mrs. Julie opportunity to plan and Petruccelli-Treen also earned her Associate’s Degree in Science train alongside of Airmen from Barton College! from the 5th Air Support The Bounty Hunters wished a fond farewell to SPC Cherisma Operations Squadron Aragon and CPT Patrick Taylor as they change duty stations and during a weeklong exer- continue to serve in higher positions of responsibility. SPC cise involving OH-58 Aragon will continue providing first-class service as a Unit Supply Kiowa Warrior Helicop- Specialist in a Basic Training Unit at Fort Sill, OK. CPT Taylor was ters, F-16 Fighter Jets, selected to be the Attack Branch Chief for the Department of and B-1 Bombers. Evaluation and Standardization at Fort Rucker, AL. We’d also like To celebrate the spirit of to welcome Mrs. Michelle Clay to the FRG Volunteer Team. Christmas, HHC Soldiers The following people celebrated birthdays during the month of participated in a Christ- December: SGT Cymetra Tims (1st), SPC Pamela Frank (3rd),Soldiers and children enjoy games, crafts and mas Potluck and “Dirty CW4 Philip Tharp (8th), SPC Kevin Vanderworken (17th), SSGfun at the Bounty Hunter Christmas Party on10 DEC. Santa” Gift Exchange. Chris McClanahan, PFC Joshua Cook (18th), Brett Brown (26th), For those who came, SPC Keith Dahle (27th), SGT Billy Morgan (28th), PFC Kendraboth Soldiers and civilians, young and old, it was an awesome Fuller (31st). Special birthday wishes go out to Hudson Berryhill,experience filled with fun and fellowship. Most everyone born on 05DEC to MAJ Joshua and Valerie Berryhill, and to Ryanbrought a dish to share and over a dozen brought presents for a Timms, born on 15DEC to SFC Matthew and SSG Kathy Timms.comical session of Dirty Santa. The children (and those young at Welcome to the Bounty Hunter and Gunfighter Families!heart) had the opportunity to color their favorite holiday scene, As always, thanks again from the Bounty Hunters for all yourdecorate ornaments, or watch a variety of Christmas-themed continued support to our Soldiers and our Families. See you nextmovies. Santa Claus even made an appearance for all the chil- year!dren to share their Christmas wishes and take pictures alongsideof! Its success was a direct reflection of the efforts of volunteers – CPT William Hale II, Bounty Hunter 6from both within the company and our Families and it was truly
  5. 5. Page 5Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat; Please put a feather in the old man’shat…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Devil’s! December has been a busymonth so far. We started the month finishing up the last details of our Reset Assis-tance Visit inspection from September. We also had a great combined convoy train-ing event with our Crew Chiefs and our own pilots where we put into practice all ofthose classes we’ve been doing for the last few months. We even had our famed“Attack” pilots double as pseudo-Medevac for some great training. Everything we’vedone is a culmination of individual tasks into a combined team effort in preparationfor this spring’s excursion to the National Training Center where we’ll put everythingto the test.With the Holidays upon us, a large majority of the company is taking the time to govisit friends and family. It’s important that we take that time to reset and come backfresh. In this lifestyle we live, our Families and friends are vastly important in keepingus strong, fit and vibrant in the pursuit of our duties. Even the snow-storm we hadrecently didn’t take away the holiday spirit around the company. Cookies, fudge, cup-cakes and goodies of all kinds have been showing up to the company area in record Above: SGT Fertig and PFC Weston are shown resettingnumbers and have been disappearing just as fast! That just might mean some extra our “Victim” to the start point after simulating loading on our nicely armed Medevac aircraft. Great trainingPT for everyone once we get back, but at this time of year it is a welcomed treat. for the Devils! (Photo courtesy of A CO 1-1 ARB)Reflecting back on the past six months that I’ve been with the Devils, and the last nine months since we’ve redeployed, it’s amazinghow fast 2011 has passed and how much we’ve done. As we move into 2012, everyone is excited to take on the new challenges thatit brings with even more vigor and motivation. We’ve grown from an already great company to an incredible team with exceptionalpeople. Thank you to all of you, your Families, and your loved ones and may you have the best year ever.-1SG Maynard HinkleDevil 7Announcements:The Devils welcome our newest member: PFC Augustyn and his wife SamanthaSGT Fertig’s wife Brittany gave birth to their first child – 9lb, 14 oz Madison “Maggie” FertigWe bid a fond farewell to our long-time Platoon Sergeant, SSG Rojas and his wife Stacey. The Rojas’s will be heading on to greenerpastures at Fort Eustis.Finally, we welcome back CW2 Spahn from successful completion of the Maintenance Test Pilot Course.
