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1 call msm_current

  1. 1. A Presentation for Healthcare Organizations Professional Answering Service, Inc. Call Professional Answering Service today for details 440-255-4060 866-465-5917
  2. 2. Send encrypted messages to: • Android™ • Apple® • BlackBerry®
  3. 3. The Best Communication Solution Pagers E-mail SMS Compared to pagers, e-mail, and SMS, miSecureMessages gives you the best communication solution with:  true Security  incredible Speed  dependable Reliability  advanced Features Fully complies with HIPAA & HITECH standards: does not use SMS, does not store information on devices, and uses end-to-end encryption.
  4. 4. Send miSecureMessages: • From your secure Browser-based Directory • From the Oncall schedule – ensuring you contact the correct personnel • From the Operator Consoles • Device-to-Device, colleagues communicating with each other • To an Individual, or to a Group
  5. 5. miSecureMessage Features: • Send an Unlimited Number of Messages • Send an Unlimited Number of Characters per Message • No text or SMS plan needed • A separate Inbox from your text and e-mail messages
  6. 6. miSecureMessages Features: • Persistent alerts – alerting you until you acknowledge the message • Priority Messages – ensuring you see the most important messages first • Fast Responses – it's easy to quickly send a secure reply • Choose from Customizable Default Responses, or send your own Custom Reply
  7. 7. miSecureMessages Features: • Your app users can change: – Alert Sounds: we provide various options to choose from, including “Silent” when appropriate. – Notification Interval: app users can adjust how often they’re persistently alerted of a new message. • Organize their contact list: Instead of having a straight A-Z list of contacts, Admins can categorize app users’ contacts into Circles. • Group Messaging: App users can send a message to an individual, multiple people, and to an entire Circle of contacts.
  8. 8. miSecureMessages Features: Real-time updating of messages and replies, with time-stamps for each message event. Message receipts with time-stamps for: •Message Sent •Message Delivered •Message Read •Message Replies
  9. 9. Getting Started
  10. 10. Getting Started
  11. 11. Screenshots
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  15. 15. • App users can turn their app OFF when necessary (Green and Red circles in their Contact List indicate whose apps are ON or OFF) Screenshots
  16. 16. Screenshots
  17. 17. Thank you! Contact Professional Answering Service, Inc. TODAY for more information 440-255-4060 866-465-5917