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What is a Sales Funnel


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Visitors come to your websites as potential leads, If they fill out your lead capture form they then become leads. By filling out your form, they have given you permission to send them emails. Those who buy immediately become customers. But what about those who are still undecided? They are still your prospects. So you send them a series of auto-responders, develop and nurture your relationship with your prospects by continuing to provide valuable information they need and want. Make your brand stand out and they will come back to you when they are ready to make a purchase. You have now completed your sales funnel: visitors, leads, prospects, customers and profit.

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What is a Sales Funnel

  1. 1. What is a Sales Funnel? Visitors Leads Prospects Customers
  2. 2. Visitors LeadsPeople Visit Your Website
  3. 3. Visitors LeadsThis is Where You Need toShow VALUE to Your Visitor
  4. 4. If They Find Value,They Will Fill Out Your Opt-in Form
  5. 5. Visitors Those Who BuyProspects Immediately Are Now Customers Customers
  6. 6. Visitors Leads But What About Those WhoAren’t Ready to Make a Purchase?
  7. 7. Now is Your Chance to Keep Their Attention! Give Them Visitors What They Need/Want Turn Those Prospects Visitors Into Leads/Prospects
  9. 9. Once They Opt-In, Your Visitors Are Now Prospects/Leads
  10. 10. What Happens After They Fill Out Your Opt-in Form? They Are Immediately Taken toYour Sales Page Where You Have a Call to Action
  11. 11. Your Auto-Responders are Sent Out Behind the Scenes AFTER Someone Opts-In to Your List
  12. 12. They Have Given You Permissionto Email ThemYour Emails Should be of VALUE! So They DON’T Opt-Out!
  13. 13. Visitors LeadsProspects These Un-Decided ? Folks Are Still Prospects
  14. 14. So You Continue to Send Them Emails as Part of Your Auto- Responder Campaign…
  15. 15. Develop & Nurture YourRelationship With Your ProspectsBy Continuing to Provide Valuable Content They Need or Want
  16. 16. Make YOUR Brand Stand OutAnd They Will Come Back to YOU When They ARE Ready to Make a Purchase
  17. 17. Get Them to Know, Like & Trust YouAnd They Will Come Back to YOU When They ARE Ready to Make a Purchase
  18. 18. Visitors LeadsProspects You Have NowCustomers Completed Your Sales Funnel Profits
  19. 19. Grab a FREE Copy of How to Create an Effective Email Sales Funnel
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