  6. 6. Page 6 THE APACHE POSTHappy Holidays!We are back from JRTC and have been busy recovering our equipment and personnel from the field. Theholiday season will afford us all a little well deserved time off to spend time with our loved ones. BravoCompany doesn’t have a lot of exciting training planned. Our largest training event in the next month willinclude eight of our pilots attending school during January and February.Regretfully, the Wolfpack will say goodbye to our long-time Platoon Leader CPT DiFrancesco and wel-come 1LT Webb. Good luck CPT DiFrancesco in your future endeavors!We will be hosting a Hail and Farewell on the 6th of January at Kites in Junction City for all those whohave been part of the Wolfpack family. Speaking of families, the Wolfpack has grown!!! We have twonew additions. PFC Infinger and his wife Stephanie had a little girl, Hayden, on Thanksgiving Day andSPC Thrailkill and his wife Jennifer also had a little girl, Riley Grace on the 19th. SPC Payne and his wife,Hilary are expecting their baby any day now!I do want to take a minute to thank all of you for your support, we appreciate you patients while we com-pleted the JRTC rotation with great success! Enjoy this well deserved time with your loved ones, Have aMerry Holiday and a Happy New Year!CPT Leslie R Shafer, Wolf 6 Post offers options for New Years Eve Story by: Melony Gabbert,1ST INF. DIV. POST Two New Years Eve celebration choices will be available on post Dec. 31. Bowl the night away at Custer Hill Bowling Center or play "Call of Duty" in a tournament with the possibility of earning a Visa gift card at the Warrior Zone. Tickets are needed for the bowling center event. Tickets purchased before Dec. 30 celebration are $15 per person. On Dec. 31, tickets are $17.50 per person. Tickets may be purchased at the bowling alley. The cost includes a live DJ, bowling and shoes, party favors, two bottles of sparkling juice, door-prize drawings, $10 one-topping pizzas and a breakfast buffet at 12:30 a.m. The bar will be open for the event. This event has taken place for several years and sells out, said Jill Singleton, senior business manager. Lanes can accommodate eight bowlers. Groups of less than eight will be kept separate as long as possible, Singleton said. However, groups will be combined if attendance is high enough. The Warrior Zone, with a minimum admittance age of 18, will host a no-entry-fee Call of Duty tournament at 8 p.m. The winner of the tournament earns bragging rights and a Visa gift card, said Mark Desmet, program manager. The tournament may end be- fore midnight, Desmet said, but there will be a free DJ until 1 a.m. and a free champagne toast at midnight
  7. 7. Page 7New Year Fresh Start ity. And like all good things, none of this could be accomplishedWelcome 2012 without the love and support from our Families. Yes, a new yearBy CPT Adam Marr indeed! What do you know, where are you going, what drives you, what’s in you?2011 is out and 2012 is in. With the holidays behind us and a multi-tude of New Year’s resolutions on the ole to do list, we are ready Announcementsto look forward and take on 2012. Let’s just hope the Mayans -Congratulations to 1SG James Bagg and his wife Hope on the birthwere wrong! I love this time of year because it’s a time for new of their son Olyver Marc Bagg! Born on Dec 18th, 2011, he weighed 7lb, 15oz and 20.25’ long.beginnings, time for a fresh start. No, nothing physically haschanged, but the mental outlook associated with a new year, that -Ladies Bunco Night!! Spouses, friends, and Family of Charlie co areis something I can get on board with. invited to join us for a fun game of Bunco! Bunco night is set for January 5th at CW2 Josh and Michelle Cordova’s house (1935 Katie"Its not where youre from; its where youre going. Its not what Rose Trail, Junction City KS). Starts at 6:30pm!you drive; its what drives you. Its not whats on you; its whats in -Charlie Co Pre Movement Briefing, 18 JAN 2012, 1800, Riley’s Con-you. Its not what you think; its what you know." ---Gatorade com- ference Center: We will have a pre movement briefing/ informa-mercial tional session similar to a pre-deployment