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E seedling-youth-entrepreneurship-values-mission


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Eseedling empowers through entrepreneurship via the experiential More Than a Lemonade Stand youth entrepreneur curriculum and youth entrepreneurship programs. Here are the company values & mission. We believe that everyone has the potential to utilize their talents and skills to do great things. We believe that entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurship mindset can be taught and by teaching entrepreneurship to kids (and adults) we can change the world.

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E seedling-youth-entrepreneurship-values-mission

  1. 1. Our Values, Mission, Beliefs
  2. 2. Values Quality/Excellence – We Strive to do our very best work every day. We listen to our customers’ needs and continuously make improvements to exceed their expectations. If we don’t have a solution that fits their needs, we will work with them to customize a product or service to fit or recommend another product or service that we feel would fit better. We are constantly working to empower others through entrepreneurship so they can make a difference and we in turn can make a difference too!
  3. 3. Values Entrepreneurial Spirit/Mindset – We are curious about our customers’ and prospects’ problems and work together to come up with solutions to help them. We research the market and competition, network with others and attend professional development to learn what we can do better and implement to solve our customers’ problems. We welcome new ideas and are not afraid of making mistakes as they provide learning for future products and services.
  4. 4. Values Efficiency – We know that time is our most limited resource so each day we will prioritize and focus on our most important tasks. We look for ways in which we can become more effective and implement them into our business operations so we have more time to spend with the most important people and do the things that matter most in our lives. We will continue to build efficiency into our products and services so that our customers can implement entrepreneurship without wasting their most valuable resource – time.
  5. 5. Values Fun – We spend time together doing one fun activity per month. This may be in the form of a potluck lunch, an experiential learning activity that we can use in our programs, a new activity a team member has found and wants to try out before teaching or attending a fun social event together. Our work environment will include a fun atmosphere where everyone is an equal contributor.
  6. 6. Values Freedom – We allow our team to have the freedom to choose their schedules and the way they work as long as they are committed to serving our customers at the highest level and the other values of the organization. We allow the freedom to come up with new ideas, products and services that are aligned with the company’s mission, customer needs, company goals and direction.
  7. 7. Values Integrity – We are responsible for our products and services and strive to always do the right thing. We admit and apologize when we are wrong. We will refund money to a customer for a product if they tried it and feel it doesn’t meet with what we communicated to them. We will respect the voice of our customers, vendors and everyone who works with or for our company. We will keep our products and services in a price range that our audience can afford and grow our business in a way that makes us proud. We will give back 10% of our revenue to youth who want to participate in our youth entrepreneurship programs but can’t afford them.
  8. 8. Mission Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship