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Move to-france-2013


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Move to-france-2013

  1. 1. DREAMING OF MOVING TO FRANCE ?Find your spot, discover the regions, find a job, launch a business…and enjoy the French lifestyle !Your dedicated program at PROVEMPLOI 2013 – Paris, October 15thMake your dreams come true!Get your freeVIP passonline!
  2. 2. France is the first destination in the world, with morethan 80 millions tourists every year. The country is alsofamous for its wonderful lifestyle, its villages, itsmarkets and its stunning landscapes…If you’re interested in moving to Francepermanently, you’re welcome at PROVEMPLOIExhibition in Paris – on october 15th !You’ll discover all the regions and meet hundreds of professionals, all eager tohelp you find your spot in France…Let us help you live your dream !Get your freeVIP passonline!
  3. 3. SHOULD YOU VISIT PROVEMPLOI 2013 ? Created in 2008, PROVEMPLOI is a consumer showthat attracts hundreds of exhibitors and thousands ofvisitors who want to move, find a job or launch abusiness in the French regions. The exhibition showcases all the personal andprofessional solutions to move to the different regionsof the country. For its 6th Edition, (October 15th, 2013, Paris, EspaceChamperret), PROVEMPLOI offers a special package toforeigners willing to settle in France : Students Find out how to apply to French universities ! Discover the best cities in which to study ! Retirees Discover the nicest places and villages in France ! Discover the property market in different regions ! Young workers Find a job or an internship in France ! Discover how the French system works ! Entrepreneurs Find out how to launch your business in France ! Meet people who can help you through the process ! Get financial help to start in the best conditions ! Are you thinking about moving to France permanentlyin the coming years ? Are you looking for a job in France ? Do you want toknow more about the job market ? Are you considering launching your business inFrance ? Did you ever think about opening your shopor owning your farm in the French countryside ? Do you want to discover the different regions inFrance ? Do you need help to get you through the process? Welcome !Get your freeVIP passonline!
  4. 4. WHY MOVE TO FRANCE ? 80 millions tourists visit Franceevery year… 150 000 foreigners move toFrance permanently every year ! Choose your spot among22 regions, 100 departments,36 000 cities and villages inFrance ! France offers a wide choice oflandscapes and livingconditions : from Brittany toPérigord, from the Alps to theocean or Provence… you haveplenty of choices !IMAGINE YOUR LIFE IN FRANCE… Pick your destination! A big city? Nantes, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Lille,Nice, Rennes, Montpellier… A small city? Orléans, Rouen, La Rochelle, Besançon,Royan, Vannes, Dijon… The countryside? Normandie, Bretagne, MidiPyrénées, Auvergne… And why not French territories overseas?a unique lifestyle+ great opportunitiesGet your freeVIP passonline!
  6. 6. HOW DOES IT WORK ? DURING THE EVENT Enjoy a personal welcome to theexhibition… Our French/English speakingteam is waiting for you at the event ! Enjoy free advice from professionals… andjust follow the program our team hasarranged for you ! You are our guests ! Personal welcome package… Free coffee and appetizers… We set up a personal program for youat the event… WHAT SHOULD I START WITH ?1. Just fill out the dedicated form (less than 5minutes, we respect your privacy 100%)2. Once we get your message, we get back toyou within 72 hours.3. One month before the exhibition, we’ll sendyou your free pass by email.4. We arrange your schedule at the exhibition– so that you take full advantage of yourvisit !Get your freeVIP passonline!
  7. 7. HOW TO CONTACT US Fill out the form online(less than 5 minutes – we 100% respect yourprivacy !) Follow this link: Your contactTimothée DESMARAISProgram Managertimothee.desmarais@parcourspro.comTél. +33 (0)1 75 77 53 73Get your freeVIP passonline!