brief at Battalion Head- quarters. We are requesting agencies such as ACS, MFLC, Ameri- can Red Cross, and Picerne to come and go over information thatGatorade definitely has some motivational appeal in their ad cam- will benefit families during the upcoming extended training.paigns. Charlie Company is no different. Physically, we are prettymuch the same as we were right before the nice holiday break. -Congratulations to the Harms family on Kevin’s recent promotionBut mentally, we must be able to springboard off the momentum to CW2.of 2011 working to be more positive and optimistic; we must con- -Congratulations to the Vanmeter family on Brandon’s recent pro-tinue to put in the quality time to ensure we are putting out a qual- motion to CW2.ity product, whatever that product may be.January is going to be a busy time at the office and in the sky.With Apache Block III training on the horizon we still have severalquestions that need to be answered before we can come up withan adequate plan of attack. While some of this information hasbeen coming a little slow, the good news is we will know very soonwhat the dates, location, and size of the company that will partici-pate in the training will be. So a lot of things will have to happenat the last minute and things will get very busy. But in the sixmonths I have been in the company, I know that if ever a team wasup for the challenge, we are it.The Ghostrider team continues to impress me, other companies,and the battalion with its can do attitude, resiliency, and ingenu- Above: CW2 Vanmeter and his Family on the day of his promotion. Congratulations!!
  8. 8. Page 8 THE APACHE POST Far Left: Desperado Soldiers hard at work in the hangar while Fort Riley receives its first snow fall of the season. Near Left: SPC Rice working hard at organizing bench stock. (Photos courtesy of D CO 1-1 ARB)Family and Friends of the Desperados, SPC Orsini will move on to the civilian workforce. Thank you for your hard work in the Desperados. Spe-First of all, I’d like to thank all the Soldiers and Families cial recognition goes to the family of PFC Stephaniethat made it to our last Family Readiness Group meet- Infinger who had a baby girl over Thanksgiving week-ing on November 30th. We were able to present a lot of end.information on how training over the next few months As we enter the holidays, thank you again to ourwill be conducted. The upcoming months will be filled friends and Families who support us. The Desperadoswith training and preparing for the brand new Apache are a true team with each member looking out for oneBlock 3. At the meeting, we also discussed the upcom- another. If there is anything you or your Soldier needsing Battalion Formal on January 27th at the Junction please do not hesitate to give us an email or a phoneCity Marriott. I hope to see all the Soldiers and their call. I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday sea-dates there! son and a well earned vacation.November and December have been filled with a lot ofgreat training headed into the holiday season. Every DESPERADOS!Soldier has truly been giving their all as we supporteverything from Division level exercises to courses forprofessional development. CPT Dan O’Donnell daniel.odonnell@us.army.milIn the last month we have said farewell to numerous 785-307-9368Soldiers who have spent a long time in the Gunfighterfamily. SFC Pimentel, SGT Foye, SGT Friel and SGTKoones have PCSed to other posts while SGT Petty and
  9. 9. Page 9Greetings to the Outlaw Family, proud to say that every member of our Your time to reset with your FamiliesOutlaw 6 here wishing everyone Happy amazing team deserves these next few will help us prepare the Company andHolidays during this wonderful time of weeks to reset and relax. We will need ultimately the Battalion for all upcomingthe year. The Outlaw team is taking the both the Soldiers and Families to be missions and ensure that our team ismonth of December revitalized upon returning to full day ready for whatever obstacles come ourto reset our opera- schedules in way. Please take full advantage of thesetions from the Field January in next few weeks with your loved ones inTraining Exercise order to pre- order to make up for the time sacrificed(FTX), wrapping up pare for our while they were away. I am extremelyour Reset Assistance National proud and privileged to lead these menVisit (RAV) deficien- Training Cen- and women and I look forward to seeingcies, and begin focus- ter rotation everyone back in 2012 safe, healthy, anding on the upcoming and support mission ready! May everyone have atasks for the New requirements safe and joyous holiday season.Year. for the new Apache Block Sincerely,We are all excited to Above: The Motor Pool performs squad movement drills III fielding in CPT Robert J. Pugh III during the Force on Force exercise during Echo Company‟s ‘Outlaw 6’begin the half day early 2012. four day field Training Exercise. (Photo Courtesy of E CO 1-schedule and I am 1 ARB)Outlaws,Happy Holidays from Outlaw 7! The month of December has finally arrived whichmeans the clock is quickly winding down to get those last minute errands com-plete before Christmas and New Years arrive. With that in mind, I would like totake a moment in order to encourage both our Warriors and their Families to beprepared for worst case scenarios. In regards to the weather, please watch thenews and listen to the radio to see if Fort Riley is on a delayed schedule and/or isclosed for the day.Also, ensure that you have adequate food and supplies at home in case a winterstorm does come through our area. Kansas has always been unpredictable andwe must all be prepared. It would also be wise to have an emergency kit inside of Above: 1SG Clifford Bell proudly displays the Gunfighter Galsyour car in case your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road during extreme Guidon outside of his office door after Echo Company won the Big Red 1 “Spirit” Songweather. Finally, during this holiday season make the most of the time you havetogether. This time of the year is hard on some of our Warriors, so please keep an eye out on those who might not be as fortunate andreach out to them so we might all have a joyous holiday experience. Please remember that life is sometimes about choices and thedecisions we make now may have an impact on ourselves or those around us. May you all have a wonderful holiday!Very Respectfully,1SG Clifford M. Bell‘Outlaw 7’
  10. 10. Page 10 THE APACHE POSTGreetings! ensure the unit is ready for GrayOn 9 December, F Company cele- Eagle testing and the deploymentbrated its first Christmas party and cycle. We are excited to be at the I cannot thank him enough forthe FRG planned and delivered a forefront of new technology, and teaching and guiding me on a dailywonderful event. Held at the Bat- the introduction of a new UAS into basis. He is a great mentor and sol-talion conference room, the night the Army inventory. dier and I hope I have the opportu-was highlighted by a visit from nity to work with him again some-Santa. I would like to thank the First Sergeant Tony Farinosi will where down the road.entire FRG team for their tireless also enter a new evolution in life.planning and work to make the He will soon retire and move onto I want to thank F Company forevent a great success. new adventures. First Sergeant making the past three months a Farinosi is F Company. His influ- great experience for me and myF Company is about to enter a new ence, vision, and work ethic gave F family. As we look forward to theevolution after the first of the New Company its identity. He was given New Year, I believe F Company willYear. We will move most of our the task to start and build a com- do great things for our Army andtraining to Edwards Air Force Base, pany and not only did he build a our Country. Happy New Year andin California, and over a nine company, he built a great relation- be safe, healthy and happy.month process, F Company will put ship with the UAS community, theinto place the Tactics, Techniques, CAB and Division. First Sergeant CW3 Jeff Stokesand Procedures (TTPs) needed to Farinosi will be greatly missed, and From Left to Right: Pictures from F CO‟s Christmas party that was held on 9 DEC at the Battalion HQ. They had a great turnout and all seemed to have a great time!!
  11. 11. Page 11It’s Time for Your Annual Financial Checkup!By Tom Gray, Achieve Solutions Financial Plannerthrough www.militaryonesource.com Review (and rebalance) your investments If you’ve done your homework and defined your investment goals, suchYou’re another year older, but do you really know if you’re getting as retirement and college, you should check regularly to see if you’re stillricher or poorer? Should you make any changes in the way you save, on track to reach them. The start of a new year is a good time to takespend and invest your money? To answer such questions as these, it’s stock of your stocks and bonds—to see which investments have donea good idea to regularly review your financial health. well or poorly in the past year, and to make adjustments. If you have a 401(k) or other employer-based retirement plan that gives you severalThis doesn’t have to be done just after the stroke of midnight on New investment options, you may want to change the mix at this point.Year’s Day. And sometimes you shouldn’t wait for the new year toreview certain aspects of your finances that Deciding exactly what to adjust is somethingcan change because of life events. For exam- of a judgment call. Generally, experts say youple, it’s important to review your life insur- should try to maintain a mix of stocks andance coverage when you have a child on the bonds (or stock and bond mutual funds) thatway, whatever the date or season. And fits your long-term strategy. If at this pointwhen you’re measuring your progress to- you’ve planned to have 70 percent in stocksward retirement goals, your birthday may be and 30 percent in bonds (or money-marketa more fitting time to take stock. funds), you should “rebalance” your portfolio if it has strayed from those proportions in theBut theres a certain logic to reviewing your past year. If the stock (or “equity”) part offinances at the start of the calendar year. For your portfolio has shrunk, you should shiftone thing, you pay your income taxes on a money to stocks. In effect, this means doingcalendar-year basis, so going over income what does not come naturally to most inves-and expenses at this time is a good way to tors: selling winners and buying last year’sget a head start on the tax-filing process. losers.Also, the end-of-year pay stubs give you a quick snapshot not only ofthe past years income but also the taxes you paid. Finally, you may be “Holding on to winners may be very tempting,” says Ernie Ankrim, direc-more in the mood for personal reassessment and the making of reso- tor of portfolio strategy for the investment research firm Frank Russelllutions. Financial checkups are in the spirit of the season. “The begin- Co., “but it can chip away at your portfolio’s diversification over time.”ning of the year is a good time to look back to ‘where I’ve been andwhere I’m going’," says Clark Randall, a Dallas, Texas-based financial For investments in taxable accounts, remember that any sales can createplanner. capital gains that may result in a tax bill next year. But you also can sell securities that have lost money and use the loss to cancel out the taxableHere are some areas that planners suggest you include in your yearly gains. Most investors carry out such tax strategies later in the year, but itreview. never hurts to plan ahead.Review your cash flow Make sure you’re prepared for the worstLook at your checkbook balance for January 1 and compare it to where The bittersweet passage of another year brings up issues that you usuallyit was at this time last year. Is it higher or lower? Do you know where keep on a mental back-burner—like the question of what happens afterall the money has gone? It’s never a bad time to start addressing these you’re gone. Randall suggests reading your will regularly—“maybe on aquestions, and the start of the year is as good as any. cursory basis every year,” and more carefully every few years—to makeIf you’re already tracking and categorizing your expenses, good for sure it still reflects your wishes. Regardless of the calendar, he says youyou. You should now be able to add things up and get a picture of your should review your will whenever you’ve been through a major life-spending habits. If you’ve already made a budget, better still. You can changing event or a significant change has been made in the tax laws.see if you’ve stayed within your budgeted amounts.Using your latest pay stubs, you should be able to tell how much You also should review your insurance, making sure that you have ade-money you took home after taxes in the past year, and if this is more quate life and disability coverage. If you haven’t done so already, checkor less than what you spend. If it’s more, you’re saving. If it’s less, you with your employer’s human resource department to see what coverageneed to find out why. Unless you had an extraordinary expense you already have.(something that doesn’t happen every year, like a down payment on ahouse or car), then you need to take another look at your spending This article is reprinted from Military One Source Financial articles.and figure out what to cut.
  12. 12. 1-1 ARB traces its roots to the formation of the 1st Aviation Company, 1st1-1 ATTACK RECONNAISSANCE BATTALION ID, constituted on 15 February 1957 at Fort Riley, KS. Later redesignatedBattalion Headquarters as 1st Aviation Battalion, one of the first aviation units to employ helicop-BLDG 802 Marshall AvenueFort Riley, Kansas 66442 ter gunships and reconnaissance helicopters in unison to conduct search and destroy teams, commonly referred to as "hunter/killer" teams. Cur-Find us on Facebook(r) at http:// rently stationed at Fort Riley, the Gunfighters continue to provide invalu-www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Gunfighters/113862645304342 able reconnaissance and lethal attack helicopters fires for the Soldiers of the Big Red One.Gunfighters! The Gunfighters are commanded by LTC Edward M. Vedder. CSM Michael P. O’Donnell is the senior enlisted advisor. This is the informational newsletter of 1-1 Attack Reconnaissance Battal- ion, 1st Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division that contains both official and unofficial information. The inclusion of non-official informa- tion in this newsletter has not increased the cost to the United States Gov- ernment in accordance with DoD 425.8-M.